Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breath ...just breath..

Same old same old around here. Still in the insanity of getting ready to move, Scottys leave got kicked back a couple times, finally they signed and he goes on leave tonight. It wasnt supossed to be this many days but whatever. He is clearing and thinks he will get done in time. I am scared because the packers pick up our stuff on the 7th, on the 8th we have to clear on post housing in the morning and then start driving so we can have the 8th, the 9th and report to NC on the 10th. I am so scared something will happen and we will be late reporting. I am also freaking out about the gas issue. So not cool worry about things that are out of my control. I was sure I was done with that crap. Ohh well!! Got keep working on it.
So send us some vibes that everything will work out on that front.

Okay update of my pregnancy..Yesterday I couldnt wait and went and got a 3D u/s. We are having a ..GIRL!!. Everyone that knows us, knows how happy and complete we feel. Our family will be completed. I cant even believe it myself. I am soo excited. I always wanted a little girl. I am doing her room in ladybugs so any site of ladybugs with cute stuff you got send it my way ..just dont tell Scotty..shhh..:):)
With the name we are still debating, but I am sure we will find one soon. Just happy she is a girl and healthy.
Scotty will get the big V after she is born and voila. We will be a family of 4. Very happy about that. I think its perfect for us. I am glad I can make that decision since I cant seem to decide on anything else.

Also Tyler is coming back this month. Yepppiiiiiiieeee!. My mom decided to come back earlier so on the 17th she is flying back with him. She will fly with him and her dog almost 18 hrs. SHe is nuts. Bless her heart. But that means that we report to Bragg on the 10th. Sign for our house on the 13th. Dh reports to his unit and hopes we get some kind of leave to drive down to Florida and pick him up. If not I will have to go bymyself. So not looking fowards driving 12 hrs pregnant bymyself. Maybe one of my friends will come up and go with me. I dont know we will see.

So hence the title of breath. Life is going kind of crazy right now but I have full faith everything will work out like its supossed to.
I also have to get a started on my projects (my picture album, my recipe book and buy a sewing machine.) since tyler is coming back earlier I have less time than I though. Oy OY..

I did start shopping already for the new baby. I couldnt help myself. I am also scouring craigslist because kids are expensive as it is. I am finding awesome deals and I am very proud of myself.

Okay I will post more soon.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Must blog.........

I know I havent blogged yet. I will summarize and later on I will go into details. Sounds good?? Sorry my head is still in a fog from jet leg and my nose is stuffed. Nasty I know.

Okay so the trip was good. We did leave Tyler with my mom for a couple months for many reasons. Later I will get into it. It rocked seeing family. I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to them again and how much I still love them after so long.
On the trip back they lost one of our luggages and that went to Mexico. Lucky pitch..lol. BUt we got it back a couple days later.
Scotty lost his wallet the day we got back right on post changing his oil, so we had to deal with that. The arse that found it already tried to using his card. I hate people sometimes :(
I also went for my u/s. I thought that was going to be the big one, but nope. Teaches me to not think..lol. It was a small one and they couldnt see anything. Just that the baby kicks alot, likes to cross its legs and suck on its thumb. The u/s tech did ask me if I suck on my thumb. I wont even post my response here..*wink *wink!!

So that is about the summary of everything that is going on here. I do have another appointment on the 23rd and I hope she will schedule my big u/s, but I doubt it since we are trying to leave here around the 5th.
Now we are clearing or at least trying to. There is so much to do that I just want to lay under the covers and hide..lol.
But I must keep moving.
I promise I will post more later.
hope everyone is okay.