Monday, April 26, 2010

Very welcomed surprises .....

When you are an almost 30 yr man, with a wife and 2 kids to support and a job interview out of state. Probably the most important job interview of your life, and you are feeling old, with bunions and a beer gut starting to show, there is nothing more rewarding than going to pick up your rental car aka: the cheapest one called an aveo or something. A matchbox car that no one wants it but one that does the job for the penny counting people, and the guy at the car rental place tells you they are out of the aveo and they will give you this for the exact same price :

You feel like the moons are aligned, that this is meant to be, the beer gut feels like a 6 pack, the thinning hair is a figment of your imagination, and you feel like you can kick arse. Never mind the wife that has her heart in her hands for 2 whole days while you are gone, stressing and worrying about this job interview, praying and hoping you dont get a ticket and cheering you all the way. None of that matters, because the top is down, the thinning hair is flying and you are chasing your dreams =)

Love A

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cause and effect!!!!

Because of this :

I didnt get to see him :

this week :(

I have a couple of dirty words about that. But mainly I just cant believe our luck that a stupid volcano in Iceland far away from either of us (and we are in 2 completetly different countries/continents) would affect his travel plans. That ladies and gentleman is the curveballs life throws at you. Some like to think its all part of a big plan and that one day we will see the whole plan and be thankfull for this curveball. I like to believe that. Give me a couple days for me to boil it over and I might get there. There is always next week, if the skies are clear. Here is to hoping bc hoping is all I got right now.

Love A

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

....(pick a title)

Every so often I seen bloggers ask their audience to pick a title, so since this picture cracks me up and leaves me without words, I am giving you guys the job :)

Oops a daisy...

Just look at the dictionary, under "rubberneck" you will see my picture. If I know everyone is okay, I am a damn proud rubberneck and not only did I "Rubber neck", I drove down the street, made a uturn just to catch every angle. There is just something beautiful about this kind of accidents. Its so intriguing to me because its out of the ordinary. Oops a daisy. I guess someone made a u-turn too fast!!

Florida Humor...

Every so often I torture myself with horrible nasty drivers sharing a major highway, drive 30 or so minutes to a town or two south of me to enjoy some Brazillian yumminess. I do it because it reminds me of chidlhood, family, friends, and just home and if I cant have "home", I have to settle for the food.
Well stopped at a light (the longest light I have exerienced), I look to my left and its a fire department and this amazing fountain caught my eye. Its like 90 something. So freaking hot so this water is actually soothing. I am enjoying this fountain, until my eyes adjust (I need to my glasses more often) and I notice this deer. A deer in the middle of a fountain is not my first choice of animal. I didnt understand it, so therefore I wipped out my camera and took a picture (I am telling you this light took forever) and I was going to ponder on this later. Well I get my brazillian food, soak on all the joy that it brings me, grab the baby and brace myself for the trip home. As I am leaving, I pass through a sign that says "Thank you for visiting Deerfield beach" and like a lightining bulb, it clicks. Deer in the middle of a beautiful waterfall is to symbolize Deerfield beach. Get it?? Deer Deerfield??

Stupid Florida humor goes over my head. I did giggle, not because of the whole deer thing, but because it bugged me and I actually took the time to take a picture and blog about

I need to go back to school or to work or something. My brain is turning into mush, if you dont believe, read above ;)

Almost wordless Wednesday

From Happy to Misserable in 3.5 seconds. Such a diva!!!

PS: I am jealous of my daughter's pajamas. I so wish they made them in my size hehe!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone :)

During the bunny chasing, sugar rush every Easter brings, dont forget to take the time to think about the true meaning of today. He has risen indeed :)

Love A

Friday, April 2, 2010

Comfy everyone???

This playing stuff is very tiring. Such hard work being a baby :)
(How this position is comfy I have no idea. I tried it and will spend way longer than I care to admit trying to shake off a cramp ;)