Saturday, February 28, 2009

Car seat cover

Some of you might remember the whole Target deal where they had the Britax Marathons on sale for 1/3 of the price. A lot of people werent able to get that deal, I was :)
Anyways, the car seat came with a cow over. I despise anything cow. Might be because of my love for pigs :)
Well I put that seat cover for sale on ebay and ever since then, I been looking for a new one. At $80-$120 bucks or more for the cute ones, I had given up on the fact I was going to find one. Well I did. After months of searching, I came across this site on etsy and fell in love with this specific pattern. I had to wait since she was out of it, but she finally got the material in, made me seat cover and shipped to me today. It was all for under $60. I am so freaking excited. The quality is beautiful, extremelly well made and of course its gorgeous. I couldnt be happier.
So if anyone is interested in getting one, here is her site :
Definetly order from her. You wont be dissapointed and she is a sweetie.

Dont notice how it looks crooked. I just put on top. I have no clue how to put the straps to, adjust it or even put it in the car. That is Scottys job. :)


The hubby and I have always loved watching movies. Long ago before kids, we use to go to the movies at least once a week. Heck some weeks we went 2 or 3 times. We also rented a ton of movies. That has always been our number one hobby.
Well after the kids came along, I refuse to be one of those moms that will drag my kid to watch SAW at the 10pm showing. Sorry cant do it. Not even if he will sleep through it.
So for a while we have been patiently waiting for all the good movies to rent. Well I finally stumbled on a great site that you can watch all the new releases while in theatres for great quality. This is dvd quality and they come out a day or two right after they have hit the movies. So we have been watching every single new release. We put our kids to bed (working with ds going to bed at around 8 by himself and dd is so good she just chills) and if we are not exhausted we will watch a movie.
We have seen "Marley and Me", "Taken", "Push" and "7lbs" and have a huge list of many more to see.

Lets start with "Marley and me": What a good sweet movie. I am not a major dog lover like some people, but this movie did tug at my heart. Its funny, sad and beautiful all at the same time. Scotty is the major dog lover and he loved it. Its a crier though. So make sure all your hormones are in check before you start watching it.

Taken. Awesome action movie. From beginning to end. The action actually starts right at the beginning and it keeps going. Nothing mind blowing or anything but a good action movie.

"Push". I have been so excited to watch this movie ever since I seen the previews for it. When we started watching, I was jumping around like a 2 yr old. I couldnt wait for it. Well it was a huge dissapointment. The concept of it was good but the movie itself just sucked. I was soo freaking upset. By midway movie I just wanted to shut off and go to bed but we still watched the whole thing. Dont waste your money going to theaters to watch this one. Just wait to rent it and even then, rent from redbox so you only waste a buck. Yeahh that bad.

The last one we have seen was 7lbs. That is the weird one with Will Smith. I saw the previews for it but had absolutly no clue what the movie was about. Seriouslly the previews show its a good movie but doesnt really tell you what the movie is about. I wanted to google it before we watch but decided to just watch it and be surprised. Boy I am glad I didnt google it. Dont if you dont know what the movie its about. It makes it extra special !.
This movie is 124 minutes long. Until minute 84 or so, you have no clue whats going on but still the movie keeps you captivated. The suddlenly you start to understand everything and start crying. What a beautiful touching movie. I love everything Will Smith does, but this is just wow. Definetly watch it.
I cant say much more about it or I will give the movie away, but watch it. Its a trully wonderful piece of art.

This weekend we are in between "Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Bride Wars", "Confessions of a shopaholic" and a weird movie Scotty wants to watch.
Whatever we decide to watch, I will definetly come back and udate it.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Church shopping !

Last year we decided it was time to go to church. I missed a ton and I finally convinced Scotty to go. Well we got reccomendation from a couple of our friends and decided to go to this non denomination church that was very small and very low key. We could wear jeans and flip flops and no one cared. Half the people wore the same thing. The nursery was awesome and the service was wonderful. The pastor was very sweet and he didnt preach from beginning to end. He actually talked to us about all kinds of things. From marriage, to saving money and etc. It was such a wonderful/ fun service that he had us laughing through parts of it and at the same time sharing a beautiful message. Scotty fell in love with it. It was the first church he didnt falls asleep. He was very excited to go every sunday morning. Ours lives also started improving a lot.
Well we PCSd to Bragg in Oct. We havent even looked for a church yet because of everything that was going on. Things started to happen, one on top of the other and we started making stupid decisions and I felt something was missing. Finally I decided back to church we are going. I just feel so much better going to church with my family on sunday. Me that use to hate going to church and any type of organized religion is now craving for it and feeling like something is missing.

So after the decision was made, it was time to find the right church for us. Doing what any normal person would do, I posted an ad on craigslist (no joke and dont laugh.) but what was I supossed to do? I am in a new area and if I go to yellow pages I get over 500 hits of churchs in the area. I couldnt go to every single one of them. So I posted an ad on craiglist saying that we moved from texas, and that we were looking for a church that you could jeans and a tshirt and not be looked down on. Also one that had a nursery for Tyler and a good service. Not a preaching one from beginning to end or else Scotty was going to fall asleep and never want to go back. I explained all of that in my ad.
I was pleasantly surprised when I got over 50 responses. The kindness and willingness of people willing to help me brought tears to my eyes.
Some people wrote telling me that their church doesnt fit what we were looking for but they wished me the best of luck in finding the right one.
Other people wrote me just to tell me how much they understand how hard is to move around every couple years with the military and how difficult it must be leaving your church that you like and enjoy and having to find a new one.
I was seriouslly crying reading all these emails. This made me realize there is some kind people out there. And who would have thought I would find them by posting an ad on craigslist looking for a church?? Still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

But anyways, after sorting through all the emails, I wrote down all the names of the churches that fit our charecteristics and others that I think we would like and on Sunday we picked the first one and went.

Now this one caught my attention because on the email the guy told me you could wear whatever you wanted, the nursery is great and that his kids come home talking about Jesus and sharing everything they learned (that was a major plus considering I feel my number one job as a mother is to teach my kids about our beloved wonderful savior) and he also said the services are very livelly and that there is no way my husband would fall asleep. I didnt really like that the service started at 8am or 11 am. The 8 am is too early. No way we would make it on time with 2 kids to get ready for in the morning. The 11am seemed kind of late since by the time its done it would be well past lunch time for Tyler and maybe even past his nap time. But I decided not to let that bother me and went anyways.

Well we go in and everyone is extremelly nice. Its a nondenom. christian church. The church is very pretty and there is over 150 people there. Bigger than what we wanted but okay. One thing that we did notice as soon as we walked in the door is that church is 99.9% black. And I say 99.9% because Scotty and I were there. If we werent it would have been 100%. I mean seriouslly no joke. We were the only white people there. No exageration either. We stood up to introduce ourselves and I looked around and we were the whitest.
Now I am not racist by anymeans. I wouldnt have cared but we did feel out of place. If it was half black or even 75% I would have had no issues with it. But the fact that we were the only whities there, did make us feel out of place.
The service was amazing though. The music was beautiful, the energy was great. All the old ladies dancing in the pew while praising Jesus. The pastor was funny. He had on this bright red stripped suit. He looked more like a rapper. The way he delivered the service was funny. He would say stuff like "can I get an amen..whoop whoop" or soemthing like "I better not talk about this topic or folks are going to get mad at me..but I am going to talk about anyways. I want to rustle feathers.." ...i mean we were cracking up.
Also lots of "praise the Lord.Halleluah". It trully reminded me of any movies you see on tv about small towns southern baptist churches.
We had a good time. Even though we realized this church is not for us and next week we are going to a different one in search of trying to find that homey feeling, we still enjoyed ourselves.

So next week we are going to pick a new one from the list I made and try it out. We are between this one called Rockfish (which I heard from 3 emails that is a great church) or this other one to which we have nicknamed the biker church. Scotty is dying to go there. The reason for the nickname is : on the email the lady explained to me that we could wear our jeans and no one would look at us funny since the biker club go that church and they wear tank tops and tats all over the place and no one gives them weird looks at all. So of course Scotty wants to go to see the bikers. Not the right reason to go to church, but hey as long as he is there, its all cool.

So I will continue to post about my quest in order to find a church.

One thing that stuck with me about this church we went on sunday is that the pastor said church going is only like housekeeping. You only go to church to brush up and concentrate on God but that the real work ( or deep cleaning) is done outside church during our week and outside in the real world. That struck a note with me.
So the next time someone asks me why I find it necessary to go to church, I will tell them I need to do some housekeeping :)

Wish me luck people. We need/want this :)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nursery on a budget :)

Everyone has been asking me about the nursery. Its not completetly done but I am dang proud of it since I didnt even spend $300 on everything. I am extremelly proud of my bargaining skills :P

Wow ....just wow!

I never imagined how hard it would be juggling 2 kids.
Yes 2 kids :) My gorgeous daughter Juliet Grace was born on Feb 3rd. Healthy and happy 8lbs9oz. She is absolutly perfect. Such an easy baby (knock on wood). I am in love.

But anyways if you know me, you already know all the detail. Okay so back to topic of juggling 2 kids. This morning Ty wakes me up at 7 (scotty has left long ago for pt) and tells me he got to poop. So I jump out of bed, hit my knee on the bed and rush him to the bathroom. I cant believe the stars. We been trying to potty train this kid for such a long time and everytime we ask him if he has poop, he says no. So the fact that he is telling me is great. Well I rush him to the toilet in a half limping half asleep daze, rip his diaper off and put him in the potty only to realize he had already pooped in his diaper. At the same time Ju starts crying because its time for her to eat (she only cries when its time to eat), and my phone starts to ring. So I tell Ty to sit still, rush to get the phone on the way to hand Ju a pacifier to keep her happy for 2 more seconds. My mom is on the phone calling me to ask something stupid. I answer her quickly. No no profanities did come out :)
I hand Ju her paci and rush back to Ty. He of course didnt sit still and decided it was bath time. SO he went to the tub to take a bath. So now I have a toilet and tub to clean at 7 am before I even had coffee and remember that I have a baby in the other room with just a paci that wont last for long and I still need to make her bottle.
So the cool collected mom that I am knows what to do. I sat down and started laughing. OMG I havent laughed in so much. It was just one of those moments.

So that is life right now and I wouldnt trade for anything. Just need to learn how to manage crisis a bit better :)

PS Only my husband will spend $9 bucks on a pt shirt for Tyler so he can match dada..