Thursday, February 24, 2011

I resign....

I dont want to be my parents child anymore. I want to be their grandchild. As their child life was rough money was tight, they were very young when they had me, made tons of mistakes, because of their own upbringing they dont really know how to show love,they worked a lot and barely had time for me, blah blah blah (insert more blahs that represents hrs and hrs with my therapist) and you get a pretty good idea of my childhood.

Being a grandchild to them, they get showered with love and affection and undivided attention. My parents are now older (although at least half a decade younger than other grandparents) more wiser, way more patient and just more fun, and besides their financial situation is a lot better. They just redid their backyard and built this for the kids :

So yeah even though I am thankful they are so much better with my kids (we want to rough it out stuff ourselves and make it easy breezy for our children) I still want to resign as their child and become their grandchild because I am a bit jealous ;)
Where do I go to fill out the paperwork??

Love A

And the insanity begins..

He left hell hole and its on his way home. He somehow score himself a 4 day layover in Dubai. DUBAI!!! Yes I said that right. He is living it up, enjoy all the amenities while I am here anxious loosing my mind. If I bit my nails (eww yucky habit) I would have none left by now.

Preparations have begun, I have stretched, I started scrubbing the house, lingerie has been bought, his favorite beer has been stocked, so has his favorite cookies and real mayo instead of the fake crap I like and he despises. Its all shaping up to be a wonderful homecoming night. Him taking care of the kids while I make get reacquainted with an old friend. Sleep ;)

The anxiety and expectation brings me back to Christmas morning when I was a child. So ready to rip open that package and play with the goodies inside. That was not naughty I

Okay I am going now because I am jittery and all over the place and need to get moving before I loose my mind even more.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not so wordless wednesday...

Monday was love day. I signed up for the easiest thing around because I didnt feel like baking. So after dropping Tyler off at school with 40 munchkins and a present for his girlfriend, Julieta and I decided to go do some shopping. Thank you hubby for the Kohl's trip that might have made me spend a bit more than usual. What can I say they have the cutest thing in the world ;)

Later we got some yummy lunch and went to sit by the inlet to watch the boats pass by. After doing loads of nothing, we picked up Tyler from school and heard all about him giving his girlfriend her present (totally cute) but then taking it away from her because she was bad (not so cute) and then to making it up and her actually kissing him. This is the 2nd time he has gotten kissed by 2 different girls nonetheless and he is only 4. I didnt have my first kiss until I was 15. Yeah I know boys are different but this is ridiculous. Maybe I need to make him watch Teen Mom with me ;)

After a yummy dinner and them opening up their presents, and Ty actually drawing me the most adorable portrait of me, it was bed time.

Such an exciting romantic day..NOT!!! I did eat some yummy godiva chocolate and no no, dont throw a rock at my husband. We had decided not to do anything since he will be home soon enough and then we will celebrate it.

The kids got a gift from my parents and so did I to continue the tradition. My parents will still give me gifts for vday, easter, birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, and aniversary. Since I love gifts I dont complain ;)
This year though they gave me a bottle of Kahlua. I love it and will enjoy it just thought it was strange coming from them. Maybe they really know what I need or figure I need to chill out and have a drink. Either way its fine by me.

PS: Look at these pjs?? Dont you wish they came in your size too??

Love A

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Everyone is always asking me what I am reading and I hate having to search for something to read, so I will start sharing and giving my opnion :)

The hunger games series :
Well after everyone started talking about this new series I decided to pick it up. I was hooked from the second chapter. I blew through all 3 books in less than 4 days and that is stopping and making my self slow down and savor because I didnt want it to end.
Its called dystopia fiction. I have never heard of it before but found out I am hooked to this kind of reading. You would have thunk that after reading the whole "left behind" series, I would have known, but nope. Not until finishing the hunger games did I looked into it and found out what chategory this falls under. Dystopia is pretty much life after something horrible has happened to the world. Its all about survival.
Well The hunger games is a dystopia world and where people chose entertainment versus humanity. Truly wonderful series. So so good, it took me a while to even want to pick something else up. It stayed with me.

Matched: After finishing the hunger games, I had a thirst for another dystopia novel. I just couldnt get enough. I chose this one because the concept sounded good. Its pretty much a future communism that works. They said too many choices makes us stupid and stressed out. So now the government chooses everything for you. From what you eat, to where you work, to the fact you will die surrounded by your family on your 80th birthday, to how many children you can have and to whom you will be matched with, aka marry. Well the main character got "matched" with this guy, but she ended up catching a glimpse of this other guy. Now she is questioning herself. Through this novel she gets stronger and stronger, decides the government whom she admired so much before, pretty much sucks and she has to make some decisions to follow the rules or her heart. A truly good book that makes you think. I do have to warn you though, number 2 doesnt come out until Nov 2011 and number 3 not until nov 2012 :(.
If I knew that I wouldnt have read it now. I hate waiting.

2045 :

Still not satisfied and trying to find another good dystopia novel, I picked this up from reccomendation. Pretty good read. 40 yr old business man falls into a coma and wakes up 35 yrs later to a whole new world. The reason the world fell apart is because corporations now control everything, population control went out the window. There is over 1 billion people around and the numbers rising. Not enough resources, not enough food, water got contaminated and so forth. And the main thing global warming. Its hot and lots are dying from melanoma. People dont think for themselves anymore, they dont learn, they are just puppets. This dystopian novel concentrated on the specs of it. Breaking down why things are not working and really explaining it. It also touched on the fact half of his family have died, he is now getting acquainted with his children and meeting grandchildren for the first time. It was a good read. At the end the author kind of wrapped everything up way too quickly and left me with a sour taste, but I dont regret it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good stuff ....

On my quest to lose weight and eat healthier, I have found some good substitutes and I would like to share. I cant guarantee they are all 100% healthy and you probably know other healthier options, but they are extremely yummy and healthier than the stuff I was eating before so for now its good enough ;)

1. Veggie chips. I found these are babies r us and decided to buy it on a whim. Its less calories than the regular potato chip and made from veggies. Not 100% great but a great substitute and pretty darn delicious.

2. I have never thought to try frozen yogurt, but looking at labels and a less than 1500 calories a day, I couldnt afford regular ice cream anymore so I decided to get this and I must say I dont even miss regular ice cream anymore (I mean yeahh I still think about fish food once in a while) but I have been converted :)

3. I am a certified chocoholic. A day is not trully a good day until I have had some chocolate. 10 out of 10 times if I have some extra calories, I will pick chocolate. Well these are pretty good. 100 calories and very tasty.

4. And last but not least Dunkin Donuts veggie egg white flatbread sandwich. Comes in at a little bit less than 350 calories. Its very tasty and such a better choice than a bagel with cream cheese.

So that is all I got for now. If anyone has any tasty options at less calories please share :)

Love A