Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nasty baby food....

Naahh I dont think so.

I just started Juliet on solids sometime last month. I already did fruits and some veggies. Now we have moved on and have made meals.
I know people flip out, but knock on wood my kids have never been sick before 1. (Tylers first cold was when he turned 17 months). No earcaches,colic, colds, diahrrea, no nothing. They have an amazing immune system and I seriouslly think it comes from the nutrients they get from real food. It would be very easy to just pay 89 cents and give them some baby food. Open warm and I am done. Well it wouldnt be easy if that caused me to spend hours in the middle of the night trying to console a sick kid. And making baby food is a piece of cake. I think the fact that people dont know how easy it can be is what drives them to just buy the little jars and be done with it. Anything that you can buy in a jar you can make it at home. It wont take longer than 30 minutes and you can even do it and freeze it. Piece of cake.
My baby food stress comes from my parents. By 4 months old I was drinking goat milk and eating mashed black beans with meat and veggies. I have an amazing immune system and heal very well.
So anywyas, my father is such a nut that when I had moved back to Texas with Tyler while Scotty was deployed, I complained I was soo tired that night and didnt feel like cooking. Well the next morning Fedex delivers a box. Inside it was a bunch of pyrex filled with baby food he had cooked the night before and shipped it to me on dry ice.
That right there is believing in a cause..lol. I guess he was afraid since I hadnt made Ty any food, I would give him baby food. And to him that is poison..lol.

So anyways, while he was here he made Juliet's first real meal and left about 10 little glass pyrex containers in my freezer for her.

This one he cooked some meat with just water in a pressure cooker, after it started beeping (meaning it was pressurized and the meat was pretty much cooked), he opened up added some sweet potato, carrots, regular potato and some spinach. And let it cook for another 5 minutes or so. Meats cook a lot slower so that is why we cook the meat first then add the veggies later. You can even do it in a crock pot if you feel like it. We put no seasoning because babies just dont need it. Earlier in the day he had cooked some black beans, so after the meat and veggies were cooked, he added some of the black beans liquid and threw it all in a blender.
She ate a whole little pyrex dish. She was in love with it. So much more nutritious and better tasting than just those baby food. And easy to make.

The other dish he made is cooked some pasta, then veggies (a ton of it), and after it was done, he just threw it all in the blender again (she still has no teeth so it goes in the blender, after a couple teeth show up, it will go in the processor and after we get even more teeth in, it will just be mashed/cut up). And put them in the pyrex little dishes.
Ju now got 2 different dishes to choose from.
So her menu looks like this:

Morning is half a bottle, and some mashed banana or any other fruit mashed up. Sometimes is oatmeal.
Then the rest of the bottle.

She then gets lunch (half of one of the food we already cooked up for her and a bottle).

The afternoon is either yogurt, pudding, another fruit, or whatever else and bottle.

Dinner is another of the meals we cooked up and a bottle and bath.

She is one happy baby. Just check it out for yourself :)





Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me....

(Of course Hubby had to be cute and flip my candles..lol. This is the cake. A couple months ago I went to a babyshower and this is the cake they served. I fell in love with it and said I was going to have it for my birthday. Its a coldstone red velvet cake with strawberry ice cream and strawberry cream on top. So freaking delicious.)

Today Saturday June 27th,2009 I turned 28 years old.
I cant believe I am already this old..lol. After 20, the years just fly.
It was a great one though. My parents arrived on Friday and got right on barbqueing (is that even a word?? lol). We stayed up way too late talking and sipping on sangria. A girl from my site gave me a wonderful recipe. I drank way too much.
On saturday I was pampered. My parents and hubby took care of the kids most of the day. I got to lounge around and just enjoy the day. I ate some more yummy food. My father is an amazing cook. If I become even half of the cook he is, I will be content.
Some singing, candle blowing, and cake cutting later, it was all over. The funniest thing of the day was Tyler. We have been telling him it was going to be my birthday for a week and there would be singing and cake. For a whole week he has been driving everyone nuts asking about the cake and all. Well finally after we cut the cake and I gave him a piece, he said.."I get birthday cake. I been good boy. love you mommy so much". We all started laughing and my heart just melted. He is amazing.

The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed each others company while my father cooked for us some more and also cooked Ju's food ( a blog about that later).

Sunday morning they left at like 6 am and took Tyler. He will be there for a whole month spending some time with the grandparents.
I already miss him a ton but I am happy. I have wonderful memories of spending summers with my grandparents and I want my kids to have that too. I am soo thankful I have amazing wonderful parents who drives me crazy, but are always there and involved in our kids lives and cares.
They also wanted to take Ju but I put a stop to that right there. Babies needs their mommies for their first year. No way. My mom wasnt very happy but hey she got Tyler and we all know he is a handful..lol.

My parents with my babies :)

My moms dog.

(This was before they even started drinking..)

Love A

Unexpected packages...:)

ps..I am going back in time here because I havent blogged in a couple days. So this is Thursday :)

Today the day was going along boring as hell. The excitment of my parents arriving tomorrow and the hapiness/dread of my birthday was driving me up the wall.
Then a knock on the door. Its the mailman with not one but 2 packages. Tyler starts flipping out. He is in love with the mailman and letter and packages. Yep he got it from his mama :)
I tear open the first one and its from my amazing sister in law. She sent Ju a bunch of clothes and Tyler a bunch of toys. I love my sister in law. She is always calling to check up on us and the kids. She genuinilly cares and makes up for the absent mother in law who barerlly calls or cares. We love sil and bil so much and cant wait to go visit them.

The next box was from a girl on my site. She is breast feeding so she doesnt need all the formula samples and coupons she got. Being an amazing person, she mailed it all to me. That is easilly a $50 savings. I cant thank her enough.

From then on the excitment and dread dissappeared. That is the beauty of mail and kindness of people :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hot Saturday fun ...

So after rooling out of bed at around 9am, we had some breakfast cleaned up and got lunch. I been craving sushi for a while, in Texas the best place to get sushi was at the supermarket, here the comissary sushi is not that bad and besides the comissary sells this yummy chicken salad with apples, nuts and a tangy dress that dh loves. So we picked up lunch from the comissary ate, then Scotty and Tyler rode their bikes for a while. We all got dressed to go to the pool. I cant believe how much stuff you have to pack in order to take 2 kids to the pool, but I got it all done and didnt forget nothing. On the way to the pool we stopped at the car show just to drool for a bit and take pictures of cars we absolutly love and dream about but would never be able to afford...and to the pool we went. Our neighborhood on post have an amazing pool. Even with 100 plus people, the water is crystal clear. I love this place. The pool is perfect. At the kiddie area there is a big mushroom and its not deep at all so Tyler had a good time. We will be spending the whole summer there. We did came home at around 4 because even with a ton of sunscreen, my white kids were already turning red. But its all good. We will be going back again.

Here are the pictures :








Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally ......


So after years of being an illegal (end of May was my american aniverssary. 15 years ago is when we arrived), then going through the nightmare of the process naturalization is, thousands of dollars, thousands of paperwork, thousands of phone calls, a couple of delays because of the wonderful military moving us, today became all worth it. I am now an American citzen. The cerimony was pretty neat. There were 47 people getting naturalized and from 26 different countries. So many people from India and China, 1 guy from Nicaragua a marine, and me. The only Brazillian. I feel absolutly naked without my green card, so that is something to get used to. I am applying for my american passport soon and I am also applying to legalize my parents. But that is them. I only have to mail them the paperwork, and sit back. They are going through the nighmare now. Now though I can tell them it will be worth it in the end =)

ps..No pictures though :( Between juggling a toddler screaming in the middle of a quiet ceremony that he wants to pee and is tired, a baby that is just too exhausted, the pictures that hubby took didnt come out tha good. They were all shaky and very dark. Its all good. I got it in memory and that will last a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Monday...

We all dread Mondays. Mondays just suck and its pretty much the most hated day of the week. Well this Monday rocked. Scotty had the day off so after dealing with insurance, running a million errands we decided to chill and took Tyler to the splash pad. He had an amazing time. Even Scotty got on the fun. We will definetetly be going back.
On the way home we stopped at Cafe Espana and I got a white chocolate mocha frap. Soo freaking good. The girls from my site met there last week for coffee and I fell in love with that place. They have the most delicious spinach&cheese empanadas and the owners are Spanish and extremelly nice. Their fraps are soo yummy and asides from the empanadas they have croissants and all kinds of cakes and breads you can imagine. They even have some fraps named MilkWay Mocha, Raspberry Trufle and Nutty Way. Whats not to love? =)

After we got home we grilled some steak and had some beer. I loove summers. Whats a better way to start a week??


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Fun.......

On Saturday we had a birthday party to go to. A SFC in dh's unit invited us to his daughters 1st birthday party. I have met the whole family before and really like them and since it turned into a unit thing (the whole 16 families that belongs to our unit were invited ) we went. Things started off in the wrong foot. The party was at 3. On the day there Tyler napped for a whole 20 minutes so you can only imagine the mood he was in. After being there 15 minutes he pees his pants. We didnt bring any clothes with us because he hasnt had an accident in over 3 months. Well we borrow a pair of undies and shorts and continue on having fun. 2 Margaritas later Scotty brings me Tyler and tells me he poop his pants. Are you freaking kidding me?? Okay so we hand off Juliet for someone to hold her, Scotty and I drag Tyler to their bathroom and give him a bath. She loans me another pair of shorts and another underwear. After much scalding and talking to him and him promising he will ask us to go to the bathroom, we think the worst is over. We go sit down and enjoy ourselves and not even 20 minutes later, he pees his shorts again. OMG are you freaking kidding me?? So we borrow another pair of shorts but this time, a pair of pullups to. Horrible but this is just ridiculous. I think the big gallon of Koolaid that was available for all kids to drink freely, had something to do with. Whatever. I just hope he doesnt regress.
So more burger eating, more margaritas, some pinata hitting and happy birthday singing, this lady brings her son over and shows me the bite mark that my son left on her sons chest..(insert my mouth hanging wide open while a bunch of apologies streams out)> Tyler has never bitten, we were soo sure we skipped this stage. On top of it couldnt he pick some random kid in a playground?? NO he had to pick a Sargents First Class kid in front of the whole unit Commander included?? I wanted to just melt right there on the floor. I drag Tyler over to her son and make him apologize and hug him.
After that we were done. We decided time to pack up and go home. The whole ride home we were talking to Tyler to not bite and bitting is not good and he fell asleep on us. Also we decided to put some shorts, shirts and towels in the car just in case.

Sunday things had to be more lowkey. I slept in late, we ate lunch and decided the day was going to be out of the house. We peed toilet before we left, got to the park and after some dinossaur riding, we went pee toilet again, then to the next park we go. Pee toilet, feed some ducks, pee toilet again and by this time is 2:30 so we go home to let him nap. He doesnt want to nap so we pack the kids back up in the car and decide to go to the Hope Mills Dam. Really nice area. There is a fishing dock, a swimming area, a playground for kids and a snack stand that sells the most yummy sausage dog. After stuffing our faces and letting ds play for a bit we pack up and head home. We took the scenic route and ended up stumbling on a water park that we will definetetly go back and check it out sometime this summer.

That was our weekend fun. Hope everyone had a good time...

Here are some pictures...

So this weekend we had a pretty hectic, crazy fun time.

Love A

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hindsight really is 20/20...lol

This is a rant, rave and me whinning. Nothing new..lol. The insurance decided to totall our car. That is a blessing in the sky. Now we can use just dh's car which is paid off, our insurance will go down and no more car payment. Just what we needed in terms of financial. This way we will be able to pay off the credit cards and maybe do the same thing for me in a couple months..aka get a car with a blown engine and have dh put in. We will see what we will do. But really if someone had come to us and told us this is what was going to happen would we take it? Asides from the whole legal matter dh will have to deal with it, hell yeahh. So this is really a shame on my faith because we both freaked out and kept asking God what the hell he was doing when in reality he was lining it all up to help us out majorlly in the end.
Ohh well lesson learned for next time. So for now I am dealing with insurance and gap insurance and all that and practicing driving dh's car more. I think I have mastered the stick shift. Finally who would have thunk it? lol. Just a little more practice and i will be a pro.

Also Mrs Julieta finally rolled. I been on her talking to her and encouraging her and pushing her and she wanted nothing to do with it, out of nowhere she rolled twice today. What a big relief. She is hitting her milestones (on her own time ) but she is and for that I am thankfull.

That is about it for around here. We still dont know about court date, or how much his ticket will be and if we will be able to take leave but what we know it plenty and I am happy.