Messy Organizing...

In this tab I will talk about organizing.

My dream job would be to travel the state organizing peoples home. Give me a budget and a problem area and let me go at it.  Organizing things in your home has various benefits. I can now sleep in later because my closet is organized, I don't start my day frustrated my clothes don't fit, I can roll out of bed, grab anything out of my closet, and go.

I can leisurely enjoy my morning coffee because my kids lunch boxes are organized. I can now wake up 40 minutes before the bus comes, get 2 kids ready to go with breakfast, lunch packed, and show up at the bus stop dressed presentably sipping on my coffee.

I don't fight with my husband anymore when he is looking for something and cant find it, because everything has a place and everything lives in its place. Even my most disorganized husband in the world, knows where he can find his things without an issue.

I haven't had to search for an important document in months.

No, not everything is in pretty baskets all labeled. My kids baby books are still disorganized and I have projects upon projects that still need to be done like print all my favorite recipes and stick it in a cookbook, but hey I am a work in progress and I don't set up my expectations too high.

I just wanted to lower my anxiety and not show up to the bus stop in pajamas. I have accomplished that and will continue to accomplish whatever I set my mind to with simple tips like these that I will talk about in the upcoming weeks.

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