Monday, July 28, 2008

Send me some vibes please....

I need some good vibes because this week we have been to the emergency room twice.
First I was going to go to same day appointment because I have been having horrible pains on my right side. Same day appointment tells me they dont have any physicians available and that I have to go to the ER. After telling the lady that yes I am pregnant I am in pain and not bleeding and same day appointment sent me there (she called to check up. Yo lady do you really think i want to sit in your stupid emergency room for hrs on end so you can send me home with some farking Tylenol?? urghgh.
So they do a couple u/s and tells me they think its my gallbladder. So we have to keep an eye on that through out this pregnancy. Just great. Took them a good 4 or 5 hrs for them to give me u/s and diagnose me. Try sitting in the er with a cranky toddler. At one point I really thought dh was just going to duct tape him

Then again on sunday. We were planning on going to the pool. Ds had just eaten and we were outside for a bit picking up his toys. We were going to lay him down for his nap and then go to the pool because hell yesterday reached 105.
Well we are outside picking up his toys and out of nowhere ds comes to us limping and pointing at his foot. We look at it and his ankle is 3 times the size of his left one. Its very hard and there is 2 bite marks.Back to the er we go.
Thank God that was fast. They took us back right away. The lady at the front desk was sure it was a snake bite. I guess her freaking out helped a lot. About 5 or 6 docs come back to see ds and figure out its not a snake bite but a spide bite. Not a venonous one but a spider bite. It was pretty bad because the time were there his leg all the way up to his knee was red.
So they gave us Benadryl for him (a really high dose for 2 days) and to keep an eye on it.

So we got home around 2 and both him and dh fell asleep.
I swear little boys keeps you on your toes..
So that was my interesting weekend. I will post pictures later. I have so many pictures I need to upload.
Also later today I have my appointment and we will hear the hearbeat and etc so I will also update that later.

So send me those vibes please because I know crap comes in 3 and I cant imagine what the third will be. :(

Friday, July 25, 2008


Dang I cant believe its been a week since I posted. Latetly i feel so disconected with times its insane.

Well this week we finally got the tickets and got that worked out. Me, Scotty and Tyler leave to go to Brazil Aug 28th and dont get back until Sept 15th. We are flying out of the closer airport so that is awesome. Scotty's friend will drive us there and drive our car back so we dont have to pay parking. My friend will watch my dog adn they will check in on my house. Everything is working out. Now all we need is to buy suitcases and figure out how much we can take and how much to pack. Also Scotty needs a visa so we will get that next month for him.
This month will also be spent shopping. Buying stuff for my family and to take on the trip. Finally I have something interesting to do :)

Ohh I do have to share. Everyone knows I am a handbag whore. On Wed I went to lunch with the Hoodies girls. After lunch we decided to go next door to Ross to find luggage. I didnt found luggage but I found a Kathy Van Zeeland marked down from $98 to only $39. Omg I had to get it. I called Scotty and promised him naughty things in order for him let me get it because when I got my Guess he said that was the last handbag for a while. Well he caved and let me get it. I am soo happy. I was on cloud 10 all day :)
Afterwards we went to the mall to look around at JcPenney and get some coffee. It was a fun day. Tyler was at daycare so it was just me hanging out with the girls. How rejuvenating it was. I had a kick arse day. I was in desperate need of a break.
Also that night we watched "the bank job" with Jason Steadham. Such a good movie. He is a hottie and the movie rocked. Highly reccomend it.
So that was my wonderful day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I go back to bed please??

July 17th..

Well actually no. DOnt let me go back to bed. My day went downhill because of that.
Lets talk about yesterday first so I can set up the picture for you to understand.
Scotty got off work at noon, went to donate and then he was home by 3. We were talking for a bit and I am on the couch watching tv. By 4pm I was out and didnt get up until 7:50pm. He went to the FRG meeting with Tyler and let me sleep. God bless that man!!!
So by the time I woke up I was wired. That napped really rejuvenated me. I think it was because I slept on the couch and was just soo comfortable. So by the time I got up at 8 I was starving. I ate, Scotty gave Tyler a bath and put him to sleep. I layed in bed at 11 thinking I was going to go right to sleep. Didnt happen. I didnt end up falling asleep until 2am. So this morning when Scotty left for work and Tyler got up at 6 am I knew he was up and I was half concious but couldnt get up.
Well I wake up to Scotty screaming at Tyler what seems like 5minutes later. When in reality is actually 2 hrs later.8 am. I am half wake and go see what the whole commotion is. Well my son managed to dump the dogs bowl out. Climb in the dishwasher and get his cereal off the counter and pour in the dogs bowl. He also took the batteries off the controller and put inside the dishwasher. He found some jolly ranchers and ate like 4 or 5. I am sure he ate some paper also. He also took the dirty plates off the the dishwasher and put inside the cabinet with the pots and pans (note to self..Alwyas run the dishwasher before bed). He also found time to take my cellphone off my nighstand, throw the phone under my bed and put the battery and the cover inside Scottys nightstand. In between all that he also ate some of his toothpaste and pulled the toilet paper out. Needless to say he got a very nice spanking and got put on time out. It was hard for me to keep a straight face. I mean in the middle of soo much insanity all I wanted to do was laugh. So Scotty has decided he is going to buy those doorknob things to put in Tylers room because its not safe for him to walk around anymore. And it helped us in deciding we need a breka from him. I am starting to feel bad that I am actually excited he will spend a couple months with my mom but what can I say. He is a lot to handle.

So if my day had ended at that time I would have been glad. Nope. It only got worse from there.
Some days I do have to wonder if I was really the monster child my parents say I was adn this is all payback. If it is I cant imagine how my grandkids will be!!!!



July 16th...

I was on the phone with Shae today and usually I read my horoscope while on the phone with her because she always asks me to read hers. She half arse believes in it but ohh yeahh. She indulges me and I indulge her.
Well this is what my horoscope said " Cance :Wednesday, Jul 16th, 2008 -- Although you may want to spend some time alone today, a close friend or partner might come to you with a serious proposition. It's doubly difficult to say "no" when you realize that your involvement can make an important difference to someone you love. Naturally, you should consider doing whatever you can for others, but don't forget to also take care of yourself"
So jokingly (is that even a word??) I ask her what kind of proposition she has for me. She tells me none yet and if anything comes up she will let me know. We bullchite for another 10 minutes or so then my father is calling in. I hang up with her to go see what he wants. Usually when I pick up the phoen with my father his first words is .."Dont you have a father""" He always whines I dont call him but yet he is the one that barerlly calls me. Anyways veering completetly off track..Okay so I pick up the phone and his first words is "I have a proposition for you". I almost dropped the farking phone. Talk about being spooked. I tell him that is what my horoscope says and he gets on me about believiyng in that crap but gets to the point.
HE will pay for me and Tyler to go to Brazil so the greatgrandparents can meet Ty and I can leave Tyler with my mom for a couple of months so she wont be so lonely, I will get the break and be able to PCS in peace. WoW. A lot to digest. I tell him I have to talk to Scotty and will get back to him.
Its a great deal. I mean not flying 10 hrs across continents with a 22 month old but everything else rocks. So Scotty and I talk and we decide its a good deal. We need a break from Tyler, the greatgrandparents are not getting older and my mom is really hurting that she misses him soo much. The break will be very welcomed. I think it was easy to make the decision because its my mom. If I trust anyone with kids is her. The fact that she raised me into a decent human being and dint kill me or eat me before says a lot about her parenting skills. ANyone that can do that got a 10 in my book.
So I ring my dad back and tells him okay but under 1 condition..He will deal with immgiration. I dont want to deal with that crap because right now they are in my shit list. He tells me no need because neither Tyler or myself need a Visa and we got both passports so all I need is a letter from Scotty authorizing me to fly out of country with his kid. A lot easier said than done if I didnt constantly fark with him and tell him I am going to steal his kid and he will never see us again. I know I know btu I cant help myself. Messing with him is too easy.
If my life wasnt complicated enough now I have all this to deal with. The month of August will be hell and a half but then after Tyler i there and I come back I will be able to sleep until noon and dance around in my pjs all day long. I will de able to do all my craft projects, have enough time to read my books, work on my picture album and my cookbooks and just chill. So yeahh I am excited about the end result just not the how to get there.
I hope things will work itself out with minimu possible stress. Pray for me that I dont loose my sanity during this :)



JUne 14th...

Yes I am backdating this because I havent blogged and its not for lack of things to say. Its just for lack of time. So I am backdating to split it up and not make such a confusion and one long rambling. It might still be a long rambling but you get my

Okay so Scotty had a 4 day weekend (Friday through Tuesday) off. He had comp days for his birthday and comp days for last weekend when he was supossed to work at the 4th of July festival but never ended up working. Anytime he talks about getting out of the Army I remind him how many days off he gets and he shuts right up!!!
So this weekend we were supossed to go to the pool but never made it. We had to wait until Tylers nap and then by the afternoon we were just doing other things and decided against. ITs sad that my schedule has to revolve around my kids nap, but have you ever dealt with a toddler that hasnt had a nap??Holly crap. Makes me want to rip my own uterus out. They get soo overtired, whine and fight sleep. Fark that. I will gladdly work around his nap.
SO we didnt go to the pool but we watched lots of movies and played MOnopoly. I hate MOnopoly but since my husband likes it so much I give in and play with him. I anihalate(sp) his arse every single time but yet he comes back for more. Not the brightest crayon in the box I tell you :) JUst joking I love him and he knows but he sucks at most
Also this weekend I made Calzones. It was my first time making them and they came out ugly as hell but ohh soo delicious. It will definetly be a menu item now. There is so many different ways you can make them. The options are endless. The reason there isnt a picture is because they came out ugly.

I also made a cheesecake. I think by the time I am 50 I will have learned to make a rocking cheesecake. I mean first I had to google and research what the fark a bain marie means because I never even heard the term before. Then I had to go look at my pans and decide which one would be best. I was going to do the recipe I found for cheesecake in the crockpot but decided I want to be Suzie homemaker and make the real thing. Yeahh it farking cracked. I was soo upset. I mean I did everything absolutly right. I didn overbeat it, didnt open the oven (yeahh Scotty were warned that if he opened that oven he would loose a testicle and I kept a very close eye on him) and I left in the oven to cool. Why it craked I have no clue. I really think I need to buy a spring form pan. But anyways after being really upset finally some friends put me in place and told me that I am no chef. So all it matters right now s that it comes out tasting good. With practice looks will come. I decided they were right and therefore will be proud of myself of how far I have come.
BUt I still wont post a picture until its pretty :):)

Love A

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving along....

slowly as a turtle but still going fowards :). I havent blogged because not much has happened. Last weekend we went to a friends house for a bbq and ended up getting home after 1 am because at 9 the guys started watching the UFC fight. I had a good time. There were 2 pregos there so we were talking about that.
This week I had a potluck on thursday at another hoodies house and we had an amazing time. I met Kristen a while ago but just now we really started hanging out. We went to the water park, she came over to the house for the bbq and now we went to her house. Scotty and her husband really get along and she is awesome with Tyler and doesnt mind his tantrums here and there so that is great. Scotty went to the potluck because he thought her hubby was going to be there but he wasnt he had duty. But in the end he had a good time. The girls picked on him and included him in the conversation. I made peanut butter brownies and they actually came out okay. Cooking for others can cause me
Tyler was all hyped up and didnt pass out until we left 10:30 pm. But he was playing with the other little boys and taking away the toys. I sounded like a broken record.."Ty share. Ty give it back. No ty ty." Aye Aye Aye..
Also one of the girls there had this adorable tote that she is using as a diaper bag. I had to ask because I had seen one like that and its a coture diaper bag for like $300 bucks. When she informed me she got at Walgreen's for $2.50 I wanted to jump up and kiss I just couldnt believe it. So of course when we left the potluck I had to stop by walgreens. Sure enough..2 for $5. I was soo happy. I got the black polka dot one and a cute pink one with flowers. I am soo happy so 'THANK YOU SOO MUCH ANGIE AND JUDY!!!".
That was the highlight of my week. This weekend Scotty got a couple of comp days so he has a 4 day weekend. I have no clue what we are going to do. Its hot and I am pregnant cranky so we will see.
I am making a cheesecake tonight so next time I promise I will post pictures of that one if it comes out okay.

Hope everyone is okay and not too hot.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Peakabooo !!!

I know I been MIA. Sorry just too much going on and I dont have the energy for anything anymore. I am soo exhausted its not even funny.
Friday was my 27th birthday. It was my golden one since I turned 27 on the 27th. I didnt get fireworks or parades or anything. Just another day. I am feeling older.
My dad did come for the weekend and that was nice. He cooked good food, took care of ds, cleaned my house and even got me a stand up mixer. Even though we disagree on everything I do love him. My mom sent me a bag of my favorite Brazillian chocolate. I love that woman. She knows me too well :)
So the weekend went without a hitch.On saturday night dh took me to see "Wanted" because there is only a couple of movies I want to pay the insane amount that it costs to see in theaters. Most of the time I am too cheap but a couple of few I cant wait until it comes out on video. "Wanted" rocked. Worth every penny. Such a good movie. Go see. You wont be dissapointed :)
My father is an amazing cook and he loves having people over. We decided to have a bbq on sunday and a bunch of scotty and my friends came over. We had an awesome time. Monday night I took dad to the airport and ds started crying. He now learned to say Papa and he is so attached to my parents its unbeliveable.
On tuesday I dropped ds off at daycare and went to my appointment. They are on my case about my weight. I think because with Tyler I was already 11lbs down and with this one I am 2lbs up already. So they are using scare tacticts on me about GD.
I was sure I was going to hear the heartbeat but nope. Ohh well. I have another appointment at the end of the month. I am now all worried and stressed about my weight.
The good thing is the doc let me stay on the Zoloft and told me my dosage was safe. Thank God. I didnt want to go through the withdrawls of it.
Tonight I have to go grocery shopping to make something special for tomorrow, saturday since we got invited to a bbq and sunday for dh's birthday. Send me some energy please because if I dont a burst soon I am going to collapse.
Thats about it for now. I promise I will be better about blogging.
Hope everyone is okay.
I am still on the same book bc during the day all I want to do is sleep and at night when my head hits the pillow I am out. lol.