Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am 27 years old and I think this is the first Christmas I finally understood the true spirit of things.
Everyone that knows me, knows I love presents. Sorry I do. Christmas is about family and food but the presents always made me happy.
This year I got presents, but I didnt care about them at all.
Scotty and I were talking about this and he feels the same way. Christmas is not the same from before you have kids to after. There is no bigger present or more special way to spend Christmas than with a toddler. They make it soo exciting. The look on their face, their excitment about everything, their appreciation for everything. Its trully magical. This was one of the best Christmas ever. Tyler is at such a great age. He opened all his presents on his own, said thanks to santa and has been playing with them nonstop.
The kitchen we got him was a huge hit.
My parents did come up, they cooked an amazing meal and we had fun playing board games, but nothing will top his excited look on Christmas morning or our hapiness to be able to give that to him. If I never get another present in my life, I am okay, as long as I can recreate this magic again with him and our precious little girl.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and their 09 is full of everything they want and need :)

ps..FOrgot to you can see from the pictures, Scotty's chocolate covered strawberries were a hit!!!


Saturday, December 13, 2008


I saw this thought it was funny and decided to share. Enjoy and make sure if you are extremelly pregnant like I am, go pee first before you read it *wink

Pregnancy Jokes

Q. Should I have a baby after 35?
A. No, 35 children is enough.

Q. When will my baby move?
A. With any luck, right after he finishes high school.

Q. How will I know if my vomiting is morning sickness or the flu?
A. If it's the flu, you'll get better.

Q. Since I became pregnant, my breasts, rear-end, and even my feet have grown. Is there anything that gets smaller during pregnancy?
A. Yes, your bladder.

Q. What is the most common pregnancy craving?
A. For men to be the ones who get pregnant.

Q. What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?
A. Childbirth.

Q. The more pregnant I get, the more often strangers smile at me. Why?
A. 'Cause you're fatter than they are.

Q. My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational.
A. So what's your question?

Q. What's the difference between a nine-month pregnant woman and a model?
A. Nothing, if the pregnant woman's husband knows what's good for him.

Q. How long is the average woman in labor?
A. Whatever she says, divided by two.

Q. My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A. Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q. When is the best time to get an epidural?
A. Right after you find out you're pregnant.

Q. Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A. Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.

Q. What does it mean when the baby's head is crowning?
A. It means you feel as though not only a crown but the entire throne is trying to make its way out of you.

Q. Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
A. Yes, pregnancy.

Q. Does pregnancy cause hemorrhoids?
A. Pregnancy causes anything you want to blame it for.

Q. Where is the best place to store breast milk?
A. In your breasts.

Q. Is there a safe alternative to breast pumps?
A. Yes, baby lips.

Q. What does it mean when a baby is born with teeth?
A. It means that the baby's mother may want to rethink her plans to nurse.

Q. How does one sanitize nipples?
A. Bathe daily and wear a clean bra. It beats boiling them in a saucepan.

Q. What are the terrible twos?
A. Your breasts after baby stops nursing cold turkey.

Q. What is the best time to wean the baby from nursing?
A. When you see teeth marks.

Q. Do I have to have a baby shower?
A. Not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly.

Q. Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
A. When the kids are in college.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Ughgh latetly I refuse to believe I gave birth to this kid. Dont get me wrong, some days he melts my heart and makes me soo happy I am a mom. Other days I am questioned why didnt we just get dogs and were done with it.

So today he had a doctors appointment go get a physical or else he wont be able to go to hourlly care anymore. I need a break from him here and there, so to get his physical today we go.
We get there and get back to the room. The nurse gets his weight and when she goes to get his height, he starts flipping out.
Then when we get in the room to talk to the doctor, all hell breaks loose. Munster didnt like the doc from first look. He started crying for absolutly no reason at all. So the doctor is trying to look in his ears and he is flipping, he is trying to look inside his nose and mouth and ds is screaming bloody murder. By the time he goes to listen to his heart and belly, 2 nurses comes in wondering what kind of torture device is the doc using. Nothing is calming him down. Finally the doc just fills out the forms and does a quick physical and I bolt out of there.

We get home and he goes to sleep without even crying. He was tired from waking me up at 5 am and from all the days excitment.

I dont know what to do somedays. It seems like I am the person that is supossed to comfort him, cant for the life of me.

Now most afternoons, he wakes up smiling. Today he woke up cranky as crap. He wasnt listening, he was defiant and he just kept throwing fits and tantrums. By the time dh walked in the door at 4pm, from the look of my face, he knew it was a shitty day.
I pretty much dumped Ty on dh and went to take a shower. A very long shower. BY the time I am out of the shower, he had already emptied the dishwasher and was cooking dinner, and ds was sitting on the kitchen floor by his feet drinking his juice and munching on a cookie. I means seriouslly? is this the same kid that half an hour ago was acting like the world was ending?? And is this the same husband that I have to nag to get anyting done, cooking dinner and doing dishes without me asking??

Either I need medication or someone upstairs saw how desperately I needed a break.
I dont know, but either way I am thankful.

Here is to better days and soon the ability to get drunk :)

Trying times with a toddler and Christmas shopping..

So Saturday I designated "Christmas shopping" day. We left the house around 10 and hit the mall first. I ordered the 2 small gifts from my parents and will pick them up this week since they have to be engraved, I hit the Disney store for my godkids (I had already found what I wanted online first and found that store carried) and of course they dont have what I want. So we walk around and I am trying to find a kiosk that sells handmade ornaments for the Christmas exchange, well we walk up and down the mall and there is no kiosk. So I felt like I didnt accomplish crap.
By 1pm we head home and decide to let the kid sleep and me relax for a bit since I am having some cramps.
Well kid doesnt sleep. Dh is in the mood to shop so he decides to just screw and drag a tired kid to AAfes to look for the rest of the Christmas presents and buy his lights for outside. We get to AAfes and dh in all his brightness decides to make ds hold this little car toy to keep him quiet. Dude are you nuts?? Whatever. Here we are looking at lights and he is trying to convice me to spend 15 bucks a box on lights for outside. Uhh no I dont think so. Considering he wanted 3 boxes, that was out of the question. I knew walmart had it cheaper.
So I grab ds a couple of toys for Christmas and head to the cashier. Dh takes the little car toy he had ds hold away from him so we can pay for the rest of the stuff and leave. Ds throws a fit. He is tired, cranky and dad just took away a toy.
Now I am one to pull down his pants and swat his bootie in the middle of the store so he wont do it again. Dh thinks that looks like trash and he just tries to talk to ds and calm him down. Yeahh didnt work. I didnt know where to stick my face.
God if its one area we disagree its with ds. I am seriouslly debating dragging his arse back to counseling so we can try to get on the same page when it comes to ds, or I dont know where we will end up.

Well we argue a bit in the car and ds falls asleep. Dh still wants his stupid lights. I remind him that ds is asleep and he didnt bring the stroller. He says he doesnt want. He wants his light. So to Walmart we head. I had to buy a couple stuff anyways.
We get there and spend 20 minutes trying to find a cart with the baby carriage in it so he can lay down a sleepy ds. By the time we find one and he puts ds down, his arm is probably asleep an he is rubbing it like crazy. Inside I smirk. Evil I know. :)

Anyways, I get everything I need and we end up finding his lights for 8 bucks a box. He gets his 3 boxes and everything is great.
We get to the cashier to ring for everything and our card gets denied...UHh I dont think so. So I am sitting there calling the bank to check our balance and figure out the money is in the savings and I only have like 20 bucks in the checking account to cover a $200 bill at Walmart. Last week when I asked dh to transfer the money from the savings to the checkings he didnt do it. He told me he did it though. Want to talk about looking like trash?? LOL> Here we are at the cashier with a huge line behind us and me on the phone transfering funds from savings to checkings so we can pay our bill. Everyone is looking at us. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. But we did the transfer, the card went through we paid, I apologized profoundly to the cashier and the people behind us and we left.

Dh hung his lights and the rest of the day went without a hitch.
Ohh except that I cant find my 20% off coupon for Bed bath and beyond. My parents big present is coming from there and since it costs about $150 bucks, that coupon is kind of necessary. I been saving that coupon for a month and now I cant find it. Just great.
I give

We got home, ate, played with ds, cleaned and then dh went to rent a movie. He rents "The Happening". OMG dont waste 2 hrs of your life. The most stupid movie ever ever.
I feel asleep during the end. I cant believe how badly it sucked..

Dh wakes me up towards the end and says he is going to return it, go get some ice coffee and rent another movie. HE gets Hancock. Fine good movie. I didnt like that he didnt end up with the girl and dh accused me of trying to make his manly movie into a bitch sobbing lovefest.
Ughh its time for

On Sunday things went a bit better. We went to a birthday party for a 2 yr old little girl at our playgroup. They had a huge playroom with every toy imaginable. How nice it was for all the parents to talk for hours while the kids played in the playroom. Wonder if housing will let us add a playroom ??

The rest of the day went without a hitch. Kid slept, dh messed with the lights outside again. I didnt cook anything exciting, we watched tv and it was soon bed time.

Weekends flies I tell you. :)

3 wks until Christmas!!! Yeppie :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear God, give me the strenght to not ....

slap the stupid u/s tech silly!!!

So today I had my u/s. Dh came home early from class and was able to stay home with ds. Wow kind of pathetic, I have to go get poked and probbed just to have some peace and quiet.
Well anyways, us went good. I didnt have to drink a ton of water and she let me pee since it was my first real u/s at almost 32 wks. That is just wonderful Tricare. We wont go there. Its free I dont pay. I wont whine about it.
Anyways, she starts off friendly. We are talking, she tells me bambina is measuring 3lbs 5oz. and that she is moving around a lot so it might take a bit longer. No biggie. Then suddlenly mid sentence she gets really quiet. I ask her whats wrong. She tells me nothing. She keeps on checking me up but doesnt tell me anything else. So by this point, I am thinking she saw a penis, or a third arm or even mermaid legs. Heck its me and my insane mind we are talking about okay.
Flashes of future Oprah shows and tabloid covers explaining why I am carrying a freak of nature flashes before my eyes...
Then she tells me to breath. Breath?? Ohh yeahh crap, I might be turning purple from holding my breath the last 5 minutes.
But how can I breath??
So she proceeds to tell me they might call me back and the doc might request another u/s since the baby is moving soo much and she cant get a clear view of the spine.

I hear.."Your baby doesnt have a spine or something is wrong with yours babies spine, but I cant tell you that since I am just the tech". y

Tears are about to stream down my face and I guess she realizes that and then adds for good measure..OHh honey dont worry. Everything looks great. Her head is resting on your bladder, so dont cough too hard (laughter), her feet are stuck in your ribs (poor you), and her spine is fine. The only thing is I cant get a complete measure since she wont stop bouncing around and therefore the doc might or might not ask for another one".

I dont know if I am hormonal or not, but I just had this sudden urge to slap her.
She scared the crap out of me. I dont know if it was me or she was just a pitch the way she handled it.
Anyways the rest of the day went pretty crappy. So now all kinds of crap is running through my head.
I hope everything will end up being just fine and I am just paranoid. Until then I probably wont sleep.

Great just great!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stupidity/funny of the day...

We are both sitting down watching tv and I am browsing Craigslist to try to find/decide on the last piece of furniture for bambina.(see post below)..
Anyways I am bored and I go into the "casual encounters" area of craiglist because my friend had to told me its hillarious some of the ads people post. Well wanting to laugh at all the tag chasers/barrack bunnies, I start reading the ads.
One of the first one says something like.."If you want a cute 19 yr old to suck and nibble on you anytime you please just pay my car and my insurance and I will be your on call girl and make you very happy". So at this point I am shaking my head in disbelief. Dh asks me whats wrong and I tell him. He busts out with.."Too bad that chick probably drives a Lotus and she doesnt say that on her ad"...OMg I am rolling on the floor laughing at that comment. There is a very big possibility of that, considering we have seen about 4 on post in the past month. But for dh to come up with some shit like that without missing a beat, cracks me up.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dont you just love the holidays?

Okay so lets tackle Thanksgiving and get it out of the way. For anyone to understand how thanksgiving is around here let me explain something about my relationship with my parents... By wed I was jumping with joy and excitment for them to get here. I missed them a ton and couldnt wait to see them. By Thursday I was soo thankfull I have them as parents and how blessed I am. By Saturday I wanted to beat them and they were driving me nuts. Its a love hate relationship I I love them to death. Dh and I both do. Trully. They mean well, have been there for us more than anyone else and etc. But God can they be critical at times. Wow.
But anyways Thanksgiving went good. My father cooked a huge turkey ( no one really likes turkey but he cant let go of tradition, so I end up with a whole crap load of turkey to figure out what to make with), he also made ham, rice , mashed potatoes, brazillian stuffing and gravy. I made dinner rolls (they didnt come out that great because dh bought the wrong ) he bought the one for bread machine instead of the regular one. Since I dont have a bread machine, I made them by hand. So they were okay just not perfect.
My pumpkin log did crack. I know why it cracked. I let it cool too long before rolling. I am an idiot I know. Ohh well.
My pineapple pie was amazing. Trully yummy. Everyone loved it. But what they really liked it was my brazillian carrot cake. Now its only called brazillian carrot cake because we put melted chocolate on top instead of cream cheese frosting. See in Brazil they dont really sell frosting. Usually people make their own and cream cheese is definetly not popular there. When we went there dh ordered a cream cheese bagel and they all looked at him like he was crazy. They use butter on their bagel.
So anyways, the trick is make a homemade carrot cake, add drained crush pineaples. I learned that trick a while ago and it adds that extra yumminess. Then after the cake is done, poke holes all over the cake. Then take either regular or dark chocolate. Melt with some butter. Just a bit of butter. Careful not to burn. Then just pour on top and let it cool.
OMG its to die for. Everyone loved it a lot. Soo freaking good and my head was in the sky all weekend long because I get a high when I cook something and everyone loves it :)

The rest of the week went without a hitch. I didnt go Black Friday shopping bc there is really nothing I want or need to buy.I got all of our gifts. Instead I used my handy father to go buy some shelves for both kids closets and he hung them for me. Also he helped dh buy the tools necessary to repaint the crib and the changing table. We were supossed to buy paint but there is over 500 types of white paint. Are you kidding me? So conclusion, until I find the other piece of furniture I need for that room (I cant pick between a tall dresser, a wide dresser or a wide dresser with a hutch) and actually find it on craigslist or at the store, I cant buy the paint for dh to paint it. Ohh my God. I am so frustrated that this is not going to get done soon.
That was friday. Friday night and saturday night we just played Texas Hold'em with my parents. My father won every game. Makes me sick.

ON saturday I used my father again to teach me how to sew. The man can cook, sew, paint, do electric, build furniture and fix cars. He does it all very very good. We have all came to conclusions he must be an alien or something. Him teaching me to sew was very frustrating. He knows too much and I know jack shit, so it took a while but finally we made a pillowcase and I got the jist of it.

They left on Sunday morning and we were happy/sad they left. Ohh well they will be here for Christmas. Yeahh that is another fight. My father is a lot into traditions. Holidays is spent at their house. Fine but when I am 8 months pregnant I am not driving. So this year I put my foot down and at the risk of starting WWIII, I said holidays will be here because I am not driving anywhere. Surprisinlly he took it well. As well as he could have taken and not without making me promise this is a one time exception only. Yeahh Yeahh I know.

So on Sunday after "learning" how to sew I was itching to start. I already had fabric, I just needed to buy scissors and pins and a ruler and my first project was going to be the red curtains that goes outside for baby girls room (yeahh we have a name but since we are not 100% set on it, I wont share it yet:)).
Okay what possessed me to think that curtain was a great first project is beyond me. But we did went and I got the stuff and got home.
8 1/2 hours later I finished 1 panel and was having such a hard time with the tabs. Finally I went online and learned an easy way to do the tabs, so one panel is done.

I did learn a few things about sewing..:
1. Sewing is not that hard. Cutting in a straight line is farking impossible for me
2. I spend more time having to rethread the machine because I am so clumsy its pathetic.
3. Its addicting. I am in love.

So that was my thanksgiving. I am very Thankfull for everything I have. I have to keep reminding myself that on a daily basis. Sometimes I get so pissed off and mad, that my judgement gets clouded. But hey I am a work in progress.

I hope everyone had a great one :)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Juicy nice drama :)

Now that I got your attention, sorry to deceive you but my momma thaught me better than that and I refuse to wash my dirty laundry in public for everyone to see :) Lets just say its a lot of drama. But I will keep the drama to mysel and just share that my mil was only here for 1 wk and by the time she left/we kicked her out, I doubt either of us ever want to see her again. So sad but so true. OHh well!! Moving on..

I will talk about the good things that happened. We had a yard sale last saturday with the playgroup and it went great. Except we all froze our heineys off!!. I sold a lot and bought a bunch more. Yeppie for saving money.
Also on thursday we had a pie exchange with the playgroup. I went even though I wasnt going to go since pies are not my thing. I made a simply easy coconut pie. It was very yummy. Scotty did take a huge piece without me noticing and I had to take a pie missing a piece. So embarrassing. The good thing is he liked my pie and said its a keeper. Thanks honey!

On saturday we were invited to a birthday party. Background story...I met Janson and Mike at Crystals halloween party. Crystal belongs to the playgroup and Crystal and Janson are sisters. With me so far?? lol. Okay great. We met Janson and Mike and Gunner and really liked them. They are from Boynton/lake Worth. OMG tell me about it. What are the chances you meet someone from the same small arse backwards town you are from?? One in a million I So we liked them a lot and they invited us to their son's 2nd birthday. We had a great time. Tyler played so much it was great. And the cake was to die for. OHHH lala . I was craving some good chocolate cake.

ON sunday we just stayed home and watched movies. Latetly dh has been horrible about his movie selection. On sunday he was great. He rented "The cleaner", "Made of Honor" and "Definetly Maybe".
"The cleaner" was a great movie. I have always wondered what happens when a murder takes place and who cleans up the place. Well now I know. There is a company that does just that. Who would have thought it??
Anyways the movie was great. The other 2 was just as good. I am so lucky to be married to a guy that actually enjoys watching chick flicks. It makes life so much easier. But please lets just keep that fact between you and me. *WINK *WINK. He hates to admit it. Like its something to be ashamed of or something...who knows??
Anyways not like a cold sunday to lounge around,watching movies, drinking ice coffee and eating chocolate. Life rocks I tell you :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008




Tuesday, November 11, 2008


First let me start by saying that I dont really like holidays. I enjoy Christmas. Thats about it. Every other holiday we sit around trying to figure out what the fuck to do and what kind of new experience can we take the kid on. Before we had kids we loved holidays (mostly 4 days weekends) because that meant we slept until noon, lounged around, watched tv, drank lots of coffee, were lazy as hell, got trashed for 3 days and then had 1 day to recuperate. Well now with a kid, 4 day wekeends are the same. We wake up at butt crack early, no real routine since Scotty is home and fucks up every routine, then we spend all day trying to entertain him while wishing we were getting farking trashed.
So for this weekend I had to bake on Saturday for a bake sale with the playgroup, we took him to a veteran days parade, went shopping and thats it. ON sunday we took him to a park, on monday we took him to the park again and on tuesday we took him to the see the planes at Pope. I am seriouslly how freaking boring can we get?? lol

Ohh well weekend is almost over. Thank God.
Also this weekend, I have been Betty Crocker not Betty Fucker. I made chicken pot pie (it was a hit. Scotty ate it all), I also made pizza, peanut butter brownies, egg white omelletes and oatmeal cake. All came out delicious. So one more weekend where we get freaking fat.
ohh well. It was all worth it :)



Monday, November 10, 2008


I havent been here because I have been under construction. Meaning not only my house, but my life in general. Some things have happened that has really made me question who I let in my life anymore. I am sick and tired of getting dissapointed. I am done.
So I was under construction for a while and now I am freshly remoled and ready for some more :)

A couple interesting things have happened over the past couple weeks.

-I really think on wed I am going to go file for divorce. You ask why?? Well I am going to divorce my hubby over hanging pictures frames. I am serious. Its either divorce of kill him. Holly crap I cant believe how farking hard it is for both of us to be able to hang some picture frames. Give me a break. I have raised my middle finger this week at him more times than I care to count.
Today we will try again. Either our walls are really hard or he is just slow...*anger anger anger*.

-I got amazing deals on stuff for the baby. I now have a swing, crib, bassinet, bouncy chair, and clothes until she is 4. All for very cheap. If it wasnt for her bedding set that will set me back a good $200 bucks (hey mommy did you hear that. I want a bedding set :)),I would be able to do all her room under $500. That is pretty freaking awesome.

-I am redoing Tylers room. That is one farked up project. I will talk about it more later because i have to keep my blood pressure in check.

-I will have my ultrasound done when I am 32 wks. thats the only time they had available. I swear if I wasnt raised better by my parents I would have called that lady every name in the book.

-I ended up getting my sewing machine last night since I want to sew a couple of stuff before Christmas.
You should seen us, 4 1/2farking hours watching the instructional video just to try to learn how to thread the needle.
Again I raised my middle finger to him more than I care to admit. And we sitll not aye aye aye

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

He never ceases to amaze me...

I have been married to Scotty for 6 yrs and together for a good 8. I cant believe in all this time I never knew he was the king of chocolate covered strawberries. WOW.
See the other night I was craving them badly so he went and bought the stuff for me to make it. I was already dreading it since the last time I made them, it took a bunch of beers, me ending up with burned fingers and them looking freaking handicapped. Well in 2 seconds Scotty whipped them up and made them gorgeous. Where the heck did this talent come from? Its beyond me. He made chocolate and white chocolate ones. I guess he is having sympathy pregnancy cravings because we killed 1 whole box of strawberries, the next night we were invited to dinner at some of our new friends and we made that again and ate a bunch and the night after he made them again. They were soo farking good and definetly killed my craving. I am in love with this man even more. :)
Okay so the dinner was awesome. We met Stephanie, Jeremy and Addie (her name is not Addison * She made amazing sushi and miso soup. Ohh so good. I cant believe she complained her sushi looked ugly. She hasnt seen my alien sushi yet!!.
Addie and Tyler were playing and getting along. We trully had a good time.
I love seeing kids interact at that age. They are too cute.

Also this past week I got Tylers dresser. I finally found it on craigslist for $55. IF I were to buy at the store it would have cost me a good $200. So I am very excited. Its in amazing conditions. Later on I will post pictures.
I also have been fighting to get my ob appointment. The problem is that since I am planning on having another csection and leaving my vagina alone, I got assigned to a different clinic instead of the one I was previouslly assigned to. So they hadd to transfer the whole paperwork and etc. Hopefully soon I will get an appointment.
Scotty also went to transportation and will go to finance tomorrow. They say we owe them $250 from the DLA allowance we got. Bull. They still owe us money so that will be taken care of it soon.
My house is finally coming together. Its actually looking like a home. This weekend we have a ton to do with the playgroup I just joined, halloween and everything else, but hopefully we will have time to start hanging my pictures and decorations. They have been in boxes for almost 1 yr and now that we are settled again, I cant wait to hang everything up again. My house is still feeling a bit naked.

Tyler is doing good. He still got a cold but he is doing good. He did pee and poop in the potty for the first time. No I didnt take a picture to post, even though my insane husband thought I should. You got to draw the line somewhere.

Well that is it for now. I will blabber more later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pigs galore......

Dont laugh but here they are in all their glory :)
I decided to post a picture before getting rid of them. I am going to try to sell it or donate it. I dont know. Its a sad day but its time to part with them.
I wish they would go to a good home.
Please dont laugh. I really have loved them for many years...sniff sniff

Just throwing some figures out there ....

$300 that is the amount for gas we have spent
24 hrs that is how long we were inside a car driving here
5 days the number of days we have spent at the hotel
10 the number of laundry loads I have done
60 the amount of boxes i have unpacked and given away
5 the number of loads of dishes I have done
12 the number of days we have been in this house
95 the amount of screws I have had to keep track of
2 the amount of arguments we have had
$350 the amount of money we have spent at the comissary to stock fridge/pantry

Dont you just love moving??

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seriouslly I am not making this crap up....

I dont have the imagination to make this stuff up. This really is the reality of my life. Sometimes I have to laugh in order to prevent me from being rocking in a corner flipping out...:)

OKay Oct 6th they came and packed our house in Fort Hood. OCt 7th they came and loaded everything. BY 2 they were done loading so we hurried up and finished picking up the last bit of stuff, packing the stuff they didnt take (they cant take flamables but they took 5 bottles of alcohool but not my hair spray. Go figure!!!)
Turned over our house. We didnt have to pay for anything. And went to spend the night at our friends Kristin and Noah. I miss them soo much already :)
On Wed dh went to HOod, finished the rest of outprocessing and we started driving around noon. Dh said a prayer. Keep in mind that little fact because its funny later on :)

I wont even talk about the trip just to say that we had the Garmin and an Atlas and we still got lost through TN and it took us longer than it was supossed to. I did find a red tree among many green ones. I will add that picture later.

By 9pm on Thursday we rolled in at FT Bragg. FT Hood is lit up like a Christmas tree. Bragg is dark as hell with hills and trees. Such a difference. After driving for about 30 or 40 minutes we finally find the gate and where dh is supossed to improcess. He does that and we head to the hotel on post. Someone hand me a cookie because this time I didnt fuck up our hotel reservations!!!
That night around 11 or so, I decide I had enough. The bleeding was gone but I was still cramping. So to the hospital we go. Who the fark starts their lifes in a new base by visiting the hospital the first night they are there?? I swear, I really believe sometimes God gets bored and decides to play with me to amuze

Okay so we get there and everyone is really nice. We had been up about 24 hrs or so at that time. The LPN blows my vein >>>WHAT PART OF "I HAVE HAD THIS ARM FOR 27 YRS, I KNOW I AM DOUBLE JOINTED, I HAVE DONATED BLOOD AND GOTTEN IVS MANY TIMES, I KNOW WHERE MY VEIN IS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??>>>>
Okay so besides that it was cool. She did tell me I am dehydrated and I have an UTI but baby is fine and everything is okay. She also puts me on modified bed I had to laugh at that point. Uhh hello I just moved, I have to unpack my house and drive down to Florida to pick up my kid. I cant go on bed rest. But whatever.

The rest of the weekend went smoothly. We drove around and found a car for dh to drive back and forth to work. He got a 96 Mazda 626 and its a stick. Think by the time I am 28 I will have learned to drive one?? I know I know. i doubt it
Also we drove around exploring. I counted 6 strip/cabaret clubs but who cares really. I have a dunkin donuts on post and one right off post. There could be whores and drug dealers in front of my house and it wouldnt bother me :)

On Monday we signed for our place. Dh couldnt improcess because its a holiday so he was there helping me through it all. We got a renovated 3 bedroom in one of the best neighborhoods. Seriouslly there is no secret. Only that I follow the rules of the military and kiss arse when I have to. Not that hard!!
Anyways I love my house. Its perfect. My sons room is 3 times the size of any room I ever had. Its insane.

I unpack the little bit from the car and just chill around. On tuesday dh started improcessing. I have to say i was a bit freaked out. His first briefing was an STD class. They were saying how the city here is like number 5 in the country of AIDS and etc. Also from what he tells me they showed some pretty grusome pictures. Thank you MRS Army for showing my husband green vaginas and wart infested penis. I doubt he will want to cheat ever :)

By Thursday our stuff got delivered. The guy got here at 11am and left at 2. I told him to just throw every single box in the spare room and I would sort it out later.
I unpacked 70% of my house by the time dh got home at 6pm. I know I know. I did made sure I drank water and didnt move anything heavy. Dont get mad at me but sometimes sitting around like a lazy blob is worse for you than some good old fashion exercise.
So dh got home at 6pm and we started our drive to Florida.
His new unit is very understanding. He is into some EOD unit. He is kind of freaking me out with it. He is the only mechanic, they dont deploy but do missions he is not supossed to tell me about it. Also he got to go to jump school and etc. He is the only mechanic in this unit. There is only like 15 ppl in it and etc. Kind of freak. I hope its not something like that show "The UNIT" on tv. Yeahh my mind is wondering..lo.

OKay so we start our drive to Florida. That went fun. We get to my dads at 6am go inside change, drink a cup of coffee and drive to Miami to pick up my mom and ds.
MY father doesnt listen to I walked a lot at the Miami airport and I had to pee. I tell him can we please stop so I can go pee and he tells me to hold it. I wanted to shove my foot up his arse. I am pregnant. When I have to pee I have to pee. Heck if I am not careful I pee when I sneeze so dont tell me to hold it Jerk.
Finally we find my mom and Ds. God I missed my baby boy. I started bawling like an idiot but I knew I missed him but didnt realize how much.
So the rest of the day went fine. On Friday night my parents wanted to spend time with ds so we slept at our friends house. Also wanted to give my parents some time to do whatever parents do since they hadnt seen each other in 17 months. No they dont have sex. Dont fuck with me. I refuse to believe they

Anyways that night was awesome. We saw a bunch of old friends and met new ones. Our friends Shannon and Jason are very dear to us and they are one of the few things I miss from South Florida.
I did take sips of beer here and there. God it tasted farking good. Yeahh dh got pissy but sorry one or two sips of beer wont make my kid come out burping. Seriouslly give me a break!!!.
They all got pretty drunk. Beer pong is an interesting game. Sometimes I like being sober while everyone is plastered. Heck I find them

By the time we went to bed it was 4 am. Lovelly Samantha (she is almost 2) decided that 7 am was perfect timing to pour my cold glass of water on my back. Yeahh I just rolled to the inside, pushed dh to the outside of the bed on the wet spot and let her poke his eyes out and mess with him.Take one for the team buddy!!!!

The rest of the day went uneventful. Something about good friends that you are comfortable with makes everything all better.
On saturday night we went to a restaurant the 4 of us to celebrate dh's and I 6th wedding aniv. We didnt get any presents because his car and my dining room table was our present to each other.
My wonderful friend Jason decided it was a good idea to ask the server to sing us a Happy aniv. song. I was soo embarrrassed and everyone was looking at us. I tell you!!!
Can you believe I have been married for 6 yrs?? That is nuts. Even crazier is the fact I might keep him around for longer. Who would have thunk it!!!
We been married the longest in our circle of friends. Makes us feel like old

ON sunday we started the drive back at around 10 am. It was fine. Ds slept a lot and played a bunch. Dh drove first half, I drove 2nd half and by 8 pm we were home. NOthing major.

OKay that is enough posting for now. Later on I will add the pictures and post about my excitment adventure here in this new house, base, unit and with our son back.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Congratulations to all my new pregos and more dust to all of you guys trying.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random stuff..

Since I cant keep my thought process straight today I am just going to post random stuff that has been bugging me latetly:

1. Oprah has been all depressing this week. Anyone that knows me, knows I love Oprah. Even dh wont call me between the hours of 4 and 5 because he knows I am watching Oprah. Well on monday it was about a pregnant mom, her hubby and 2 teenage sons are addicted to heroin. Only the 5 yr old daughter is not. WOW. Talk about sadness.
Then on tuesday it was Christina Applegate talking about her double masectomy due to breast cancer.
Today it was about overwhelmed moms and how one left her 2 yr old in the car and the baby died :(
Seriouslly Oprah lighten up please. I think I need more Zoloft just to be able to watch you this week.

2. I hate living in an area where everyone and their moms are pregnant. This woman was selling a lot of over 65 pieces of baby girl clothes for $60 bucks. Awesome deal with the most cutest outfit. I emailed her 25 minutes after she posted and she had already sold it. Urghghggh!!! Hello people I need to save money.

3. Toasters are farking expensive. I am sick and tired of Scotty complaining about our toaster and how it doesnt toast well. I went to look for a red one at Target and came across this one :

Who the hell can afford a $300 toaster?? Get a life people. Back to craigslist I go trying to find a red one.

4. Today I had my mind set on eating some veggies since the last couple days I have been eating *cough *cough unhealthy. Well I take my frozen veggies put them on the microwave and leave for 4 minutes. Come back and they are still ice cold. My microwave is very dim and dying. Just farking great. Now I need a new microwave. *bangs head against wall * bangs head harder.

5. My boobs have grown tremendously. I went from having melons to having watermelons. Holly Cow!! I wear a bra 24/7, always have because I feel more comfortable that way. Well nowadays I am lucky if I can last 8 hrs with a bra on. God help me. So to Walmart I go trying to find new bras. Yeahh bras I wont buy on craigslist. I am too picky like that. This woman is cheap but not that


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breath ...just breath..

Same old same old around here. Still in the insanity of getting ready to move, Scottys leave got kicked back a couple times, finally they signed and he goes on leave tonight. It wasnt supossed to be this many days but whatever. He is clearing and thinks he will get done in time. I am scared because the packers pick up our stuff on the 7th, on the 8th we have to clear on post housing in the morning and then start driving so we can have the 8th, the 9th and report to NC on the 10th. I am so scared something will happen and we will be late reporting. I am also freaking out about the gas issue. So not cool worry about things that are out of my control. I was sure I was done with that crap. Ohh well!! Got keep working on it.
So send us some vibes that everything will work out on that front.

Okay update of my pregnancy..Yesterday I couldnt wait and went and got a 3D u/s. We are having a ..GIRL!!. Everyone that knows us, knows how happy and complete we feel. Our family will be completed. I cant even believe it myself. I am soo excited. I always wanted a little girl. I am doing her room in ladybugs so any site of ladybugs with cute stuff you got send it my way ..just dont tell Scotty..shhh..:):)
With the name we are still debating, but I am sure we will find one soon. Just happy she is a girl and healthy.
Scotty will get the big V after she is born and voila. We will be a family of 4. Very happy about that. I think its perfect for us. I am glad I can make that decision since I cant seem to decide on anything else.

Also Tyler is coming back this month. Yepppiiiiiiieeee!. My mom decided to come back earlier so on the 17th she is flying back with him. She will fly with him and her dog almost 18 hrs. SHe is nuts. Bless her heart. But that means that we report to Bragg on the 10th. Sign for our house on the 13th. Dh reports to his unit and hopes we get some kind of leave to drive down to Florida and pick him up. If not I will have to go bymyself. So not looking fowards driving 12 hrs pregnant bymyself. Maybe one of my friends will come up and go with me. I dont know we will see.

So hence the title of breath. Life is going kind of crazy right now but I have full faith everything will work out like its supossed to.
I also have to get a started on my projects (my picture album, my recipe book and buy a sewing machine.) since tyler is coming back earlier I have less time than I though. Oy OY..

I did start shopping already for the new baby. I couldnt help myself. I am also scouring craigslist because kids are expensive as it is. I am finding awesome deals and I am very proud of myself.

Okay I will post more soon.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Must blog.........

I know I havent blogged yet. I will summarize and later on I will go into details. Sounds good?? Sorry my head is still in a fog from jet leg and my nose is stuffed. Nasty I know.

Okay so the trip was good. We did leave Tyler with my mom for a couple months for many reasons. Later I will get into it. It rocked seeing family. I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to them again and how much I still love them after so long.
On the trip back they lost one of our luggages and that went to Mexico. Lucky BUt we got it back a couple days later.
Scotty lost his wallet the day we got back right on post changing his oil, so we had to deal with that. The arse that found it already tried to using his card. I hate people sometimes :(
I also went for my u/s. I thought that was going to be the big one, but nope. Teaches me to not It was a small one and they couldnt see anything. Just that the baby kicks alot, likes to cross its legs and suck on its thumb. The u/s tech did ask me if I suck on my thumb. I wont even post my response here..*wink *wink!!

So that is about the summary of everything that is going on here. I do have another appointment on the 23rd and I hope she will schedule my big u/s, but I doubt it since we are trying to leave here around the 5th.
Now we are clearing or at least trying to. There is so much to do that I just want to lay under the covers and
But I must keep moving.
I promise I will post more later.
hope everyone is okay.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I dont care what you call it...


Sunday, August 24, 2008

I despise some people...

So dh is coming home from pt on tuesday and this SGT hits him. The whole left front panel of my car is dented. When you open the drivers door it makes noise and the headlight it hanging. Thank Goodness no one is hurt. She has the same insurance as us so no biggie right??
Wrong. She let her insurance lapse after she told us she had insurance. So we got 1700 bucks worth of damage and I will have to claim through my uninsured motorist. Thank God I carry that. So I call her trying to be nice and tell her either she pays the deductible of $250 or I take her to small claims court. She choose to pay the deductible and said she will only have it on the 1st. Since we wont be here she will give it to my friend. I hope she does because if not I am going to hang her when we come back..Urhghgh. Also the car will only be fixed when we come back because we just dont have time right now.

Okay so on Thursday Kristin knew how mad we were so she invited us to dinner. So so nice of them. It was very relaxing. I swear they have become our new

Also her dh loaned me the third book on the Twilight series "Eclipse" and I already finished. My favorite so far. Today I am also borrowing "breaking dawn" from her.
I am trully excited.

Thats pretty much what happened this week. Me trying to breath in and out and count to a million and trying to realize this is not a big deal and everything is fine.
I am getting

As we enter week trip I might not be here that much because of all the packing and last minute details we have to put together.
I promise I will update as I can and will have a ton of pictures when we come back.
Pray for my sanity this week. I truly need it

Love A

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow its been that long??

I just noticed I havent posted in 2 wks. Wow. I am shocked. I cant believe its been that long.
Not that many exciting stuff happened but a couple did so I will outline..:)

* I got my passport. Yeppie. I sent the paperwork on monday and by the following monday I had it. That rocked. :)

* We also got our suitcases. We went from having 1 to ending up with 9. Dont ask!!

* We sold the computer screen and the computer desk. We have decided we will just purchase a laptop for me (Mac yeppie) and we will be using laptops only and the new baby will have her/his own room.

*I was sick sometime last week. Kristin saved my life by watching Tyler the whole afternoon for me. That rocked!! I luv her and owe her big time

*Also Kristin loaned me her book "Twilight". I killed that in 2 days. I then borrowed "New MOon" from her. So far so good. I am not a major fan of vampire stories but this are good.

*I finished shopping and got a bunch of gifts for my family back home. I cant wait to see their faces.

* Dh did something that the cars ac was not working but now it started working again. I dunno..

* I been watching the Olympics and gorgeous Michael Phelps has broken every record. Such a nice eye candy :)

*I went to a friends baby shower on Saturday and she loved the gifts I picked. Also we played some wicked funny games. It was fun hanging out with Scottys coworkers.

* We went to a bbq at Kristin's on Saturday night and had an awesome time. Except for her "lovelly" pit bulls. Which I was petrified off and the fact that I passed out on her couch at like midnight while they were still playing Monopoly.

* Today we went to the Cameron Park Zoo. I didnt want to go at all but my dad had sent us some money and told us to use it on Tyler so we took him to the Zoo. I was going to postpone it but Scotty insisted since today wasnt that hot. Well it was farking hot I am too fat/pregnant to be walking for almost 2 hrs. Also the zoo had absolutly no pigs. NOne. What a shame. What kind of farking zoo has no pigs?? Pisses me off. Ohh well we had fun and got some kick arse pictures so I will post that later.

*Also our friends just had a baby. We will visit her tonight at the hospital and I will take them some food. Probably b&g since its her dh's favorite.
So Janice and James congratulations and Happy birthday to Kianna Aaron!!!

That pretty much sums up my life the past 2 wks. I am now going to continue on reading my book because I am excited to see what happens.

Hope everyone is doing good
Love A

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So today I am mourning the death of my shoe. Not just any shoe, but the most comfiest flip flops on the world. My beloved Nike flip flop. He was with me for almost 1 whole year and on Friday morning he met his death on some highway between here and Houston. He died saving my life for a flie and for that I am thankful ....

So we wake up at 5 am on Friday. Well dh wakes up, I go through my morning motions half asleep. Hippo baby wasnt here since he spent the night at dh's friend. No we didnt have sex, run around naked, or go to the movies. We were just as boring as we would have been if he was here.
Anyways we manage to leave at 6 am and start out 4 hr trip to Houston so my lovelly husband can get a visa so we can go to Brazil.
I absolutly love car trips with dh. We just know how to have fun, and he is sitting right there so I can smack him in the back of the neck anytime he says something stupid. Perfect.:) Also I control the radio while I am in the car.

So halfway there my wonderful hubby is going 81 on a 70. He gets stopped and get a ticket. His first in 4 yrs, but definetly well deserved. I mean in the past 3 yrs I have gotten stop over 7 times on and off post and I have cried or begged my way out of every single one of them. Dh gets stopped once and gets a ticket. I have to laugh. He is extremelly mad at me. As if!!!
So he gets a ticket for $155 bucks. The kicker to all of this?? After the trooper wrote him the ticket, he was talking to us about our military life, and asking us how we like Fort Hood and where we are PCSING next and how much we will enjoy NC. He is having such a wonderful conversation with us after sticking it to dh. I had to keep pinching my dh so he would keep his smile. I could see dh's frozen fake smile on. He wanted to tell that trooper to go F himself and that he doesnt like talking while getting F... up the arse with no lube. But low and behold dh behaved and we continued on our trip.

I picked on him a lot and laughed a lot more. well Karma came to bite my arse. Somewhere along the way we got a companion. A fly was inside the car. Well dh tells me to use my shoe but to not smack it because with my luck I would have cracked the windshield. So I do what any normal being would do, I open my window while we are going 70 miles an hr and try to shoo the fly out of the window. I accomplished that but also lost my shoe.***sniff sniff***. I dont knwo what happened.But I am clumsy and there my shoe went.
Dh wouldnt stop laughing. In my time of mourning he kept making stupid comments like.."Well at least you only lost one and not the pair" ....Some days I really wonder what has kept me from snapping and cutting his body in 10...

So there goes my shoe. After searching we figure out there is no other pair inside the car. We have everything else but no other pair of shoe. So we stop at a gas station. He wants me to go inside and just buy a pair. Uhhh hellloooooooo!! I am not germophobic or anything but I certainly draw the line at going inside a gas station barefoot. So dh buys me a pair. The man has horrible taste. He gets me a pair of green came flip flops. Give me a break. Camo is so tacky but yet dh is obssessed with it.

So off to the consulate we go. We finally get there, dh gets his visa and I get informed that since my passport is expiring 3 wks after I come back I have to renew it before I leave or they wont let me back in the country...Come again?? Yep. For you to enter or leave a country your passport has to be 6 months before expiration date or they wont let you. What the fark is the point of an expiration date anyways if it works that way?

i dont know. I decide not to sit there and weep and cry. I just call my father and brace myself for his fury. I mean when he offered those tickets I said every single paperwork was up to date and we were set to go so go ahead drop almost 3k in tickets for us that we wont have any problems. So he was furious with me. How was I supossed to know?? So now I have to get my passport renewed before we leave. Since we wont be able to drive back down to Houston I will have to do it by mail. pray that everything goes okay and it gets there or I will be screwed..

The trip back was uneventful. We were talking joking and etc until we were about 30 minutes from home. Dh started turning green and had to stop. When I tell him not to eat weird crap I mean it. that morning he wanted sonic for breakfast and he got a burrito with jalapenos. I joked with him that I didnt think it was a good idea to eat jalapenos and that they might have salmonella. Low and behold I was right. I dont like being right when he is feeling crap, but hey. We are going tits for tats. I made fun of him bc of the ticket, he made fun of my shoe, I was right on the jalapeno. I dont think he got salmonella but he definetly had something. He threw up for hours once we got home and laid down for a bit. After so many years of me cleaning up his puke from drinking too much, him cleaning up mine from a really hard pregnancy, we are back to me cleaning up his from eating crap. Who would have thunk it!! Aww the joys of marriage.

So anyways that is what is going on around here. I will blog more about the weekend later.
I havent read anything because I dont have anything to read. I guess I got to read cereal boxes or other ppls blogs until my books get here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Send me some vibes please....

I need some good vibes because this week we have been to the emergency room twice.
First I was going to go to same day appointment because I have been having horrible pains on my right side. Same day appointment tells me they dont have any physicians available and that I have to go to the ER. After telling the lady that yes I am pregnant I am in pain and not bleeding and same day appointment sent me there (she called to check up. Yo lady do you really think i want to sit in your stupid emergency room for hrs on end so you can send me home with some farking Tylenol?? urghgh.
So they do a couple u/s and tells me they think its my gallbladder. So we have to keep an eye on that through out this pregnancy. Just great. Took them a good 4 or 5 hrs for them to give me u/s and diagnose me. Try sitting in the er with a cranky toddler. At one point I really thought dh was just going to duct tape him

Then again on sunday. We were planning on going to the pool. Ds had just eaten and we were outside for a bit picking up his toys. We were going to lay him down for his nap and then go to the pool because hell yesterday reached 105.
Well we are outside picking up his toys and out of nowhere ds comes to us limping and pointing at his foot. We look at it and his ankle is 3 times the size of his left one. Its very hard and there is 2 bite marks.Back to the er we go.
Thank God that was fast. They took us back right away. The lady at the front desk was sure it was a snake bite. I guess her freaking out helped a lot. About 5 or 6 docs come back to see ds and figure out its not a snake bite but a spide bite. Not a venonous one but a spider bite. It was pretty bad because the time were there his leg all the way up to his knee was red.
So they gave us Benadryl for him (a really high dose for 2 days) and to keep an eye on it.

So we got home around 2 and both him and dh fell asleep.
I swear little boys keeps you on your toes..
So that was my interesting weekend. I will post pictures later. I have so many pictures I need to upload.
Also later today I have my appointment and we will hear the hearbeat and etc so I will also update that later.

So send me those vibes please because I know crap comes in 3 and I cant imagine what the third will be. :(

Friday, July 25, 2008


Dang I cant believe its been a week since I posted. Latetly i feel so disconected with times its insane.

Well this week we finally got the tickets and got that worked out. Me, Scotty and Tyler leave to go to Brazil Aug 28th and dont get back until Sept 15th. We are flying out of the closer airport so that is awesome. Scotty's friend will drive us there and drive our car back so we dont have to pay parking. My friend will watch my dog adn they will check in on my house. Everything is working out. Now all we need is to buy suitcases and figure out how much we can take and how much to pack. Also Scotty needs a visa so we will get that next month for him.
This month will also be spent shopping. Buying stuff for my family and to take on the trip. Finally I have something interesting to do :)

Ohh I do have to share. Everyone knows I am a handbag whore. On Wed I went to lunch with the Hoodies girls. After lunch we decided to go next door to Ross to find luggage. I didnt found luggage but I found a Kathy Van Zeeland marked down from $98 to only $39. Omg I had to get it. I called Scotty and promised him naughty things in order for him let me get it because when I got my Guess he said that was the last handbag for a while. Well he caved and let me get it. I am soo happy. I was on cloud 10 all day :)
Afterwards we went to the mall to look around at JcPenney and get some coffee. It was a fun day. Tyler was at daycare so it was just me hanging out with the girls. How rejuvenating it was. I had a kick arse day. I was in desperate need of a break.
Also that night we watched "the bank job" with Jason Steadham. Such a good movie. He is a hottie and the movie rocked. Highly reccomend it.
So that was my wonderful day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I go back to bed please??

July 17th..

Well actually no. DOnt let me go back to bed. My day went downhill because of that.
Lets talk about yesterday first so I can set up the picture for you to understand.
Scotty got off work at noon, went to donate and then he was home by 3. We were talking for a bit and I am on the couch watching tv. By 4pm I was out and didnt get up until 7:50pm. He went to the FRG meeting with Tyler and let me sleep. God bless that man!!!
So by the time I woke up I was wired. That napped really rejuvenated me. I think it was because I slept on the couch and was just soo comfortable. So by the time I got up at 8 I was starving. I ate, Scotty gave Tyler a bath and put him to sleep. I layed in bed at 11 thinking I was going to go right to sleep. Didnt happen. I didnt end up falling asleep until 2am. So this morning when Scotty left for work and Tyler got up at 6 am I knew he was up and I was half concious but couldnt get up.
Well I wake up to Scotty screaming at Tyler what seems like 5minutes later. When in reality is actually 2 hrs later.8 am. I am half wake and go see what the whole commotion is. Well my son managed to dump the dogs bowl out. Climb in the dishwasher and get his cereal off the counter and pour in the dogs bowl. He also took the batteries off the controller and put inside the dishwasher. He found some jolly ranchers and ate like 4 or 5. I am sure he ate some paper also. He also took the dirty plates off the the dishwasher and put inside the cabinet with the pots and pans (note to self..Alwyas run the dishwasher before bed). He also found time to take my cellphone off my nighstand, throw the phone under my bed and put the battery and the cover inside Scottys nightstand. In between all that he also ate some of his toothpaste and pulled the toilet paper out. Needless to say he got a very nice spanking and got put on time out. It was hard for me to keep a straight face. I mean in the middle of soo much insanity all I wanted to do was laugh. So Scotty has decided he is going to buy those doorknob things to put in Tylers room because its not safe for him to walk around anymore. And it helped us in deciding we need a breka from him. I am starting to feel bad that I am actually excited he will spend a couple months with my mom but what can I say. He is a lot to handle.

So if my day had ended at that time I would have been glad. Nope. It only got worse from there.
Some days I do have to wonder if I was really the monster child my parents say I was adn this is all payback. If it is I cant imagine how my grandkids will be!!!!



July 16th...

I was on the phone with Shae today and usually I read my horoscope while on the phone with her because she always asks me to read hers. She half arse believes in it but ohh yeahh. She indulges me and I indulge her.
Well this is what my horoscope said " Cance :Wednesday, Jul 16th, 2008 -- Although you may want to spend some time alone today, a close friend or partner might come to you with a serious proposition. It's doubly difficult to say "no" when you realize that your involvement can make an important difference to someone you love. Naturally, you should consider doing whatever you can for others, but don't forget to also take care of yourself"
So jokingly (is that even a word??) I ask her what kind of proposition she has for me. She tells me none yet and if anything comes up she will let me know. We bullchite for another 10 minutes or so then my father is calling in. I hang up with her to go see what he wants. Usually when I pick up the phoen with my father his first words is .."Dont you have a father""" He always whines I dont call him but yet he is the one that barerlly calls me. Anyways veering completetly off track..Okay so I pick up the phone and his first words is "I have a proposition for you". I almost dropped the farking phone. Talk about being spooked. I tell him that is what my horoscope says and he gets on me about believiyng in that crap but gets to the point.
HE will pay for me and Tyler to go to Brazil so the greatgrandparents can meet Ty and I can leave Tyler with my mom for a couple of months so she wont be so lonely, I will get the break and be able to PCS in peace. WoW. A lot to digest. I tell him I have to talk to Scotty and will get back to him.
Its a great deal. I mean not flying 10 hrs across continents with a 22 month old but everything else rocks. So Scotty and I talk and we decide its a good deal. We need a break from Tyler, the greatgrandparents are not getting older and my mom is really hurting that she misses him soo much. The break will be very welcomed. I think it was easy to make the decision because its my mom. If I trust anyone with kids is her. The fact that she raised me into a decent human being and dint kill me or eat me before says a lot about her parenting skills. ANyone that can do that got a 10 in my book.
So I ring my dad back and tells him okay but under 1 condition..He will deal with immgiration. I dont want to deal with that crap because right now they are in my shit list. He tells me no need because neither Tyler or myself need a Visa and we got both passports so all I need is a letter from Scotty authorizing me to fly out of country with his kid. A lot easier said than done if I didnt constantly fark with him and tell him I am going to steal his kid and he will never see us again. I know I know btu I cant help myself. Messing with him is too easy.
If my life wasnt complicated enough now I have all this to deal with. The month of August will be hell and a half but then after Tyler i there and I come back I will be able to sleep until noon and dance around in my pjs all day long. I will de able to do all my craft projects, have enough time to read my books, work on my picture album and my cookbooks and just chill. So yeahh I am excited about the end result just not the how to get there.
I hope things will work itself out with minimu possible stress. Pray for me that I dont loose my sanity during this :)



JUne 14th...

Yes I am backdating this because I havent blogged and its not for lack of things to say. Its just for lack of time. So I am backdating to split it up and not make such a confusion and one long rambling. It might still be a long rambling but you get my

Okay so Scotty had a 4 day weekend (Friday through Tuesday) off. He had comp days for his birthday and comp days for last weekend when he was supossed to work at the 4th of July festival but never ended up working. Anytime he talks about getting out of the Army I remind him how many days off he gets and he shuts right up!!!
So this weekend we were supossed to go to the pool but never made it. We had to wait until Tylers nap and then by the afternoon we were just doing other things and decided against. ITs sad that my schedule has to revolve around my kids nap, but have you ever dealt with a toddler that hasnt had a nap??Holly crap. Makes me want to rip my own uterus out. They get soo overtired, whine and fight sleep. Fark that. I will gladdly work around his nap.
SO we didnt go to the pool but we watched lots of movies and played MOnopoly. I hate MOnopoly but since my husband likes it so much I give in and play with him. I anihalate(sp) his arse every single time but yet he comes back for more. Not the brightest crayon in the box I tell you :) JUst joking I love him and he knows but he sucks at most
Also this weekend I made Calzones. It was my first time making them and they came out ugly as hell but ohh soo delicious. It will definetly be a menu item now. There is so many different ways you can make them. The options are endless. The reason there isnt a picture is because they came out ugly.

I also made a cheesecake. I think by the time I am 50 I will have learned to make a rocking cheesecake. I mean first I had to google and research what the fark a bain marie means because I never even heard the term before. Then I had to go look at my pans and decide which one would be best. I was going to do the recipe I found for cheesecake in the crockpot but decided I want to be Suzie homemaker and make the real thing. Yeahh it farking cracked. I was soo upset. I mean I did everything absolutly right. I didn overbeat it, didnt open the oven (yeahh Scotty were warned that if he opened that oven he would loose a testicle and I kept a very close eye on him) and I left in the oven to cool. Why it craked I have no clue. I really think I need to buy a spring form pan. But anyways after being really upset finally some friends put me in place and told me that I am no chef. So all it matters right now s that it comes out tasting good. With practice looks will come. I decided they were right and therefore will be proud of myself of how far I have come.
BUt I still wont post a picture until its pretty :):)

Love A

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving along....

slowly as a turtle but still going fowards :). I havent blogged because not much has happened. Last weekend we went to a friends house for a bbq and ended up getting home after 1 am because at 9 the guys started watching the UFC fight. I had a good time. There were 2 pregos there so we were talking about that.
This week I had a potluck on thursday at another hoodies house and we had an amazing time. I met Kristen a while ago but just now we really started hanging out. We went to the water park, she came over to the house for the bbq and now we went to her house. Scotty and her husband really get along and she is awesome with Tyler and doesnt mind his tantrums here and there so that is great. Scotty went to the potluck because he thought her hubby was going to be there but he wasnt he had duty. But in the end he had a good time. The girls picked on him and included him in the conversation. I made peanut butter brownies and they actually came out okay. Cooking for others can cause me
Tyler was all hyped up and didnt pass out until we left 10:30 pm. But he was playing with the other little boys and taking away the toys. I sounded like a broken record.."Ty share. Ty give it back. No ty ty." Aye Aye Aye..
Also one of the girls there had this adorable tote that she is using as a diaper bag. I had to ask because I had seen one like that and its a coture diaper bag for like $300 bucks. When she informed me she got at Walgreen's for $2.50 I wanted to jump up and kiss I just couldnt believe it. So of course when we left the potluck I had to stop by walgreens. Sure enough..2 for $5. I was soo happy. I got the black polka dot one and a cute pink one with flowers. I am soo happy so 'THANK YOU SOO MUCH ANGIE AND JUDY!!!".
That was the highlight of my week. This weekend Scotty got a couple of comp days so he has a 4 day weekend. I have no clue what we are going to do. Its hot and I am pregnant cranky so we will see.
I am making a cheesecake tonight so next time I promise I will post pictures of that one if it comes out okay.

Hope everyone is okay and not too hot.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Peakabooo !!!

I know I been MIA. Sorry just too much going on and I dont have the energy for anything anymore. I am soo exhausted its not even funny.
Friday was my 27th birthday. It was my golden one since I turned 27 on the 27th. I didnt get fireworks or parades or anything. Just another day. I am feeling older.
My dad did come for the weekend and that was nice. He cooked good food, took care of ds, cleaned my house and even got me a stand up mixer. Even though we disagree on everything I do love him. My mom sent me a bag of my favorite Brazillian chocolate. I love that woman. She knows me too well :)
So the weekend went without a hitch.On saturday night dh took me to see "Wanted" because there is only a couple of movies I want to pay the insane amount that it costs to see in theaters. Most of the time I am too cheap but a couple of few I cant wait until it comes out on video. "Wanted" rocked. Worth every penny. Such a good movie. Go see. You wont be dissapointed :)
My father is an amazing cook and he loves having people over. We decided to have a bbq on sunday and a bunch of scotty and my friends came over. We had an awesome time. Monday night I took dad to the airport and ds started crying. He now learned to say Papa and he is so attached to my parents its unbeliveable.
On tuesday I dropped ds off at daycare and went to my appointment. They are on my case about my weight. I think because with Tyler I was already 11lbs down and with this one I am 2lbs up already. So they are using scare tacticts on me about GD.
I was sure I was going to hear the heartbeat but nope. Ohh well. I have another appointment at the end of the month. I am now all worried and stressed about my weight.
The good thing is the doc let me stay on the Zoloft and told me my dosage was safe. Thank God. I didnt want to go through the withdrawls of it.
Tonight I have to go grocery shopping to make something special for tomorrow, saturday since we got invited to a bbq and sunday for dh's birthday. Send me some energy please because if I dont a burst soon I am going to collapse.
Thats about it for now. I promise I will be better about blogging.
Hope everyone is okay.
I am still on the same book bc during the day all I want to do is sleep and at night when my head hits the pillow I am out. lol.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am fine! Just farking Fine!!

So dh left on monday for the field. Thank God for friends. His friend picked him up and I didnt have to haul my arse or ds out of bed at 0 dark very dark.
SO ds has been driving me nuts. Daycare is packed.They have nothing. I was sure I was going to get a chance to dance around in my underwear and lounge all day long. But nope. Some other happy military wifey is doing that while I am dealing with terror. The lady told me to keep calling back and see if they have any cancellations. I think she might have felt bad for me because I was at the brink of
SO I have tried to keep busy. We went to Sams just to look around and buy crap we dont need, I took him to the park, I also took him to BK for dinner just so he could play with the other kids and tire his hyper bootie out. I mgiht take him to feed the ducks again this wk.
If dealing wiht munster wasnt enough.. Unhappy do hasnt eaten since monday. She ate 2 snacks. That right there is proof that she loves Scotty more than I do. I dont stop eating for anyone. NO one!!! Hence my big
SO I dont think she will die but she is looking sadder and sadder every day. Stupid young dog. One day she will learn. No man is worht all that...:)

Thats the whole excitment of my existence. God when did I get this old and boring?? I use to be 19 kind of snooty acting real rude but ohh so young :)

Ohh well. Old age is creeping in.

Take care guys

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life is changing again ...........

When I started writing this blog I promised myself I wouldnt sugar coat shit. I have a bad habit of sugar coating that everything is okay, that is why only a few selected people only trully know how I feel and what I battle and go through. I decided if this is going to be some kind of new age theraphy, I need to be honest.
So now the pieces are failing into place. I know why I been soo miserable. To me there is nothing like feeling like shit and having no clue whats causing. If I am sick I need to know why the heck I am not feeling good so I can fix myself and get better. Well I just found out why I have not been feeling good and been in a funk. I am pregnant. Yep..I am still in shock. Complete and utter shock. I was tossing the idea about when to have another. I thought about them being too close in age and the fact that I sometimes feel like such a shitty mom what the heck would I do with 2 kids?? I guess God must think I am fit to do this job. Its hillarious that it takes me soo long to get pregnant with Ty and now this one I get pregnant without activelly trying. Go
So now I have a bunch of worries..1- I am about 7 wks or so, I have donate plasma twice. I spoke to the lady and she told me I should be fine. Just start taking prenatals as soon as possible and hydrate. I been thirsty as heck.
2. I been on Zoloft. Reason number 1 why I am not on birth control. I been doing a lot of reading online and it seems to be okay to take it while pregnant. I am going to stop until I talk to my doc.
3. This goes hand and hand with reason number 2. I been a bit more sane because of the Zoloft what if I get out of it? Will I trully loose my mind?? That is scaring me to no end. God how much do I hate having to battle depression and anxiety. It seems like a never ending crap. Why cant I just be happy and have puppies and rainbows shine out of my arse like everyone else??
4. I still havent come to terms that this might be another boy. I want a girl so bad and will only feel trully complete if I have a girl. If we have a girl chances are we are 90% on the kid factory. IF its another boy I know against my better judgement I will try for a girl again. Ay Ay..13 wks of waiting and since I am such not a patient person I hope my anxiety doesnt kick in too badly.

Just so many changes are happening and I am having to process all this and sort out all this feelings. Something that I just dont like. I hate dealing with my feelings, I hate sorting crap out. Blah...
So that is my blog for today. As things fall into place I will post more.
I havent started the violently pucking yet. Everyone tells me each pregnancy is different. I hope and pray this one will actually be good to me.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sad :(

Sorry I havent blogged in a couple days. I am just at my wits ends and I dont know what to do. Dh and I are not getting along. It seems everything he does drives me nuts and just upsets me. I think we might need to go to counseling again :(
Ds is being misserable. Throwing fits, throwing himself on the floor and etc. IF I dont get a hold of this soon I dont knwo whats going to happen.
Yesterday I put him in daycare for 8 hrs to get a break and get some time to think and figure out what I am going to do. Well I woke up sick as a dog. Throwing up, stomach hurting, feeling dizzy and etc. SO I spent the whole day in bed feeling sorry for myself. I didnt go get my naisl done, I didnt go shopping, I didnt go look at the books I wanted. Nothing. Waste of $30 bucks putting him in daycare. I tell you.
Well that is enough misery sharing for now. Hopefully things will look up soon.

ps..Still reading :The lost art of keeping secrets. Really good book just havent been in the mood to actually sit down and read.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


So today its dh's first official father's day. Well the first one he could celebrate. The first one I was pregnant, the one after ds was born dh was deployed so this one is his first one at home. We had an amazing time. He said it so himself.
First we went to church and the service was amazing. At the end the pastor made all the fathers get up there and say a pledge to their kids. Absolutly beautiful. Then we came home ate lunch, ds napped and dh was supposed to be studying but he fell asleep.After they woke up around 3pm we decided to go to the pool. We decided to to to the pool in Harker Heights because one of my friends reccomended because that one has a kiddy pool and since ds has been so afraid of the big one and we have been soo frustrated we decided to give it a shot. It was $6 bucks to get in. Worth every penny. Ds played the whole time. Wasnt afraid at all. He splashed, ran around, kicked the water, played with other kids and even flirted. Such an amazing day. Perfect :)
I got a bunch of pictures to upload. I just want to thank all my friends for their amazing advice and wonderful ideas. If it wasnt for you guys I know things would be a lot thougher. Thank you again and Happy fathers day everyone.

Ohh and yeahh I did remember to call my dad. He was soo happy and joked that I remembered I was born and not

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another lazy day !!!

June 10th, 2008

Dont come visit me. You wont be able to walk through the door. There is laundry all over by the laundry room, dishes in the dishwasher, my bed is not made, dh's pts all over the bathroom floor.
Try coming in through the front door. On second thought scratch that. The shoes are not where they are supossed to be, they are all over the front door.
Ds's toys are all over the place. I really need to pick those up. Anyone that comes by will think he has a lot of toys when in reality I am a cheap bitch that buys everything on craigslist :D
Talking about craigslist, I got another great deal. We needed a whoper box for the top of the car (Scotty says its called a whoper box) I dont believe him but whatever. This lady was selling one for 20 bucks when in actuality they cost 150. I love good deals. So now we got the box and can take the 3 million things I insist on taking every time we go on vacation. What can I say? I really do need 40 pairs of underwear for a 2 week vacation. you never know what can happen and momma always told me to wear clean undies.
Anyways, back to the house mess. See I had every intention of doing housework but munster was in such a good mood that we just played all day. Tomorrow I will catch up. Heck, 3 days ago this house was spotless so this can only mean one of 2 things :

1. I am loosing my mind and my medication really needs to be adjusted or

2. Dh gets up during the night and makes a mess because deep down he is really jealous I get to stay home all day.

Lets go with number 2 because if he ever finds out how many hours I really spend in the computer he would slap me silly :)


ps..Reading "Room for Improvement"..awesome chic lit. Doesnt require a lot of thinking. just perfect for these lazy summer days

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nothing much!!

Today we just hung around and chilled. I cooked and baked, dh played with ds a lot. He is in love with his sidewalk chalk. We also went to the park and I am just waiting for tonight to watch Army Wives. I cant believe its back I am soo happy.:)

Here are some pictures :

Munster feeding the ducks. THey came to eat right off his hand :)
This duck has a cute toupee. How adorable!!
Happy MUnster!!!
Bagels and Corn dogs. Ugly because it was my first time making them.

Lazy, Lazy ohh soo lazy!!

June 7th,2008

Today has been such a lazy day. We did a lot of cleaning and organizing but not nearly as much as we should have done. Hey family time matters more right??
This afternoon I got some sad news. I have 2 boxes of clothes, toys and just stuff that either munster doesnt use it or anymore or it doesnt fit him. One of dh's friend his wife is pregnant with a little girl but her neighboor is pregnant with a little boy. I told her I was going to separate the stuf and give it to her. Well today dh called his friend to see if it woudl be okay to drop the stuff off. His wife picked up the phone and told us that her neighboor had a misscariage at 6 months. When dh told me I just started bawling. It even upseted Scotty a lot. :(
I think I am going to bake her something and take it to her. I dont know. I dont know what is the right thing to do.
Well I still need to get ready of this stuff because I am trying to be as organized as possible so our move goes really smothly, so I decided to post it on craiglist for free. We have been so blessed. Munster had everything that he could possibly need and more so I always said I would pass the blessing on. I have given stuff to over 7 moms so far. So I figured why not continue. I posted on craigslist but told people that I wanted to give it to someone that trully needed. No someone that was going to turn around and sell it. Within 20 minutes I got over 50 emails. So I sorted through them all and instead of only picking 1 person, I decided to separate everything and pick 4 people. 2 of the ladies I picked their husbands just left them while they were pregnant, another one is this single soldier that got diagnosed with ovarian cancer was getting med boarded out. This will be her last child. The 4th one was this lady that left her abusive husband and she is pregnat. It felt so good. All through out the day they were coming to get the stuff and sharing their stories and pretty much making me cry. I love receiving presents. Everyone that knows me knows I love presents but I think giving makes me soo much happier.
So by 2pm it was time for me to go donate my plasma. Yes dh and I donate plasma. They are in shortage of plasma and they pay you everytime you go donate. I know some people dont agree with it but I use to donate before without getting paid so now that they pay us its just a plus. We both go and make an average of $600 bucks a month. Hey its trully helping us financially get out of credit card debt (we cut them all up and are living on a cash basis only. If we cant afford it with cash we dont buy it) so pretty soon we will get rid of this credit card debt.
Anyways this morning dh went to go donate but his blood pressure was too low so this afternoon I went. I donated got my money and came home. Dh had finished some of the housework and was hanging out with ds. We ate dinner and he left to go help his friend bleed his brakes. He explained to me what the process entails but there is no way I can repeat it..:P
And that was our boring day. I didnt cook anything special because we still had some baked zittis left over and I need to go shopping to pick up ingredients for a couple of stuff I want to make.

I am still reading the same book. And dh is still splitting his time between playing need for speed and studying.

have a good wekend everyone :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy Bee!!!!

This is OTTIS!!!!
So today was a busy busy day. It started off with me wanting to bake. I havent baked in a while since dh and I are on this diet. (he lost 5 lbs I lost 4lbs). Its a 3 days on 3 days off. So finally today I got the green light to bake. I made this rum cake that came out soo good except with a tiny little problem. I need to stop thinking !!! I was making the cake and I decided to use this old Nicaraquan rum that I had for a long time. Now this thing is so old that I didnt even know I had it. I was all set on using Malibu but looking throuhg my liquor cabinet I found that one and decided to use it. I didnt think it was strong enough so I added more. Me thinking bad!! The cake now needs a warning that if you eat it you cant drive or operate heavy machinery :P So my day started off in the right foot. Nothing like baking first thing in the morning to put me in a good mood!! The rest of the day went just fine. I cooked baked zittis for dinner and used this wonderful vodka sauce. Dh said it smelled better than his mom. That is a huuge compliment. MIL cant cook for shit but can make a baked zitti to die for. So for the past 6 yrs I been trying to top her. I was sure today I was going to do it. Nope. As soon as dh tasted and realized it was ground turkey instead of ground beef he looked at me and said.."Sorry babe yours smells better but my mommys taste better"" !!! Idiot who asked you anyways...Urghgh I was soo mad. Ohh well maybe next time. He likes everything else I cookd. One day my baked zitti will top her. I hope. So anyways, back to the car dealership we went. We got there at 4 and didnt get home until almost 8pm. The good thing though is I came home with Ottis. He is parked in my car port and I love him. We got a great deal after signing a lot of paperwork and pretty much signing our lifes away. But the good thing is we got a good deal and we love the car. Also my insurance dropped 80 bucks and we will save a ton on gas. Cant ask for more than that. Well off to bed early I am going because I am pooped. Have a great weekend everyone. ps. I am reading "Augusta Gone" in case anyone is interested. Its a memoir and I think I am going to cry before the end. :)

Ohhh lalala !!!

June 5th, 2008

I need to start dating this blogs because I never write the day I am supossed to. So in order to keep some kind of order I am going to date them. God I love the little things I can control!!!

So today was a great day. The morning flew by. I took some cough syrup with codeine last night to help clear up this junk and wow!! I was wired. I had more energy than Taz. Amazing. So I did laundry, dusted, cleaned my floors, put 3 loads of laundry away (I wash them on time but procrastinate to put it away) went to Target to buy some bins in order to keep my sons toys organized (i Have to add..I went to Target to buy bins and I came out of Target with only bins. I am so proud of myself. That is a record :)),put my whites to soak, put all the dishes away, changed the sheets on my bed and I even managed to fill my sons poll and read my book for about 1 hr. Whewww!! All that energy was stored from almost 1 wk of feeling crappy. I feel so much better right now.
So the munster slept for about 3 hrs. Thank God for growing
Dh was supossed to get home at 3:30 but wasnt able to leave work until 4:30. I just told him to meet me at the dealership. We got there (with ds because one of our friends flaked) and started talking to the guy. We were supossed to take it for a test drive but they couldnt jump it. I told them to just start on the paperwork and worry about that later. 2 hrs into the haggling and dealing dh's friend finally came to our rescue and took ds with him. He was going to Walmart to shop with his girlfriend and decided to be an angel and give us a break. I am going to miss him. I think I click with him so much because just like Scotty and I, he is a Cancer. Whats not to like about Cancers??
So finally at around 7 pm we came to an agreement in price. We were trading both of our vehicles in , so I was trying to get a good deal. I wanted good money for our trades, almost no down payment and I wanted him to lower the price of the car. I got everything I wanted. Almost. Only have to do 1k down. No biggie. So by this time all the banks are pretty much closed so he said he is going to call tomorrow morning and work out the deal with the banks and will call us to go finalize the papers and get the car. We could have taken the car home but he wants to send it to their shop to figure out if it needs just a jump or a new battery.
The funniest thing to me though is that living in a military town you are bound to run into people. 3 of dh's friends from his motor poll were also there buying cars. They wanted to get their cars with the same salesman we had because they either had purchased another vehicle with him or heard good things about him. One of the wives told me though to continue to dealing with him and trying to bring the price lower that he works with you. So that rocked.
It sucked having to get into our old Trailblazer and drive home but hey its all good. Tomorrow we will have a new car and I will post pictures.. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeepie. So ready to be a 1 car family again. Even though our monthly payments will probably be a bit more (we are taking some negativite equatity because we lost money in the trailblazer) we still will spend a lot less. Thats what happens when gas is almost 4 bucks a gallon.
So that is it for today. Dh is studying for the board (I dont know if he is retaining any info. He is so stressed out about passing that he is freaking out) and I am going to finish this book tonight . :)