Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dusting off the webs....

OMG I can't believe it has been months since I blogged. It's honestly not because I don't enjoy it or because I have nothing to talk about. The reason I haven't blogged in forever is because I had no direction for this blog.

Let me catch you up first and than we will talk about that.

Husband came home and we are now civilian again with no more deployments in our horizon. I could have totally talked about that, but who wants to hear about the trials and tribulations of reintegration?? Boring!!!

Then my son graduated kinder and we purchased our first home. I could have talked a lot about how to choose your perfect home and I might later on, but right now all I want to do is continue to enjoy this huge accomplishment and I can't find the words to do it

I survived a whole summer with 2 kids. I barely remember

We started on various home improvements that I absolutely love/loathe. I will talk about some of it later on but its nothing like younghouselove so lower your expectations..

and I sent off both of my kids to school. My daughter started prek, my son started 1st grade and I started my last year of school. Come next june I will have a Bachelors. OMG!!!

So now that you are all caught up in our lives, I can explain why I haven't written in so long.

Right now its a mesh of happenings in our lives. I wanted to write an organizational blog because organizing is something I love. I am not great at it, but it has really improved my life, but then I see so many in the blogsphere doing it so much better than I could. I still might add a tab talking about just with tips on how to get organized because honestly it has really made my life better.

Then I could write about home improvements but I am not that great. Hello I cried when I was painting my daughters room because no one ever told me the first coat of paint will look absolutely horrible, until you give a second coat and it took my husband and myself 11 hours to install hardwood flooring in one room. Totally not experts at all. *** we did improve and the second room we did only took 5.

I could write a blog about cooking on a ramen budget without eating ramen all the time, but I am not on a ramen budget anymore, so I didn't think that would be fair.

So here we are, I took months and months off this blog and didn't accomplish anything. Didn't find any sense of direction and it will continue to be a directionless blog.

I am glad you are still around, I promise I will try to keep it interesting, because sometimes just like in blogs, there are no directions in life and you have to make it up as you go...**CORNY***

Love A