Friday, April 20, 2012

Ally's logic

I was explaining to my husband that I am still really scared about flying on Sunday. He mentioned that in the past 4 months he has flown countless times. Over 3k miles to be exact. Without missing a beat, I told him in the past 15 years I have stuck countless tampons in my vajay-jay. That still wouldn't ease his fears if I tried to stick one in him. Needless to say, he didn't appreciate my logic and its not talking to me. Love A ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lots of blah blah blah!!!

* I went from an SUV to a matchbox car. While putting my daughter in her car seat, I have banged her head on the roof 3 times. Can I still get my mommy of the year award??

* I have lost more than half of my excess body weight, yet high heels still hurt my feet. I guess I am never going to be able to wear them.

*I am 43lbs lighter and still have issues. My whole notion that skinnier people have no problems and perfect lives is fadding fast. Maybe after I get to goal, I won't have any more problems and will be pleasantly surprise. One can only hope.

*I purchased a dress (my 3rd one ever counting my wedding dress) to wear to church on Sunday, yet because shoes still hurt, I will be that woman dressed up with flip flops on. Don't judge ;)

* When coming out of the store, I circled the parking lot twice and had a mini panick attack thinking someone stole my car. Than I remembered I don't have my car anymore and got a rental that looks nothing like my car. This is not the first time I have done this!

* My kids don't have school on Friday because of Good Friday. I am a huge Jesus fan, but kids home for 3 days straight might drive me to drink.

* I stood in the dressing room of Kohls for 10 minutes deciding if I was going to buy this big hat or not.

(You see I have always wanted one, and been in awe of all the sophisticated ladies that went to the horse races wearing one of these. But there is no horse races in my future and I don't think I am cool enough to pull one off, but yet for 10 minutes, I stood there debating getting one just so I could wear while cooking or to Walmart. I think I am loosing it.)

* I have never worn stockings in my life and still can't apply makeup. I guess being sophisticated and "put together" is an out of this world thought.

*Sometimes I will still catch people looking at me with that look that says "she has such a pretty face, if she just lost some weight". It happens less often than before but still happens. All I want to do is scream "I am trying and getting there". But I am not supposed to care what others say or think. Yeah that is going really good.

*I hate flying in small planes. Put me in a big plane any day of the week and I will have no issues. Flying in a small plane and with 2 kids?? Oh no no way. I am actually debating on taking the train. 3 days in a train is beginning to sound a lot better than 5 hrs in 2 small planes with 2 kids alone.

* I am 4 months post op and still can't drink while eating. I have to wait 30 minutes before I can drink anything after eating. Some people don't have this problem but I do. 4 months and I still haven't gotten used to it.

Love A

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The rental car gods hate me!!

In my family, renting a car has become a huge joke.

You see when I was younger my dream car was a red convertible mustang. I grew up had a family and never ended up getting a convertible mustang because now I have to think about safety, insurance prices, space, etc etc, the boring crap when you become an adult.

For the last couple times the hubby had to rent a car to go on a tdy alone or my parents had to rent a car they always paid for the cheapest one but when they got there they ended up getting :

you guessed it! A red convertible mustang. They made sure they took pictures and sent it to me and talked it up how fun it was to drive with them top down and how sweet a car it is and how good taste I have. The kind of stuff that made me green with envy.

Every time I rent a car, no matter if I pay for the cheapest one or even the upgraded version I end up with either this matchbox car:

or a ford focus. Its a car that gets me from point A to point B and who cares what it is, but dang it, I do. Why can't I get lucky and get a mustang?? or just something that is a convertible so I can feel the wind blowing my hair and the sun kissing my face even if its going to be short lived?? Nope, not with my luck. The last time I rented a car I specifically paid more and asked for a convertible. I was giddy with excitement. I was going to show who is the boss and I was going to get my convertible. I get there on cloud 9 and find out there was a glitch and they gave up the convertible to someone else and after me close to tears, I accept ed defeat and took a dodge charger :(

This time I didn't even care. I just paid for the cheapest one hoping my luck would change. Yeah right, I got a dang chevy aveo sitting in my driveway. A go kart. My husband and my parents already had a few good laughs about it.

The good thing is...

I sold my car and in a little over 2 weeks, El Paso will be just a memory and I will be on my way to Virginia. That brings a smile to my face, even if I have to do it in a matchbox car!

Are you lucky in the rental car process? Have you ever gotten a sweet ride??

Love A

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its just a matter of perspective..

When you think Hilton what comes to mind?? King size beds, room service, jacuzzi in your room, total luxury right??

Well that is unless you bee to Afghanistan and shared a tent with 16 grown man for 1 year. After an experience like that the Hilton to you is just a room with a door and indoor ac.

You see, whenever anyone finds out that dh is deployed in Afghan the first thing they ask is where does he stay. I don't know if stupidity follow me or what, but most people think they have hotels for soldiers in Afghanistan. Depending on my current mood, my answer will vary from completely busting out laughing to actually explaining that no they don't stay in hotels, there is no indoor plumbing, cheerleaders serving them (even though they totally wish for

So first time dh was in a tent with 16 guys per tent. Oh yeah he use to mention the smell and the lack of privacy and etc etc etc.

This time he is a different base and therefore in different accommodations. To him its the Hilton, well the Hilton if the Hilton was a room with a door and no roommates. To say he is happy is an understatement. All it took was one experience and his whole vision is changed. How cool!

So without further ado here are the pictures :

If you ever get lucky to win an all expense paid trip to Afghan, you might just score this really cool place to call home for 365 days and before you turn your nose at it, remember, it could always be worse, you could be in a tent with 16 other smelly guys!

There is 6 rooms per pod, ac and a door. Total privacy. Its heaven for him and the bathroom is only 30 steps away. What more could he ask for??