Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still baking....

I wish I could say I havent posted because I have had my daughter. Nope. No such luck. I am still extremelly pregnant, over pregnant..ohhh so
I just been lazy:)

Couple things did happen that I want to mention..

1. Dh finished his class. He passed. We are soo excited and now life will get easier. He will go back to work but can come home anytime I need or have an appointment so that rocks.

2. My sugar is so so and the last NST's have been fine. Bebe was measuring 6lbs9ozs at the last u/s. That is not 100% accurate but it makes me happier than if they were to tell me she was measuring 19lbs.

3. I finally got off my arse and signed up for school. If I get into the program, I will start in August. I do have to retake my Anatomy I since they are only valid for 5 years and mine will expire in March of this year. But that I can take over the summer and its not a big deal. If everything goes okay by next year I will have my Practical nursing degree. I cant believe it and about time. I cant believe I have been going to school on and off for 5 yrs and have no degree to show
I can take the 3 or 4 classes I am missing at Central texas college on post here and get my AA or AS. So I might do that in between. We will see.

4. Today dh's unit threw me a babyshower. I about cried. I never had a babyshower with Tyler because of dh deploying and me moving and etc and since so many people says its tacky to have a baby shower for a second kid (I disagree with that but wont use this to rant and rave and explain my point), anyways,I wasnt going to have one. Well the CO and the 1st SGT threw me one out of nowhere. It was actually a surprise one and it was so sweet of them. We only have 18 people in the unit and since they are trying to make the unit strong and etc, they are throwing baby showers for all the pregos (just had mine and next month we will have another for one of the guys wife and in 2 months we will have the third)..such a small unit and 3
But anyways everything was amazing. We got to play games, they got me this gorgeous ladybug cake with ladybug balloons (dh told them the theme since he was in it). I just had a really awesome time. I was actually sad that this would be my last kid and I would have never experienced the fun of a babyshower. Not for the presents because we have everything we need for her, but just for the games and the fun and etc. I was so touched I I know. Its just I been to so many baby showers and the idea that I wasnt going to have one and have that experience was making me sad. But I did have the experience and the best gift I could have gotten was the memory they gave me. I love this unit :)

5. And last but not least I have to share the funny of the week. I was washing dishes yesterday night and suddenly out of nowhere ds comes behind me pulls my sweats down and says: "Mama got no poop" and ran. Meanwhile I hear dh cracking up. I cant believe my husband thought it was funny to tell our 2 yr old to check if mama had poop. I did smirk a bit. I am just thankful I dont wear sweats in

So that was my exciting week! I hope everyone is good and I promise I will post more often. Well at least until I give birth :)


Friday, January 9, 2009


Its january 9th of a brand new year and I am already whinning/feeling like I am loosing my fucking mind?? are you serious?? I didnt expect this until after feb the earliest..but here we are.

On tues I found out I have GD. You are supossed to find out at 28wks but because of PCS and etc, everything got screwed up and I didnt find out until 35 1/2 weeks.
That has been a stress on its own. Scotty is in this class that he has to finish. No if's and's or buts. Even though I got a note from my doctor and etc that he is needed, he still has to finish. Welcome to Army life. No I cant complain about that too much. The sgt has been very nice and told him that the days he doesnt have a test he can leave early or whatever but the days he has a test he has to stay because he has to pass this class. Well he misses too much and he misses the information so therefore we kind of stuck.
Also his car is not working and if he had to just stay in the class all freaking day I would have dropped him off in the morning and kept the car all day. Well he is not. He is all over the place. He goes to class then has to go to his unit to do this then run here and there to do paperwork. With 1 car only its killing us.

So yesterday by the grace of God, daycare on post had an opening. At lunch, Scotty came home, we dropped Tyler off at daycare and I dropped Scotty off at class and went to do a Non Stress Test. They want me to do this twice a week. Not going to happen and I already heard from the nurse how important this is for my child. I FUCKING KNOW THAT OKAY BUT ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO MAKE TO THE CLINIC TWICE A WEEK AND SIT THERE FOR 20 TO 40 MINUTES WITHOUT TAKING TYLER. If its so important, you should have offered some kind of childcare or something because not all of us have the luxury of just dumping our kids off somewhere and sitting there.
So fine I do the NST. Pick up Tyler and Scotty and come home. I am exhausted by this point and pretty much just lay in the couch.

Well today I started testing my blood sugar and it came out really high. They told me if it came out high for 2 readings, to call the nurse for advice. I call her and she is absolutly bitching at me. Want to know why? Because I had a glass of juice, toast and a piece of apple for breakfast. OMG. She is completetly flippping out and telling me why did I choose to do that if the class taught me different. UHh what class?? The one that is only offered on wed's and since I just found out on wed I kind of missed that one and I am waiting for next wed to try to make it?? That class? Ohh okay.
Yeahh thanks for making me feel like shitty mom of the year.
So everything is just fucked up. My sugar being so high explains the extreme exhaustion. So at least I know I am not loosing mind. I just want to cry. My anxiety/depression is through the roof. I need my meds but cant go back on them until after the baby is born. I only have 3 wks left until my scheduled csection but it seems like 3 years. I dont know how I will make it.
I highly doubt Scotty will be able to finish his class and pass, I will get my sugar under control, this baby will cook until she is supossed to and Tyler will come out of this unhurt (since we havent paid much attention to him and I am just too exhausted to have any patience left). So one of those things will suffer and I dont know wich one will be and I feel so guilty.
Any other time I would be taking my meds and my levels would be normal, I would know its not my fault and I am not a burden and to blame for everything, but since that is not the case right now I am just feeling so crappy and like everything is my fault and I did something to warrant this and everything is falling apart.

I seriouslly dont know what to do :(. any advice? anyone?

God, look at how whinny pathetic I sound.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year :)

2009 just began and I am going to slap my husband soon :P

How many times can a person repeat..."NO darling my water didnt break!" , "NO baby , I am not having contractions".
Get over dude. Nothing will happen until feb 3rd when I have my scheduled csection. So leave me the hell alone and have patience.

Anyways he is off for like 4 days and before then only worked for half days so he is driving me We been watching tv, chilling and keeping the child entertained. That is about it. We cool, arent you jealous??

Anyways, Happy New Year everyone. I promise I will give birth this