Saturday, February 20, 2010

Separation 101:

In order to have an okay day while your husband is thousands of miles away, you need :

1. A morning pick me up :

2. Dressed up piggies with a brand new color that you are not so sure about, but need to try this aqua kick:

3. and a new delicious yummy treat. Walmarts new way to try to get me fatter:

All in all a good day :)

Love A

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here we go again =(

Hubby left this week for his new job :(
Its extremelly bittersweet. I am very excited he was able to get a job in this economy and so soon, but the bitter part its a job in Kuwait. Now I know we were due for a separation soon. In the Army for so long, you spend the majority of the time waiting for them to come back or waiting for the other shoe to drop and them leave on a moments notice. His last deployment he got home in 07. He was home for about 2 1/2 yrs, that was a blessing. A huge blessing, so this separation was kind of expected, still hard though, add in the fact I thought I would be in my own place taking care of the kids and going to school while he was gone. Yeahh life is funny that way. I am at my parents, trying to save money to buy a house and waiting for hubby. So I already know this will be a crazy ride.

Before he left though, we made sure to spend lots time doing stuff and soaking in every second. I took him for his first trip to Five guys, we went to Panera bread, took the kids to the park, zoo, museum, planetarium, bike riding, movies and so forth. So it was very enjoyable.

Hubby left from West Palm Beach, Fl to Detroit, then to Amsterdam (where is Amsterdam?? Nope not Germany. Everyone thinks its Germany but its actually in Holland. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands located in Holland, so here you go. One question on "Who wants to be a millionarie" you will get it right) and from there he went to Kuwait. Well you can only guess what kind of jet lag he got. He is so out of it, but now he is at his apartment with 2 of his roomate. He will send me pictures and I will share with you guys because nothing interests me more than how other people live in different countries and since you read my blog, you will get injected with some culture ;)

Here are some facts:

-Kuwait is 8 hours ahead from east coast US.
- The money there is called Kuwait Dinar. The exchange rate is about $1 dollar equals to .28 kwd. They go by the thousands not the hundreds like we go here.Imagine if you had to say 10 dollars and 985 cents. Weird hun??
-The country shifts in weather a lot. It can go from the low 40's in the middle of the night to the high 130's during the day.
-NO they dont ride in donkeys. Its very civillized.
-Hubby lives on a 3 bedroom 3 bath apartment with 2 roomates. He got a key for his apartment and a key for his room. They each have their own bathroom, and share the rest of the place. The apartment is huge. Bigger than our base housing in Bragg.
-He is on the 4th floor and is paranoid that they got 2 or 3 elevators and he thinks is elevator overkill..(I love him)for his tower (i guess apartment buildings are called towers)
-Also with this job, his living allowance is included in our gross pay. He gets about 500 bucks every 2 weeks but because they like to rob them on the currency exchange, hubby already got a bank account and they will deposit his living allowance into his bank account over there and he wont have to worry about the exchange rate or anything like that. Our pay will be deposit into our bank account.
-Hubby thinks 500 bucks every 2 wks will be fine for him to live on since he only got to pay for internet and phone cards and any extras he might want. Even his car, they will put gas in it and reeimburse him (they want him to have a kuwaiti (I dont know if its kuwaity or kuwaiti) DL) I guess being a mechanic is helpfull, but until then he will get rides to work. Also I believe they are allowed to use the dfac and the px (for all you nonmilitaries that is the cafeteria and walmart of the military)
-All over the place everything is written in their language and in English
-McD's fries are the saem but the meat is very different
-There is soo many mosques (sp) all over the place. Hubby told me every couple hours during prayer time, they play the prayers in Arabic over the loudspeaker. Its very hard to hear yourself when you are outside during prayer time.
-Americans are absolutetly not allowed to enter the mosques
-Unmarried man are not allowed to live with unmarried female. Hence why hubby got 2 male roomates
- He already got a prepaid phone and we can call and text each other any time. For 30 minutes to call my cell is about 18kwd. Kind of pricey.
-Internet he will share and its 10kwd a month, except its extremelly slow. Everyone in his tower will use the same line.
-The hotel he was in had a desktop. I guess most hotel rooms got a desktop computer
-MSN, Aim, vonage and so forth doesnt work there. But facebook
-You can smoke anywhere. The hotel lobby, inside the airport, seriouslly anywhere.

That is all I got for you so far. As we go through this journey I will share more and promise I will post pictures.

Hubby starts to improcess on Sunday and will work Sunday to Thursday from 5am to 3pm. He might work saturdays too to rack some overtime. We will see.

I am now trying to find a support group for wives of civillian contractors. I had a great one for deployed mm's. I learned so much and it made life so much easier that I pretty much had a better picture before hubby even got boots on the ground in Iraq. Here I am flying dark and I dont like it. So if anyone knows of any sites I would love to hear about :)

I will leave you with a picture from right before he left. This was our date night and this picture was supossed to be post in the post right before this one, but I am too lazy to edit it :)

Love and movies love and movies...

go together like a ?? Never mind it was stupid.

Anyways Valentines day, the hubby and I decided to go to a nice dinner and to the movies. We havent done that in too long. No unfortunatly we are not those couples who finds time everymonth to do something together. With 2 kids and lack of funds sometimes, I am amazed at people that are able to go on date nights every month. We are lucky if we get one every 6 months, so therefore we jumped at the opportunity to go. We were supossed to go the day before, but add a indigestive mil and some drama, some words exchanged...whatever. So not worth talking about this drama. Anyways back to the point, we went to the movies. We picked "When in Rome". Every so often comes a movie that I just have to see and cant wait to rent it. The last one was PS I love you, because its my favorite book, and this time it was When in Rome. From the first commercial I fell in love with it. Whats not to like?? ON top of Josh Duhmell as the main actor. Uhh hello!! need anymore reasons?? I didnt think so.

So anyways we go to dinner and head to the movies. I almost fainted. $9.50 for each movie ticket?? Are you shitting me?? I remember when it was around $6 bucks and that wasnt too long ago. On top of it 1 popcorn and 2 sodas was like 18 bucks. Since when did going to the movies got so expensive?? I guess only going once in a while made me not realize it.

Insane I tell you. But anyways it was a very nice date and afterwards we drove to the beach to walk around the place where we got married. Soo sweet I know I know.

So all in all it was a wonderful valentines and I cant wait for our next date (sans movie because I doubt I will want to go anytime soon and pay that much money)

I do have to say the movie rocked and it was trully worth it, not the 9.50 because Josh wasnt naked, but a very cute adorable movie that just leaves you feeling good :)

Love A

I adore Costco...

I love buying in bulk and now that I am back home, my parents are members for Costco, Sams and bj. Because of their bussiness, they need to buy stuff cheaper and in bulk and they got some sort of deal for their membership. Costco is really my favorite and since they dont even check the picture on the card, I dont have to wait for mommy. I can just go and use her card ;)
Everytime I go there I get happy. I have a pillow that I bought from them 2 years ago that is still my favorite pillow.They have people all over the place offering you taste on everything from pasta, to truffles. What is not to like?? but this is my favorite thing from there :

Its called Rugala. It comes with 2 flavors raspberry and chocolate, and eating the whole box is very easy =O so I have to be careful.
If you have a costco membership definetely try it out. To die for and I bet you can find thousands of delicious stuff in huge quantities to satisfy your fancy


No more resolutions...

In the beginning of the year I thought it would be great to post one picture a day and at the end of the year I would see and be happy. Well great concept, but I dont know what I was thinking. I been way too busy with the kids, I got take pictures to send to the hubby and therefore I just dont feel like doing it anymore. I know I know, pathetic that I only lasted about 20 pictures. Ohh well! The reason I love my blog so much is because I am in control. I do it when I feel like and need it, and leave alone when I am sorting through my thoughts. Having to take a picture a day and posting, kind of took that fun away from me and I need my little happy places, so sorry but no more picture 365 and no more making resolutions for a while ;)

Love A

Thursday, February 4, 2010

14, 15, 16, 17 & 18

When leaving the military and settling back in your old hometown at your parents house no less, with 2 kids and a husband more than when you left, a few things are bound to happen..

1. Blogging gets procrastinated (refer to title)
2. Everyone chips in when moving
3. Accidents happens but when you realize it could be a loss of life instead of just some metal, you dont worry so much
4. and somewhere in there a special little girl gets to turn 1 in the midst of all this mess..

So we are starting this new journey with a few bumps already. Pretty soon before the end of the month actually dh is leaving us to start his new job and our donut of misery begins. I will go back to being single mom-with a nice paycheck, we will buy a house, kids will be going to preschool and I will be finishing my degree. This year is shapping up to be a busy one full of excitment and that is great so it will keep me from missing my better half too much. Until then, I want to soak him up and all the help he offers and sleep in until late like he is letting me do. If that means my resolution to blog a picture a day gets postponed, so be it ;) Besides I promise I will make it up. Heck with all this that is going to be happening in our lives, I will need pictures to keep track of it all, because as you all know, I am turning 29 this year, and that comes with memory loss...

Ohh joy :)

Love A