Friday, March 26, 2010

Lying to myself...

I really like to think my parents trust me, believe I am a responsible young woman, a great member of society,a great daugther and a person with enough brain cells to care for a house, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a parrot and a turtle for 17 days.

Their lists all over the fridge, the cabinets,my bedroom door, with tips like "Always lock the door, make sure the dogs food are not too hot, make sure you give the kids a bath everyday, dont forget to make sure the dogs are inside and dont sleep outside all day, do not give the dogs chocolate or the parrot avocado...and so on, are just their inability to let go of control. It trully has nothing to do with what kind of person they think I am.

I know I know, I lie to myself in order to feel better because if I didnt, I would have gone insane a long time ago ;)


I love my daughter I really do...

its not her adorable pincheable cheeks, or her always sweet disposition, is not her high pitched giggles, or her love for toys, its not because of her love for shoes and desire to keep playing with dog food, its not only for all the joys her presence has brought to our lives. One of the main reasons I trully love my daughter is our shared love of sleep. My son didnt sleep through the night until he was 6 months, when this child started sleeping through the night, a week after we brought home, my love started to grow.

She doesnt like getting up early, but she does with a smile, and asap, she goes back to sleep and takes a nice long nap and when she wakes up, even with her sleepy eyes and crazy hair, I think she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Some say I am biassed, others say I am right :)



They say the best things in life are free. I agree with them, but if they (whoever they is ) knew that M&M came out with these delicious coconut M&M's, I bet they would change their saying to "The best things in life are free, others cost $1.29 =)

These coconut M&M's are absolutely delicious and what makes them even more cool is they dont reside with the other m&m's. Stores loves them so much, they are in a place of their own. Having to hunt for them adds to their taste. Its like a prize at the end of the rainbow.

The first time I found them was when the hubby and I had 2 kids at Walgreens trying to make them smile and look like the wonderful kids they are and portray that on a passport picture, instead of America's Most Wanted. Well that failed. My kids looks aboslutely ridiculous in their passport picture, but I was all smiles because sitting right there at the counter staring at me begging to be bought was the white package of nothing else but my coconuts. All the way home in between pitching about pictures and ohh inng and ahhing over this sweet indulgence, I think I irritated the hubby a bit.

Many trips to the local grocery stores, to the gas stations, and they are nowhere to be found. A hint of hope here and there but nothing. Finally this morning after dropping the child at the daycare I decided to forgo the immense line 1 starbucks in a 10 mile square causes, and stopped at the 711 to grab a ice coffee and some lottery tickets. As I am about to pay there they are. In their white goodness asking to be bought and boy I wasnt going to deny them :)

Love A

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What else but my second love??

One of my goals this year was to read 100 books before Dec 31st. Well since I suck with goals and all that has been going on has put a lot on hold, I decided to just keep track of my books and talk a little about each to help others find something new to read.

So here we go, these are the books I have read so far this year:

1-Sitff: the curious life of human cadavers : Amazing book. More of a statistic book, full of facts. Not my regular reading but very interesting. I enjoyed a ton.

2. Just Breath : Another chic lit. Nothing special about it. I have already forgetten the plot ;)

3. Dead until dark : After Twilight I have been feening for a good vampire book. I was sure this was going to be it. I hear wonderful things about the show "True Blood" and everyone that I know has read this series. Well it was okay but nothing like "OMG I have to read the next one". So good,but I dont know if I will read the rest.

4. Good luck : This was an awesome book. Anyone that dreams about winning the lottery and thiks it will be all shopping and fun definetetly needs to read this book. Just a great story about a girl and everything she deals with before and after winning the lottery. Pretty cool love story in the middle of it all. I enjoyed it a ton.

5. The christmas list : I havent read this good of a book in a while. Its one of those feel good, I want to better myself, change the world kind of book. Its small easy read but easilly now classified as one of my favorite books of all time.

6. Undead and Unwed: Another attempt to recreate my Twilight love. It feel short. Boring boring boring. What saved this book was the amazing steamy hot sex scene at the end. Even that wont get me to read the others in the series.

7. Not easilly broken: Wonderful book. It starts out sad the fall of a marriage but it gets really good. Its mostly from the mans point of view about temptation and fights with his wife and etc. Pretty good book. I cant wait to see the movie.

8. Marked House of night book 1: Okay now I am getting closer to my twilight love. This was very interesting. Teens, drama, vampyres and the characters sucked me in right away. I am anxious waiting the next one in the series. So jackpot :)

9. Big girls: Extremelly disturbing book. This book is set in a womans prison. It goes back and forth between the main psych doc and the woman there for killing her kids. I still hate her for what she did but can now understand why. fucked up isnt it?? urghgh no more disturbing reading for a while. This really bugged me.

10. Love the one you are with : Everyone that had a relationship that didnt work or wanders "what if?" with that guy from the past needs to read this book. One of my favorites now by Emily Griffin. Trully wonderful books. Kept me up until 4am because I just had to know how it was going to end, and it ended just perfectly. I wouldnt change a thing. Definetetly a must read.

So that is it so far. Ending the third month of the year and I have only read 10. Its all good :)

Love A

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeding your kids healthy...

is hard work. Well harder than opening a little jar full of chemicals, but not that hard. We cook it once a week 3-4 different meals and put them in pyrex's (because you know plastic would just defeat the purpose ;) ) and voila you are done. You got to cook different meals full of veggies and nutrients and all that fun stuff, but there is a payoff. Your kids will eat everything from sweet potato to squash, from zucchini to green beans, cabbage and beets?? Bring it on.
The pay off is healthy kids who gets a cold once in a while and after a couple days they are done.
It has a lot to do with genes and luck, I wont deny it, but I bet my kids wouldnt be this healthy if I fed them jar food/fast food all the time. So I do it and do it with pride :)

Summer is coming..

After enduring lots of snow and cold days up north, coming down here with even more chilly days, I am ready for summer. Sunday was pretty good around 80 so we jumped at the opportunity to go to the beach.

My father spent all 3 hours that we were there sitting by the water building sand castles with my Tyty. How amazing he is. He was a good father but he is a wonderful grandfather and that makes me soo happy :)
My mom and I sat keeping Ju entertained. Well it took lots of cookies to keep this child from eating sand. My parents says she will be my wild child. We will see :)

I hope the winter has passed for everyone, and as the snow starts to melt, you feel the wonderful summer heat to replenish your soul

Love A