Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy busy / iphone dump

This month things have been crazy. Its the last month before R&R, my nerves are shot and I am so ready for him to be home.

Because of all of this, I have crammed way too much this past month and kept record of it with my phone. So here is the dump...


        1. I got my nose pierced : 

 2. I bought a shirt to wear for Christmas but hate the way my belly looks into it so now I got to find a good sucky thing! I need plastic surgery so so bad. I seriously need to get over the fear and just get it done!!!!!
 3. I bought dh's clone :)
 4. I learned how to dress my daughter in below 40 temps!!

 5. I took pictures of gorgeous fall trees.
 6. I survived 5 days at home w/ the kids over the thanksgiving holiday.

 7. I had the bright idea of buy magnetic boards and get all these magnets off my fridge and into a somewhat work of art!
 8. I borrowed ideas from pinterest and made a Christmas card holder
 9. I tried one dress
 10. and I tried another dress and I still don't have an outfit for homecoming. Commence stress in 5,4,...
 11. I baked and a lot. Kneading dough for shortbread cubes does wonder for my soul. Ignore the fact they look funny. I didn't find my pin roller (in dd room. My daughter is always stealing my kitchen utensils) until after.
 12. We celebrated Thanksgiving
 13. We took pictures for Christmas cards. 10 fails, promises of donuts and sugars and we finally got a good one. No this is not it ;)
14. Oh and I tried making potato pancakes and they came out horrible. So horrible we ate pb&J.

Oh the joys of pinterest. Not everything is a winner everytime.

Love A