About me

Greetings everyone,

I am a 30 yrs old, Brazillian, mother of 2, wife to only one.

I have a love affair with food porn and anything DIY. I am a sucker for simplicity, books, my family, Jesus and curing world hunger. Not specifically in that order!!

There is my adorable husband. I followed him when he joined the Army and still following him now that he got out and became a civilian contractor. When he is home, he loves cars, engines, grease and anything that goes "vrom vrom". Most of the time I am torn between wanting to strangle him with my bare hands and wanting to kiss him until eternity. Yes we have a very functional marriage, going on for over 9 years, why do you ask?? ;)

Then there is Tyty. My almost 5 year old son. He likes to wake up when I am just about to go to bed. I forgive him for that horrible flaw because he has a killer smile that I am certain will help him get away with murder, can make me laugh in an instant, questions everything and anyone, notices even more and nothing gets by him. He is my guard dog.

Last but not least there is Juju. Every cliche about little girls and youngest child she fills. She is a princess, drama queen, who loves attention, cuddles and only has eyes for her brother. This one keeps us on our toes. She is absolutely insane and we wouldn't trade her for anything.

I created this blog because as I get up in age, I remember less and less. By the time I am 35 I am sure I will have forgotten my husbands name. Therefore this will serve as a nice little reference page.

Currently I am living in El Paso, Texas. The last place in the world I ever wanted to be. The husband just came home from his 2nd deployment and there is little sanity left. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show :)

Together we make a very dysfunctional fun family :)

xoxoxxo ALLY

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Pam said...

Thank you for the sweet comments! The caramel wasn't too difficult, although I had my husband watch it for a few minutes while I fed the baby and I think he took it off the heat too soon. =/ It was still tasty, though!

You have a beautiful family!