Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There will always be cupcakes!

Deployment number 3 has officially started, and amazingly I am okay. Give me a couple of months and a wine/vodka/rum shortage and things might change, but so far so good. I think what really helped is my parents came in on friday. They love their son in law so much they couldn't let him leave without seeing him, and although some people might think its intruding, it isn't. My parents are very laid back, love their grandchildren to pieces, and as long as they have their grandkids to love adore and spoil, they could care less what we do, so it ended up working out great that we were able to steal away some moments for ourselves, also after I dropped him off, they kept me busy and entertained until today, when they finally left. So all in all it worked out perfectly. Having them here, after dh left, made the whole difference in the world. Also I surprised dh by dying my hair black before he left, and he was very happy. He has always wanted me to go darker because he thinks it would look great, I always been scared, well we compromised and I got a simple one that comes out in 28 shampoos. Needless to say dh was right, it looks awesome and I might even go permanent. He was one happy hubby.

Now I am back to routine and have a great feeling about all this. In about 8 weeks I will move, I have a class to finish before then and some packing to do, so hopefully that will keep me busy and after I move I will have the bestie to hang out with, I have a wedding in Brazil, in May that I am going to try my dang hardest to make it to, some more pounds to shed and a degree to finish, not to mention a new town to explore, and Georgetown cupcakes right around the corner to enjoy. Hey don't laugh but I actually have "try a Georgetown cupcake" on my bucket list (I don't know if its my inner fatty talking or my insanely obsession with the food channel, but we will just roll with it), so to be able to cross that off my list is amazing.
Visit Carlos bakery of Cake boss in Jersey is also on the list, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

So that is the extend of my deployment plans, one foot in front of the other, and hopefully I will be able to shine this year and get a ton accomplished, if not at least I will have a cupcake and cross an item off my list. What more can I ask for??

Love A

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momto8 said...

well good luck to all of you!! I would like to thank your husband (and you!!) for your service from our whole family....there are so many many people who pray for the defenders of our country everyday...and our family is among them. Thank you.
i am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.