Monday, June 11, 2012

Clean all things

I like a clean house, but I am not paranoid.  I don't have floors that you can eat off, if you want that, I will gladly give you my moms address. You can eat off her floors because she is paranoid  a very clean person.

I on the other hand like clean but could care less if my house is sparkling like a hospital. If there is a choice between watching Sons of Anarchy or cleaning my floor, I will gladly pick tv. So usually I try to clean smarter not harder.

One thing I am paranoid about is my floors. You see I walk barefoot 24/7 and to step in little pieces of crackers, rocks, play dough and etc is very annoying. I have been having a hard time keeping these floors the way I like. Clean and shiny. When I rented this place I found out my landlord had gone through a divorce and was living alone. The stains in the baseboards, the dingy floors, it showed. So for the past couple months I been trying and trying and still nothing.

Finally I hit a break. First I bought brand new pads for my shark. You see everyone has a shark and those pads are washable, but after months, there is no amount of bleaching that will make them clean. So I went searching for some and hit jackpot when I found 3 brand new pads for my shark for 10 bucks on ebay. That is way cheaper than anywhere around, so look there if you are in the need of some new ones.

Then I began searching pinterest for floor cleaning recipes. After trying many and many trips to the store to buy new stuff, I picked my favorite and its this one :


OMG is this thing amazing or what?? I put it right inside my shark instead of a spray bottle like she did and my floor shines. It looks like a brand new floor, not some ugly dingy crap. The difference is huge.

So if you are in need of some sparkling floors get the new pads on ebay for a fraction of the cost and make this cleaner. You won't be disappointed.

Love A

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Holly said...

Great idea! I have hardwood floors in my basement and then spanish tile in my kitchen and foyer area so I am definetly going to be trying this out! I am not a clean freak either but man oh man, I have turned into one this pregnancy!