Tuesday, November 11, 2008


First let me start by saying that I dont really like holidays. I enjoy Christmas. Thats about it. Every other holiday we sit around trying to figure out what the fuck to do and what kind of new experience can we take the kid on. Before we had kids we loved holidays (mostly 4 days weekends) because that meant we slept until noon, lounged around, watched tv, drank lots of coffee, were lazy as hell, got trashed for 3 days and then had 1 day to recuperate. Well now with a kid, 4 day wekeends are the same. We wake up at butt crack early, no real routine since Scotty is home and fucks up every routine, then we spend all day trying to entertain him while wishing we were getting farking trashed.
So for this weekend I had to bake on Saturday for a bake sale with the playgroup, we took him to a veteran days parade, went shopping and thats it. ON sunday we took him to a park, on monday we took him to the park again and on tuesday we took him to the see the planes at Pope. I am seriouslly how freaking boring can we get?? lol

Ohh well weekend is almost over. Thank God.
Also this weekend, I have been Betty Crocker not Betty Fucker. I made chicken pot pie (it was a hit. Scotty ate it all), I also made pizza, peanut butter brownies, egg white omelletes and oatmeal cake. All came out delicious. So one more weekend where we get freaking fat.
ohh well. It was all worth it :)



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