Sunday, November 23, 2008

Juicy nice drama :)

Now that I got your attention, sorry to deceive you but my momma thaught me better than that and I refuse to wash my dirty laundry in public for everyone to see :) Lets just say its a lot of drama. But I will keep the drama to mysel and just share that my mil was only here for 1 wk and by the time she left/we kicked her out, I doubt either of us ever want to see her again. So sad but so true. OHh well!! Moving on..

I will talk about the good things that happened. We had a yard sale last saturday with the playgroup and it went great. Except we all froze our heineys off!!. I sold a lot and bought a bunch more. Yeppie for saving money.
Also on thursday we had a pie exchange with the playgroup. I went even though I wasnt going to go since pies are not my thing. I made a simply easy coconut pie. It was very yummy. Scotty did take a huge piece without me noticing and I had to take a pie missing a piece. So embarrassing. The good thing is he liked my pie and said its a keeper. Thanks honey!

On saturday we were invited to a birthday party. Background story...I met Janson and Mike at Crystals halloween party. Crystal belongs to the playgroup and Crystal and Janson are sisters. With me so far?? lol. Okay great. We met Janson and Mike and Gunner and really liked them. They are from Boynton/lake Worth. OMG tell me about it. What are the chances you meet someone from the same small arse backwards town you are from?? One in a million I So we liked them a lot and they invited us to their son's 2nd birthday. We had a great time. Tyler played so much it was great. And the cake was to die for. OHHH lala . I was craving some good chocolate cake.

ON sunday we just stayed home and watched movies. Latetly dh has been horrible about his movie selection. On sunday he was great. He rented "The cleaner", "Made of Honor" and "Definetly Maybe".
"The cleaner" was a great movie. I have always wondered what happens when a murder takes place and who cleans up the place. Well now I know. There is a company that does just that. Who would have thought it??
Anyways the movie was great. The other 2 was just as good. I am so lucky to be married to a guy that actually enjoys watching chick flicks. It makes life so much easier. But please lets just keep that fact between you and me. *WINK *WINK. He hates to admit it. Like its something to be ashamed of or something...who knows??
Anyways not like a cold sunday to lounge around,watching movies, drinking ice coffee and eating chocolate. Life rocks I tell you :)

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