Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take that arteries...


After months of eating healthy and being faithful to our budget we decided to splurge tonight on a healthy, organic and wholesome dinner (aka Mcdonalds :D).
Its such a pretty place inside with all the delicious smells circulating the air. ( I am very strange. The only aroma that makes me happy and content is the one of food. Bad food. Anyother kind of fragance doesnt have the power to put me in a good mood as the aroma of deep fried artery clogging yumminess)..

I dont know what is it about not eating a juicy burger and crunchy fries for a while that when you finally do taste the goodness, it is like you are experiencing for the first time. It was heavenly. We sat outside so Ty could play in their huge ,know how to keep toddlers occupied, playground and devoured our food. It was soo freaking good because after not eating it for months, we felt we deserve the treat so we didnt worry about our cholesterol or waist lines. Our buttons might have groaned once or twice, but seriouslly who was listening to them anyways? Definetly not me. All my body was in tune to the delicious explossion of taste and smell it was going on around me. I was very content and satisfied. The husband didnt want to share his fries. He wasnt sure the next time we would be doing this again, so like a squirrel saving nuts for the winter, he stuffed them all inside his mouth making him look like a squirrel. Asshole. True love means sharing your friends. Those are lessons you learn in 3rd grade. Ohh well. I did steal one when our lovelly toddler fell while playing in the playground and above mentioned husband jumped to his feet first to rescue him. I am ashamed to admit I sat there for a minute or two waiting if I was going to hear a serious cry or see some blood or broken bones before prying myself away from my delicious fries. What?? Do I need to remind you again how long has it been since I had yummy goodness and how long will be since I will have them again? *maybe I should take a clue and shove them in my cheeks for the winter like those damn annoying ugly squirrels *..

But anyways, wonderful husband sprung to action, gave our son a hug and send him off to play. His injuries werent ones that required special attention and I like to think that because of my wonderful mothering intuition, I didnt get up and sprung into action. It was definetly mothering intuition, not my love for fries.
So while saving the kid, I stole a couple of his fries. His and our sons. Yep I stole fries while no one was looking. I am not ashamed to admit it. In any decision I make, I always have their best interest at heart. Many times theirs before mine, stealing a fry here and there is just a perk of my job. *wink

So after hours (it was only minutes unfortunatly) of savoring our delicious food and licking our fingers clean, we packed up and headed home. Full and completly satisfied looking fowards to the next time we will go back again.

(Yes I fucking blogged about my experience at McDonalds. Does it sound stupid or make me look like trash that McD's has become a place that brings such wonderful feelings? I dont give a flying-full-of-delicious-running-burger-juice finger :)

xoxox A

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