Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1029 +/-.....

that is how many miles we drove in 2 days. I seriouslly think only civillians or really rich people who flies everywhere, drive only the avarage 12k miles a year. Because we sure dont. We avarage double or triple that. Even though I am already sick and tired of driving, there is always something new coming up.
This weekend I was supossed to go pick up my best friend in CT and drive her down to her moms house in SC, then drive down to Fl pick up Tyler and drive back home. Alas her husband is a prick and is making their divorce very hard so she couldnt leave the state with the kids. So that trip will be postoned. See more driving for me soon.....ARGHGHGHGHGHGHHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I talked it over with my parents and they didnt feel like driving 10 hours to me and I didnt feel like driving 10hours to them to pick up Tyler and last minute tickets were around 500 bucks. No way. We came up with the plan that we would meet in the middle. Meaning we both left at 5:30 am and once we drove 5 hours south and they drove 5 hours north, we would meet in the middle. That way it wasnt going to be hard on anyone. Perfect.
So on saturday we picked up the rental car, but with nothing to do we decided to drive down to the east coast. Ever since Scotty and I started dating, we love taking day trips to explore wherever state we live in. We never had much money to stay at hotels, so day trips was the choice. Still is. So picked up the car, and left around 1pm to go to Wilmington. Took us about 1.5hours and it was so worth it. That town is gorgeous. We also did the trolley ride while we where there, checked out all the local beaches and decided we need to go back and that town will be our retirement home :). We stayed so long, we didnt get back home until 10 or so. Next day we were up at 4:30. Needless to say we were both dead. But we did drive down on sunday and met my parents in Kingsland, Georgia to pick up Tyler. How is that fair?? We had to drive 3 states and they only had to leave Florida..lol. Ohh well he is back with us and life is hectic again :)

HEre are the pictures from this weekend:

The view from the bridge heading into Carolina Beach :

Juliet during the Trolley ride. She loved it.

One of the houses we fell in love with and want to retire to. Tomorrow please?? lol

The necessary touristic picture :)

Love A

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