Monday, July 27, 2009

TV or no TV??

The great debate is upon us again. I won the last time what I thought it was the battle. But nope. A very smart toddler is making us rethink our decisions and hence the great debate is back.

See let me explain a bit so you are not biased with your opnion: Hubby had a crappy childhood. The crappiest around. After a stunt in foster homes, he comes back home to his unstable mother and she gets him his own tv in his room. You can only imagine where this is going right?? Yep. Tv was his babysitter, teacher and friend. He watched tv all day long and it became a substitute/escape for a lot. 20 some years later, all he can remember is the happiness getting his own tv brought him. Not everything else. And besides, TY-Ty's childhood is 100 times better than his. So, he doesnt see anything wrong with getting him a tv for his room.

Me: I grew up too poor and playing outside. Me having a tv in my room compares to you owning an island. A dream so far unrecheable, it doesnt even compute. By the time we were just poor instead of too poor, I was already 14 and the 13 inch black and white temperamental tv that my parents found me in the trash, worked just fine. I was more content though to have my own room. Which I also got at 14, after years of not having one. So, I dont think Ty-Ty needs a tv in his room.

Well with all my points and persuasive skills, I won this battle last time. We only have one tv in the house. Which is in the living room. I refuse to have a tv in the bedroom. No need for it. Bedroom is for reading =) Not watching tv.
Ty-Ty watches the tv in the living room. We share, he watches Noggin, I watch the news and Oprah at 4. Life was bliss until last week.
Random tuesday, at around 2pm, I change the channel to Headline News to catch up on my news. Well he is sitting there drinking his milk and paying attention. I didnt think much of it.
By the time 2:30pm rolls around, I take him to bed to put him down for his nap and with all the innocence of a 2 yr old he asks "Mommy what does kill means?" My mouth dropped, my heart twisted. My baby boy is not suposse to know about death. He needs to be innocent and live in bliss. He will have plenty of time later on to learn about lifes cruelties. 2 IS NOT THE AGE. I just tell him he is too young to know and one day I will explain.

See the dillema we are at now?? He is now assimilating a lot more than we expected. He probably has been for a while, but hey I am a slow mo.
So we have 2 options:
1. Get him a tv for his room


2. have the tv in the living room on cartoons only. The only safe thing.

We need background noise all day. We are home, the tv is on. Just how its always been. He is playing with his toys, playing with his sister, helping me out, and etc. The tv is on through it all. The only time the tv gets shut off is during dinner.
Before kids, I had it on news all day. When hubby is home its either news or some car channel.

I dont know how to do. Before I had my foot down and was so sure, now I dont know. I dont think a tv in his room will solve anything, but husband seem to be positive sure it will.

For now my option is to have it on Noggin all day long until he naps, then change to the news and catch on whats going on the world while he is napping.

I dont know if I can do that. I am about to loose my mind with these stupid cartoons, but at the same time his innocence is very important to me. I am not ready for him to grow up that fast and know about murder and everything ugly, dirty and nasty about our society.

I am sorry to say, the debate hasnt been solved yet. We dont know the right answer yet. we decided to sleep on it, and procrastinate until we can come up with something.

So that is our life now. Arent you jealous?


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