Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy dressing up kids and candy day...

I dont really care for halloween. I love candy and seeing the kids dressed up thats about it. I dont care for the crappy decorations, carving pumpkins seems a waste of time to me, driving in front of houses decorated with spiders and tombstones makes me depressed instead of happy that is fall. Ugly carved pumpkins makes me sad and takes away the joy of a delicious pumpking pie baking or a candle.
I am like the schrooge of halloween.
I didnt grow up with this. In Brazil we dress up for carnival and kids go around knocking on everyones door getting candy on kids day which falls in June. So this is one tradition even after 15 yrs I cant embrace it. Ohh well! call me the schrooge of Halloween. One thing I do enjoy though is seeing all the costumes. All the kids dressed up and pretty proud of themselves and of course dressing up my munchikins. This year I was extremelly happy with their costumes. Tyler wanted to be Oswald (a blue octopus from Noggin). Unless you got a kid you never heard of him, but I got a kid who loves cartoons and he is in love with this dude. The fact that he is not so popular as the diegos and backyardigans of nowadays makes it impossible to find anything Oswald. I do have an amazing friend who is equally amazing with a sewing machine who made the perfect costume.

Juliets costume was a bit easier. I have dreamed of having a little girl for a long time. No secret there. One time a long time ago I gave up candy and this little girl was dressed as a flamingo. I told my then I am never getting married having kids self that if I ever had a little girl I would dress her as a flamingo. Low and behold searching high and low I found this adorable flamingo costume. Way more than I wanted to spend, but hey she is my little girl and last child. IF I dont do it now when will I ??

So the day went great. It was freaking hot. Thank you NC for not making up your mind when it comes to the weather. But it trully was a good day and it will only take me a month to loose all the weight from all this candy I ate :)

Love A

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Chelsie said...

His oswald costume is truly spectacular! Your kids are just too adorable.