Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Florida Humor...

Every so often I torture myself with horrible nasty drivers sharing a major highway, drive 30 or so minutes to a town or two south of me to enjoy some Brazillian yumminess. I do it because it reminds me of chidlhood, family, friends, and just home and if I cant have "home", I have to settle for the food.
Well stopped at a light (the longest light I have exerienced), I look to my left and its a fire department and this amazing fountain caught my eye. Its like 90 something. So freaking hot so this water is actually soothing. I am enjoying this fountain, until my eyes adjust (I need to my glasses more often) and I notice this deer. A deer in the middle of a fountain is not my first choice of animal. I didnt understand it, so therefore I wipped out my camera and took a picture (I am telling you this light took forever) and I was going to ponder on this later. Well I get my brazillian food, soak on all the joy that it brings me, grab the baby and brace myself for the trip home. As I am leaving, I pass through a sign that says "Thank you for visiting Deerfield beach" and like a lightining bulb, it clicks. Deer in the middle of a beautiful waterfall is to symbolize Deerfield beach. Get it?? Deer Deerfield??

Stupid Florida humor goes over my head. I did giggle, not because of the whole deer thing, but because it bugged me and I actually took the time to take a picture and blog about

I need to go back to school or to work or something. My brain is turning into mush, if you dont believe, read above ;)

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