Monday, April 26, 2010

Very welcomed surprises .....

When you are an almost 30 yr man, with a wife and 2 kids to support and a job interview out of state. Probably the most important job interview of your life, and you are feeling old, with bunions and a beer gut starting to show, there is nothing more rewarding than going to pick up your rental car aka: the cheapest one called an aveo or something. A matchbox car that no one wants it but one that does the job for the penny counting people, and the guy at the car rental place tells you they are out of the aveo and they will give you this for the exact same price :

You feel like the moons are aligned, that this is meant to be, the beer gut feels like a 6 pack, the thinning hair is a figment of your imagination, and you feel like you can kick arse. Never mind the wife that has her heart in her hands for 2 whole days while you are gone, stressing and worrying about this job interview, praying and hoping you dont get a ticket and cheering you all the way. None of that matters, because the top is down, the thinning hair is flying and you are chasing your dreams =)

Love A

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