Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still storming....

I havent posted close to a month and not because I been enjoying the sunshine, but because I been so busy dealing with these storms in our lives.

Okay so update...with the job situation, hubby is working at a local place until we wait to see whats going on.
He got offered a job with an overseas company that if we get it its the solution to our problems, but for us to get he needs some shots, bloodwork, and dental and that got to come out of pocket. Right now we are trying to get everything together for him to be able to deploy with this company. Yesterday we just got hit with another nasty storm. The army fucked up his teeth so bad that it will cost us a lot of money to fix it in order for him to qualify for this overseas job (your dental has to be perfect since you wont have access to a dentist for a yr), so we dont know what we will do.

His old job in Kuwait, they finally got him a visa, but because we changed his flight 3 times before because of this visa drama, when we went to change it the 4th time delta said nope cant change it. Sorry!!

SO right now we have the decision of either taking the money that he is making at the local job and buying a ticket back to kuwait or taking the money and doing the stuff for the other overseas company that will solve our lives. I dont know what will do!

Now for home with my parents got so stressfull, we finally had to move out. Our amazing friends took us in. 4 adults, 2 dogs and 5 kids in a 3/2 is chaotic at times, but they have been like our fairy godmothers helping us with everything and anything they can. We owe them big time and never will be able to repay their kindness. Trully a gift.

Our relationship with my parents is slowly building again now that we are not under the same roof. It will take time and I dont ever know if it will fully. I been so busy with everything else, I havent really had the time to process. Just another ol pot at the back of the cabinet. Oh well!!.

The kids are doing amazing. Tyler is living with 4 little girls and even though he is developing a strong love for princess and barbie stuff, he is also being a lot more kinder and caring. This huge dose of hormone is doing wonderful for him ;)

Juliet is fully walking and learning new things everyday. SHe is my easy child. Kids like her, I would have My favorite thing she does latetly is when I pucker up to give her a kiss she leans her forehead to my lips. Such a cuddlebug.

So that is what life is right now. Overlly chaotic, aboslutely insane and extremelly hard right now, but full of joy and laughter and besides, the longest storm I know have lasted 40 days, so soon the sun will have to shine!

Love A

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