Friday, May 14, 2010

I want to get off, pretty please!

Get me out of this rollecoaster ride please. If its not one thing is another and I am sick and tired of puking. OMG!
Hubby came home on leave for a job opportunity. We got through his flight being delayed, he got home went to the job interview. Everything was great. We were already planning, dreaming and hoping. Well as he is about to go back to kuwait, burocracy has kept them for providing a new visa. No biggie. We extend his flight and a couple more days with us sounds heavenly. Well now we just found out they are not processing any visas, we have no idea when they will process his, his job is in limbo and the job he came home for?? He doesnt qualify bc you have to pass a DOT physical and have 20/40 vision. Yeahh dont got that! on top of them fucking up his pay!

So now back to the drawing board. Unemployment has been filed for, over 100 applications has been put in and we wait and wait. Wait for them to process visas, hope and pray delta will extend his flight once more, wait for any of these jobs to pan out, wait for a miracle, wait and wait. Did I tell you I have absolutetly no patience??

So yeahh get me off this ride because I am sick and tired of walking on eggshells with these people that birthed me and even though they took us in, they only did it as another weapon to throw in our faces. Gosh how did this happen??

Pretty soon we will start asking her :

before we make any decisions. I bet she will guide us better than what we are doing right now!

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