Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its just a matter of perspective..

When you think Hilton what comes to mind?? King size beds, room service, jacuzzi in your room, total luxury right??

Well that is unless you bee to Afghanistan and shared a tent with 16 grown man for 1 year. After an experience like that the Hilton to you is just a room with a door and indoor ac.

You see, whenever anyone finds out that dh is deployed in Afghan the first thing they ask is where does he stay. I don't know if stupidity follow me or what, but most people think they have hotels for soldiers in Afghanistan. Depending on my current mood, my answer will vary from completely busting out laughing to actually explaining that no they don't stay in hotels, there is no indoor plumbing, cheerleaders serving them (even though they totally wish for

So first time dh was in a tent with 16 guys per tent. Oh yeah he use to mention the smell and the lack of privacy and etc etc etc.

This time he is a different base and therefore in different accommodations. To him its the Hilton, well the Hilton if the Hilton was a room with a door and no roommates. To say he is happy is an understatement. All it took was one experience and his whole vision is changed. How cool!

So without further ado here are the pictures :

If you ever get lucky to win an all expense paid trip to Afghan, you might just score this really cool place to call home for 365 days and before you turn your nose at it, remember, it could always be worse, you could be in a tent with 16 other smelly guys!

There is 6 rooms per pod, ac and a door. Total privacy. Its heaven for him and the bathroom is only 30 steps away. What more could he ask for??

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