Friday, May 25, 2012

The downside of weight loss

Don't get me wrong, weight loss is amazing. You wake up with more energy, confidence goes through the roof, shopping is a bit more fun and you don't dread it as much because there is options now. We won't even talk about the health wise benefits, because that is just a given.

But weight loss has a downside. It's not enough to discourage anyone from it , but its there and I want to talk about it so you won't be shocked if it happens to you.

1. Forgetting to eat. When you are fat all you think about is food. Food is a constant thought in your mind, you are thinking and planning your next meal from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. When you have lost weight, naturally you eat less and some days you can even forget meals. With more energy you are so busy, forgetting a meal happens. I know all my fluffy friends are thinking "no way not possible, I so wish that could happen to me". I use to have the same thoughts and now that is happening to me, I realize its not good. I can't even tell you the amount of days that by 3 pm and I am ready to pass out and I realize how exhausted/drained I really am because I haven't eaten since 7am.

2.No matter how much weight you have lost or how small you are, your problems will still be there and more pronounced. When you are fat and have size 2 visions, you think "If only I was skinny, I would have no problems" and you think every skinny person got their shit together and are happier, b/c well they are skinny. Newsflash, that is not true o.O. Granted I am not a size 2 yet, doubt I will ever be, but I am 10 sizes lower than what I started so I can commet. I still have the same problems as I had before, life still throws crap in my way, but bc I am not carrying around extra weight, it seems easier to deal with.

3. Skin won't bounce back. You might weight less than what you did in high school, work out like a fanatic, but your skin will never look the same. Things will sag and hang. I actually think my skin looks worse than before, because before it had something to fill it up, but now there is nothing. Picture a month old balloon, its not as pretty as a brand new filled balloon right?? Well that is the same with your skin. Dreams of wearing a 2 piece this summer are rapidly fadding. Unless there is extensive plastic surgery in my future, I won't be in a 2 piece any time soon. That was a big shock and dissapointment. After everything, I still don't have the body to pose nude for playboy :(

4. It costs $100 to resize your rings and you will need to have them all resized because them spinning is very annoying. Same with your watch.

5. Yours once overly confident husband will have doubts and some low self esteem. He might question if after all this weight loss and confidence booster, you will leave him. You will have to continue to reassure him that thats not the case and you are not shallow. Even though every time you pass mirror now (dressed) you smile at your image.

6. Replacing your whole closet and loosing your favorite outfits sucks. It sucks even more that until you are completely done with your weight loss, you can only get a few staple pieces because if not you are going to quickly loose them. Finding new favorite outfits can be a pain (I don't know if that is for everyone or if it only applies to me that don't love to shop).

7. Even the lower sizes, depending on the brands can vary. I can't just grab something and buy it without trying it on. Because I can range between 3 sizes depending on the store.

8. Your favorite boots and some shoes will need to be replaced. Talk about a big shock. I had no idea, but your feet can go down in size and since your calfs are smaller, your favorite boots will just look stupid. I have brand new uggs that I only got to wear 1 season and now won't stay up and my feet are sliding inside of them :(. Same with my pair of "fuck me boots". They were gorgeous high leather boots that I spent a small fortune on and love them. Yeah anyone wants one??

9. If someone doesn't like you, now you know its you. When you are fat, you think if someone doesn't like you its because you are fat and fat people disgust them (hey I never said we didn't have issues ;)), now if someone doesn't like you, it hurts even more because you know its about your personality and not your weight.

10. Finding things to eat is a pain. Restaurant eating and fast food is not made for people on their quest of their perfect size. The portions are huge and while there is one or two things in the menu you can eat,   the majority are not made for you. Don't get me wrong, I still pretty much eat whatever I want, just in extremely small portions and I am very picky of how I spend my calories. I don't know if this is just a side effect of weight loss surgery in general, or if the rest of the population on their weight loss quest feels the same way, but there it is.

Now I realize this sounds like a very depressing post and one would wonder why would want to even go through the hassles of it after this?? That was not my intention. Trust me the upside is there. The pros outweigh the cons any day of the week and there is millions of websites and lists that you can find online that will talk about that, but that you already know and don't need me to repeat it. I wanted to post this because no one really talks about it, and as I am going through my journey there were shocks along the way like these and other things that really messed with my head and I wished I was more informed about it, so that is the purpose of this post, just to inform you so your shock won't be as huge as mine.

Love A


Our Traveling Circus said...

Congrats on your weight loss and thanks for sharing your journey with us! Dropping 10 sizes is just amazing!

typhany lovdahl said...

I struggled for many years to lose weight from having my two kids....and i found it using these products....i lost 60 pounds and im healthy and happy!