Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thats just how I roll...

Dusting off the spiderwebs...

I haven't posted in anything in a while. Its not for lack of inspiration. I have about 4-5 half written posts saved.

I could have written this wonderful sippy cup review post that I made after realizing how many we have gone through ever since my kids have been out of bottles and because I care about you all, I wanted to save you some money.

I could have made another post about how I was the happiest mom the first day my child started kindergarden and all my fears of him riding the big yellow bus alone (even though the school is less than 3 miles from the house)

I could have made another post how I took cupcakes to his school the day before his birthday, and that ever other child from other kinder classes that were eating lunch at the same time we were celebrating my sons birthday, looked on with sad eyes like they also wanted a piece of cake.

I could have ranted about spending $60 on a beautiful fondant cake for ds's birthday that tasted like ass and no one liked it (even though I ordered from the highest rated bakery around here)

I could have made the same old same old post I make every year when my kids get old. I would have gotten sappy about my first born turning 6.

I could have written about my first deployment breakdown in which I whined about it on facebook and felt like an idiot (hey its been 6 months already usually the time we schedule R&R, but this year we decided to push it back so he could be home for Christmas and even tough I know its going to be worth it, finding the strength to survive another couple of months is becoming increasingly harder each day :()

I definitely could have talked about dd current obsession with Hello kitty, to the point that she refuses to wear anything besides kitty!

My mom being here for a week and half visiting and we having an amazing time, could have definitely made for an interesting post.

The fact that I already turned on my heater, pulled out my park and boots after the temps dropped into the low 50's, would have gotten a few laughs from you cold blooded people for sure.....

but I don't want to talk about any of that. Maybe later, maybe never who knows.

So to break my blogging sabbatical, I am going to leave you with a picture of food

This is chicken stroganoff. The best chicken stroganoff ever. Drool on =)

Love A

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