Sunday, August 24, 2008

I despise some people...

So dh is coming home from pt on tuesday and this SGT hits him. The whole left front panel of my car is dented. When you open the drivers door it makes noise and the headlight it hanging. Thank Goodness no one is hurt. She has the same insurance as us so no biggie right??
Wrong. She let her insurance lapse after she told us she had insurance. So we got 1700 bucks worth of damage and I will have to claim through my uninsured motorist. Thank God I carry that. So I call her trying to be nice and tell her either she pays the deductible of $250 or I take her to small claims court. She choose to pay the deductible and said she will only have it on the 1st. Since we wont be here she will give it to my friend. I hope she does because if not I am going to hang her when we come back..Urhghgh. Also the car will only be fixed when we come back because we just dont have time right now.

Okay so on Thursday Kristin knew how mad we were so she invited us to dinner. So so nice of them. It was very relaxing. I swear they have become our new

Also her dh loaned me the third book on the Twilight series "Eclipse" and I already finished. My favorite so far. Today I am also borrowing "breaking dawn" from her.
I am trully excited.

Thats pretty much what happened this week. Me trying to breath in and out and count to a million and trying to realize this is not a big deal and everything is fine.
I am getting

As we enter week trip I might not be here that much because of all the packing and last minute details we have to put together.
I promise I will update as I can and will have a ton of pictures when we come back.
Pray for my sanity this week. I truly need it

Love A


Lisa said...

Bust her ass, let the base know her insurance has lapsed, hell im heartless when it comes to stuff like that. that is her responsibility to keep insurance on her car if she will be driving on base.
how you have fun on your trip.

Diane said...

I didn't know you're reading the Twilight series...

I read the first book and then got the last three in and read all 3 books in 24 hours. It was amazing, they were amazing.

The last book is the best, by far. :)

(oh and by the way, it's izellahisis203 from CinCHouse)