Sunday, August 3, 2008


So today I am mourning the death of my shoe. Not just any shoe, but the most comfiest flip flops on the world. My beloved Nike flip flop. He was with me for almost 1 whole year and on Friday morning he met his death on some highway between here and Houston. He died saving my life for a flie and for that I am thankful ....

So we wake up at 5 am on Friday. Well dh wakes up, I go through my morning motions half asleep. Hippo baby wasnt here since he spent the night at dh's friend. No we didnt have sex, run around naked, or go to the movies. We were just as boring as we would have been if he was here.
Anyways we manage to leave at 6 am and start out 4 hr trip to Houston so my lovelly husband can get a visa so we can go to Brazil.
I absolutly love car trips with dh. We just know how to have fun, and he is sitting right there so I can smack him in the back of the neck anytime he says something stupid. Perfect.:) Also I control the radio while I am in the car.

So halfway there my wonderful hubby is going 81 on a 70. He gets stopped and get a ticket. His first in 4 yrs, but definetly well deserved. I mean in the past 3 yrs I have gotten stop over 7 times on and off post and I have cried or begged my way out of every single one of them. Dh gets stopped once and gets a ticket. I have to laugh. He is extremelly mad at me. As if!!!
So he gets a ticket for $155 bucks. The kicker to all of this?? After the trooper wrote him the ticket, he was talking to us about our military life, and asking us how we like Fort Hood and where we are PCSING next and how much we will enjoy NC. He is having such a wonderful conversation with us after sticking it to dh. I had to keep pinching my dh so he would keep his smile. I could see dh's frozen fake smile on. He wanted to tell that trooper to go F himself and that he doesnt like talking while getting F... up the arse with no lube. But low and behold dh behaved and we continued on our trip.

I picked on him a lot and laughed a lot more. well Karma came to bite my arse. Somewhere along the way we got a companion. A fly was inside the car. Well dh tells me to use my shoe but to not smack it because with my luck I would have cracked the windshield. So I do what any normal being would do, I open my window while we are going 70 miles an hr and try to shoo the fly out of the window. I accomplished that but also lost my shoe.***sniff sniff***. I dont knwo what happened.But I am clumsy and there my shoe went.
Dh wouldnt stop laughing. In my time of mourning he kept making stupid comments like.."Well at least you only lost one and not the pair" ....Some days I really wonder what has kept me from snapping and cutting his body in 10...

So there goes my shoe. After searching we figure out there is no other pair inside the car. We have everything else but no other pair of shoe. So we stop at a gas station. He wants me to go inside and just buy a pair. Uhhh hellloooooooo!! I am not germophobic or anything but I certainly draw the line at going inside a gas station barefoot. So dh buys me a pair. The man has horrible taste. He gets me a pair of green came flip flops. Give me a break. Camo is so tacky but yet dh is obssessed with it.

So off to the consulate we go. We finally get there, dh gets his visa and I get informed that since my passport is expiring 3 wks after I come back I have to renew it before I leave or they wont let me back in the country...Come again?? Yep. For you to enter or leave a country your passport has to be 6 months before expiration date or they wont let you. What the fark is the point of an expiration date anyways if it works that way?

i dont know. I decide not to sit there and weep and cry. I just call my father and brace myself for his fury. I mean when he offered those tickets I said every single paperwork was up to date and we were set to go so go ahead drop almost 3k in tickets for us that we wont have any problems. So he was furious with me. How was I supossed to know?? So now I have to get my passport renewed before we leave. Since we wont be able to drive back down to Houston I will have to do it by mail. pray that everything goes okay and it gets there or I will be screwed..

The trip back was uneventful. We were talking joking and etc until we were about 30 minutes from home. Dh started turning green and had to stop. When I tell him not to eat weird crap I mean it. that morning he wanted sonic for breakfast and he got a burrito with jalapenos. I joked with him that I didnt think it was a good idea to eat jalapenos and that they might have salmonella. Low and behold I was right. I dont like being right when he is feeling crap, but hey. We are going tits for tats. I made fun of him bc of the ticket, he made fun of my shoe, I was right on the jalapeno. I dont think he got salmonella but he definetly had something. He threw up for hours once we got home and laid down for a bit. After so many years of me cleaning up his puke from drinking too much, him cleaning up mine from a really hard pregnancy, we are back to me cleaning up his from eating crap. Who would have thunk it!! Aww the joys of marriage.

So anyways that is what is going on around here. I will blog more about the weekend later.
I havent read anything because I dont have anything to read. I guess I got to read cereal boxes or other ppls blogs until my books get here.

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