Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow its been that long??

I just noticed I havent posted in 2 wks. Wow. I am shocked. I cant believe its been that long.
Not that many exciting stuff happened but a couple did so I will outline..:)

* I got my passport. Yeppie. I sent the paperwork on monday and by the following monday I had it. That rocked. :)

* We also got our suitcases. We went from having 1 to ending up with 9. Dont ask!!

* We sold the computer screen and the computer desk. We have decided we will just purchase a laptop for me (Mac yeppie) and we will be using laptops only and the new baby will have her/his own room.

*I was sick sometime last week. Kristin saved my life by watching Tyler the whole afternoon for me. That rocked!! I luv her and owe her big time

*Also Kristin loaned me her book "Twilight". I killed that in 2 days. I then borrowed "New MOon" from her. So far so good. I am not a major fan of vampire stories but this are good.

*I finished shopping and got a bunch of gifts for my family back home. I cant wait to see their faces.

* Dh did something that the cars ac was not working but now it started working again. I dunno..

* I been watching the Olympics and gorgeous Michael Phelps has broken every record. Such a nice eye candy :)

*I went to a friends baby shower on Saturday and she loved the gifts I picked. Also we played some wicked funny games. It was fun hanging out with Scottys coworkers.

* We went to a bbq at Kristin's on Saturday night and had an awesome time. Except for her "lovelly" pit bulls. Which I was petrified off and the fact that I passed out on her couch at like midnight while they were still playing Monopoly.

* Today we went to the Cameron Park Zoo. I didnt want to go at all but my dad had sent us some money and told us to use it on Tyler so we took him to the Zoo. I was going to postpone it but Scotty insisted since today wasnt that hot. Well it was farking hot I am too fat/pregnant to be walking for almost 2 hrs. Also the zoo had absolutly no pigs. NOne. What a shame. What kind of farking zoo has no pigs?? Pisses me off. Ohh well we had fun and got some kick arse pictures so I will post that later.

*Also our friends just had a baby. We will visit her tonight at the hospital and I will take them some food. Probably b&g since its her dh's favorite.
So Janice and James congratulations and Happy birthday to Kianna Aaron!!!

That pretty much sums up my life the past 2 wks. I am now going to continue on reading my book because I am excited to see what happens.

Hope everyone is doing good
Love A

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