Wednesday, October 29, 2008

He never ceases to amaze me...

I have been married to Scotty for 6 yrs and together for a good 8. I cant believe in all this time I never knew he was the king of chocolate covered strawberries. WOW.
See the other night I was craving them badly so he went and bought the stuff for me to make it. I was already dreading it since the last time I made them, it took a bunch of beers, me ending up with burned fingers and them looking freaking handicapped. Well in 2 seconds Scotty whipped them up and made them gorgeous. Where the heck did this talent come from? Its beyond me. He made chocolate and white chocolate ones. I guess he is having sympathy pregnancy cravings because we killed 1 whole box of strawberries, the next night we were invited to dinner at some of our new friends and we made that again and ate a bunch and the night after he made them again. They were soo farking good and definetly killed my craving. I am in love with this man even more. :)
Okay so the dinner was awesome. We met Stephanie, Jeremy and Addie (her name is not Addison * She made amazing sushi and miso soup. Ohh so good. I cant believe she complained her sushi looked ugly. She hasnt seen my alien sushi yet!!.
Addie and Tyler were playing and getting along. We trully had a good time.
I love seeing kids interact at that age. They are too cute.

Also this past week I got Tylers dresser. I finally found it on craigslist for $55. IF I were to buy at the store it would have cost me a good $200. So I am very excited. Its in amazing conditions. Later on I will post pictures.
I also have been fighting to get my ob appointment. The problem is that since I am planning on having another csection and leaving my vagina alone, I got assigned to a different clinic instead of the one I was previouslly assigned to. So they hadd to transfer the whole paperwork and etc. Hopefully soon I will get an appointment.
Scotty also went to transportation and will go to finance tomorrow. They say we owe them $250 from the DLA allowance we got. Bull. They still owe us money so that will be taken care of it soon.
My house is finally coming together. Its actually looking like a home. This weekend we have a ton to do with the playgroup I just joined, halloween and everything else, but hopefully we will have time to start hanging my pictures and decorations. They have been in boxes for almost 1 yr and now that we are settled again, I cant wait to hang everything up again. My house is still feeling a bit naked.

Tyler is doing good. He still got a cold but he is doing good. He did pee and poop in the potty for the first time. No I didnt take a picture to post, even though my insane husband thought I should. You got to draw the line somewhere.

Well that is it for now. I will blabber more later.

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