Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random stuff..

Since I cant keep my thought process straight today I am just going to post random stuff that has been bugging me latetly:

1. Oprah has been all depressing this week. Anyone that knows me, knows I love Oprah. Even dh wont call me between the hours of 4 and 5 because he knows I am watching Oprah. Well on monday it was about a pregnant mom, her hubby and 2 teenage sons are addicted to heroin. Only the 5 yr old daughter is not. WOW. Talk about sadness.
Then on tuesday it was Christina Applegate talking about her double masectomy due to breast cancer.
Today it was about overwhelmed moms and how one left her 2 yr old in the car and the baby died :(
Seriouslly Oprah lighten up please. I think I need more Zoloft just to be able to watch you this week.

2. I hate living in an area where everyone and their moms are pregnant. This woman was selling a lot of over 65 pieces of baby girl clothes for $60 bucks. Awesome deal with the most cutest outfit. I emailed her 25 minutes after she posted and she had already sold it. Urghghggh!!! Hello people I need to save money.

3. Toasters are farking expensive. I am sick and tired of Scotty complaining about our toaster and how it doesnt toast well. I went to look for a red one at Target and came across this one :

Who the hell can afford a $300 toaster?? Get a life people. Back to craigslist I go trying to find a red one.

4. Today I had my mind set on eating some veggies since the last couple days I have been eating *cough *cough unhealthy. Well I take my frozen veggies put them on the microwave and leave for 4 minutes. Come back and they are still ice cold. My microwave is very dim and dying. Just farking great. Now I need a new microwave. *bangs head against wall * bangs head harder.

5. My boobs have grown tremendously. I went from having melons to having watermelons. Holly Cow!! I wear a bra 24/7, always have because I feel more comfortable that way. Well nowadays I am lucky if I can last 8 hrs with a bra on. God help me. So to Walmart I go trying to find new bras. Yeahh bras I wont buy on craigslist. I am too picky like that. This woman is cheap but not that


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Erin said...

Oh c'mon, the Dualit toasters rock! I actually have a 2-slice pink one, but it was a birthday gift and on sale at Amazon. Good stuff, handmade in England!