Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seriouslly I am not making this crap up....

I dont have the imagination to make this stuff up. This really is the reality of my life. Sometimes I have to laugh in order to prevent me from being rocking in a corner flipping out...:)

OKay Oct 6th they came and packed our house in Fort Hood. OCt 7th they came and loaded everything. BY 2 they were done loading so we hurried up and finished picking up the last bit of stuff, packing the stuff they didnt take (they cant take flamables but they took 5 bottles of alcohool but not my hair spray. Go figure!!!)
Turned over our house. We didnt have to pay for anything. And went to spend the night at our friends Kristin and Noah. I miss them soo much already :)
On Wed dh went to HOod, finished the rest of outprocessing and we started driving around noon. Dh said a prayer. Keep in mind that little fact because its funny later on :)

I wont even talk about the trip just to say that we had the Garmin and an Atlas and we still got lost through TN and it took us longer than it was supossed to. I did find a red tree among many green ones. I will add that picture later.

By 9pm on Thursday we rolled in at FT Bragg. FT Hood is lit up like a Christmas tree. Bragg is dark as hell with hills and trees. Such a difference. After driving for about 30 or 40 minutes we finally find the gate and where dh is supossed to improcess. He does that and we head to the hotel on post. Someone hand me a cookie because this time I didnt fuck up our hotel reservations!!!
That night around 11 or so, I decide I had enough. The bleeding was gone but I was still cramping. So to the hospital we go. Who the fark starts their lifes in a new base by visiting the hospital the first night they are there?? I swear, I really believe sometimes God gets bored and decides to play with me to amuze

Okay so we get there and everyone is really nice. We had been up about 24 hrs or so at that time. The LPN blows my vein >>>WHAT PART OF "I HAVE HAD THIS ARM FOR 27 YRS, I KNOW I AM DOUBLE JOINTED, I HAVE DONATED BLOOD AND GOTTEN IVS MANY TIMES, I KNOW WHERE MY VEIN IS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??>>>>
Okay so besides that it was cool. She did tell me I am dehydrated and I have an UTI but baby is fine and everything is okay. She also puts me on modified bed I had to laugh at that point. Uhh hello I just moved, I have to unpack my house and drive down to Florida to pick up my kid. I cant go on bed rest. But whatever.

The rest of the weekend went smoothly. We drove around and found a car for dh to drive back and forth to work. He got a 96 Mazda 626 and its a stick. Think by the time I am 28 I will have learned to drive one?? I know I know. i doubt it
Also we drove around exploring. I counted 6 strip/cabaret clubs but who cares really. I have a dunkin donuts on post and one right off post. There could be whores and drug dealers in front of my house and it wouldnt bother me :)

On Monday we signed for our place. Dh couldnt improcess because its a holiday so he was there helping me through it all. We got a renovated 3 bedroom in one of the best neighborhoods. Seriouslly there is no secret. Only that I follow the rules of the military and kiss arse when I have to. Not that hard!!
Anyways I love my house. Its perfect. My sons room is 3 times the size of any room I ever had. Its insane.

I unpack the little bit from the car and just chill around. On tuesday dh started improcessing. I have to say i was a bit freaked out. His first briefing was an STD class. They were saying how the city here is like number 5 in the country of AIDS and etc. Also from what he tells me they showed some pretty grusome pictures. Thank you MRS Army for showing my husband green vaginas and wart infested penis. I doubt he will want to cheat ever :)

By Thursday our stuff got delivered. The guy got here at 11am and left at 2. I told him to just throw every single box in the spare room and I would sort it out later.
I unpacked 70% of my house by the time dh got home at 6pm. I know I know. I did made sure I drank water and didnt move anything heavy. Dont get mad at me but sometimes sitting around like a lazy blob is worse for you than some good old fashion exercise.
So dh got home at 6pm and we started our drive to Florida.
His new unit is very understanding. He is into some EOD unit. He is kind of freaking me out with it. He is the only mechanic, they dont deploy but do missions he is not supossed to tell me about it. Also he got to go to jump school and etc. He is the only mechanic in this unit. There is only like 15 ppl in it and etc. Kind of freak. I hope its not something like that show "The UNIT" on tv. Yeahh my mind is wondering..lo.

OKay so we start our drive to Florida. That went fun. We get to my dads at 6am go inside change, drink a cup of coffee and drive to Miami to pick up my mom and ds.
MY father doesnt listen to I walked a lot at the Miami airport and I had to pee. I tell him can we please stop so I can go pee and he tells me to hold it. I wanted to shove my foot up his arse. I am pregnant. When I have to pee I have to pee. Heck if I am not careful I pee when I sneeze so dont tell me to hold it Jerk.
Finally we find my mom and Ds. God I missed my baby boy. I started bawling like an idiot but I knew I missed him but didnt realize how much.
So the rest of the day went fine. On Friday night my parents wanted to spend time with ds so we slept at our friends house. Also wanted to give my parents some time to do whatever parents do since they hadnt seen each other in 17 months. No they dont have sex. Dont fuck with me. I refuse to believe they

Anyways that night was awesome. We saw a bunch of old friends and met new ones. Our friends Shannon and Jason are very dear to us and they are one of the few things I miss from South Florida.
I did take sips of beer here and there. God it tasted farking good. Yeahh dh got pissy but sorry one or two sips of beer wont make my kid come out burping. Seriouslly give me a break!!!.
They all got pretty drunk. Beer pong is an interesting game. Sometimes I like being sober while everyone is plastered. Heck I find them

By the time we went to bed it was 4 am. Lovelly Samantha (she is almost 2) decided that 7 am was perfect timing to pour my cold glass of water on my back. Yeahh I just rolled to the inside, pushed dh to the outside of the bed on the wet spot and let her poke his eyes out and mess with him.Take one for the team buddy!!!!

The rest of the day went uneventful. Something about good friends that you are comfortable with makes everything all better.
On saturday night we went to a restaurant the 4 of us to celebrate dh's and I 6th wedding aniv. We didnt get any presents because his car and my dining room table was our present to each other.
My wonderful friend Jason decided it was a good idea to ask the server to sing us a Happy aniv. song. I was soo embarrrassed and everyone was looking at us. I tell you!!!
Can you believe I have been married for 6 yrs?? That is nuts. Even crazier is the fact I might keep him around for longer. Who would have thunk it!!!
We been married the longest in our circle of friends. Makes us feel like old

ON sunday we started the drive back at around 10 am. It was fine. Ds slept a lot and played a bunch. Dh drove first half, I drove 2nd half and by 8 pm we were home. NOthing major.

OKay that is enough posting for now. Later on I will add the pictures and post about my excitment adventure here in this new house, base, unit and with our son back.

Hope everyone is doing okay. Congratulations to all my new pregos and more dust to all of you guys trying.


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