Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dont you just love the holidays?

Okay so lets tackle Thanksgiving and get it out of the way. For anyone to understand how thanksgiving is around here let me explain something about my relationship with my parents... By wed I was jumping with joy and excitment for them to get here. I missed them a ton and couldnt wait to see them. By Thursday I was soo thankfull I have them as parents and how blessed I am. By Saturday I wanted to beat them and they were driving me nuts. Its a love hate relationship I swear..lol. I love them to death. Dh and I both do. Trully. They mean well, have been there for us more than anyone else and etc. But God can they be critical at times. Wow.
But anyways Thanksgiving went good. My father cooked a huge turkey ( no one really likes turkey but he cant let go of tradition, so I end up with a whole crap load of turkey to figure out what to make with), he also made ham, rice , mashed potatoes, brazillian stuffing and gravy. I made dinner rolls (they didnt come out that great because dh bought the wrong ) he bought the one for bread machine instead of the regular one. Since I dont have a bread machine, I made them by hand. So they were okay just not perfect.
My pumpkin log did crack. I know why it cracked. I let it cool too long before rolling. I am an idiot I know. Ohh well.
My pineapple pie was amazing. Trully yummy. Everyone loved it. But what they really liked it was my brazillian carrot cake. Now its only called brazillian carrot cake because we put melted chocolate on top instead of cream cheese frosting. See in Brazil they dont really sell frosting. Usually people make their own and cream cheese is definetly not popular there. When we went there dh ordered a cream cheese bagel and they all looked at him like he was crazy. They use butter on their bagel.
So anyways, the trick is make a homemade carrot cake, add drained crush pineaples. I learned that trick a while ago and it adds that extra yumminess. Then after the cake is done, poke holes all over the cake. Then take either regular or dark chocolate. Melt with some butter. Just a bit of butter. Careful not to burn. Then just pour on top and let it cool.
OMG its to die for. Everyone loved it a lot. Soo freaking good and my head was in the sky all weekend long because I get a high when I cook something and everyone loves it :)

The rest of the week went without a hitch. I didnt go Black Friday shopping bc there is really nothing I want or need to buy.I got all of our gifts. Instead I used my handy father to go buy some shelves for both kids closets and he hung them for me. Also he helped dh buy the tools necessary to repaint the crib and the changing table. We were supossed to buy paint but there is over 500 types of white paint. Are you kidding me? So conclusion, until I find the other piece of furniture I need for that room (I cant pick between a tall dresser, a wide dresser or a wide dresser with a hutch) and actually find it on craigslist or at the store, I cant buy the paint for dh to paint it. Ohh my God. I am so frustrated that this is not going to get done soon.
That was friday. Friday night and saturday night we just played Texas Hold'em with my parents. My father won every game. Makes me sick.

ON saturday I used my father again to teach me how to sew. The man can cook, sew, paint, do electric, build furniture and fix cars. He does it all very very good. We have all came to conclusions he must be an alien or something. Him teaching me to sew was very frustrating. He knows too much and I know jack shit, so it took a while but finally we made a pillowcase and I got the jist of it.

They left on Sunday morning and we were happy/sad they left. Ohh well they will be here for Christmas. Yeahh that is another fight. My father is a lot into traditions. Holidays is spent at their house. Fine but when I am 8 months pregnant I am not driving. So this year I put my foot down and at the risk of starting WWIII, I said holidays will be here because I am not driving anywhere. Surprisinlly he took it well. As well as he could have taken and not without making me promise this is a one time exception only. Yeahh Yeahh I know.

So on Sunday after "learning" how to sew I was itching to start. I already had fabric, I just needed to buy scissors and pins and a ruler and my first project was going to be the red curtains that goes outside for baby girls room (yeahh we have a name but since we are not 100% set on it, I wont share it yet:)).
Okay what possessed me to think that curtain was a great first project is beyond me. But we did went and I got the stuff and got home.
8 1/2 hours later I finished 1 panel and was having such a hard time with the tabs. Finally I went online and learned an easy way to do the tabs, so one panel is done.

I did learn a few things about sewing..:
1. Sewing is not that hard. Cutting in a straight line is farking impossible for me
2. I spend more time having to rethread the machine because I am so clumsy its pathetic.
3. Its addicting. I am in love.

So that was my thanksgiving. I am very Thankfull for everything I have. I have to keep reminding myself that on a daily basis. Sometimes I get so pissed off and mad, that my judgement gets clouded. But hey I am a work in progress.

I hope everyone had a great one :)


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