Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wow ....just wow!

I never imagined how hard it would be juggling 2 kids.
Yes 2 kids :) My gorgeous daughter Juliet Grace was born on Feb 3rd. Healthy and happy 8lbs9oz. She is absolutly perfect. Such an easy baby (knock on wood). I am in love.

But anyways if you know me, you already know all the detail. Okay so back to topic of juggling 2 kids. This morning Ty wakes me up at 7 (scotty has left long ago for pt) and tells me he got to poop. So I jump out of bed, hit my knee on the bed and rush him to the bathroom. I cant believe the stars. We been trying to potty train this kid for such a long time and everytime we ask him if he has poop, he says no. So the fact that he is telling me is great. Well I rush him to the toilet in a half limping half asleep daze, rip his diaper off and put him in the potty only to realize he had already pooped in his diaper. At the same time Ju starts crying because its time for her to eat (she only cries when its time to eat), and my phone starts to ring. So I tell Ty to sit still, rush to get the phone on the way to hand Ju a pacifier to keep her happy for 2 more seconds. My mom is on the phone calling me to ask something stupid. I answer her quickly. No no profanities did come out :)
I hand Ju her paci and rush back to Ty. He of course didnt sit still and decided it was bath time. SO he went to the tub to take a bath. So now I have a toilet and tub to clean at 7 am before I even had coffee and remember that I have a baby in the other room with just a paci that wont last for long and I still need to make her bottle.
So the cool collected mom that I am knows what to do. I sat down and started laughing. OMG I havent laughed in so much. It was just one of those moments.

So that is life right now and I wouldnt trade for anything. Just need to learn how to manage crisis a bit better :)

PS Only my husband will spend $9 bucks on a pt shirt for Tyler so he can match dada..

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Anonymous said...

HOW CUTE your son is in that little PT shirt! Aww!

I'm sure you'll be on top of everything in no time, if you aren't already.