Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am drained....

If I could enforce this with my toddler, I would be rich...ughhh.

Last week at the PX there was a sign saying that this Saturday they will be doing 1920's pictures with all the props for only $9.95 pus a $5 sitting fee. Great freaking deal. We couldnt pass it up consedering JuJu is almost 6 months old and we still havent done family pictures. So we wake up early this morning, get the kids dressed and go to get our pictures done.
It was set up in the px. It was hot as hell. By the time I got there my hair was sticking to my face and I was getting frustrated, but I sucked it up and put a happy face on.
We got everyone dressed and took the pictures. They will be ready next week. That catch is they take one family picture, the one that will be $14.95, they also took one of dh and I , one of the kids together, one of Tyty by himself and one of JuJu by herself. That way they can entice you to buy some more when you go pick up yours. I will be strong I hope, but they put Tyty in this hat and JuJu with a cool dress, lots of pearls and an adorable hat. I dont know how strong I will be :P. We will see.

Well as we are about to leave, the set up for the pictures was right by a video game thing. Ty didnt want to leave and wanted to stay playing the video games. How he knows what a video game is beyond me. But whatever. HE threw a fit and threw himself on the floor. There were million people there for the pictures too and all witnessing this. Everyother time we drag him screaming and deal with it outside. Well I dont know what got into me, but I decided that method doesnt work. This is the second fit he has throw in public. What we are doing is not working. Something needs to give.
I got down to his level, and spoke in a very stern voice "You will stop this behavior right now or God help me I will spank your but in public and I will make it hurt". I sounded soo mean. I look up at Scotty and his eyes is about to pop out of his head. But you know what?? Tyty got up, held my hand and walked hapilly to the car like nothing happen. Holy cow!!!! I cant believe it worked. Mind boggling. Hopefully it will work every other A girl can dream right :) It was draining though. Everytime he whines, I feel like my energies are being sucked right out. I am done for the day. Just want to put my feet up and

So we got home, hubby cooked some turkey melts and we ate with watermelon. (Yesterday there were 5lb watermelons on sale at Food Lion. I couldnt pass it up. We been eating it everyday. I forgot how delicious a watermelon is during a hot summer day), and he went to help a friend move.

Tyty and I made some muffins, and he was so good and helpful, it kind of erased this morning.

HEre are the pictures.

Hope everyone is staying cool from the heat and have a wonderful weekend


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