Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This year has been the hardest year of our lives. It has tested us in ways I couldnt even imagine. Its not over yet, we are still in the tailend of it, but so far so good. We have survived. How I have no clue. A little broken and lost but we have. OUr life is still in limbo and we dont know what will happen in a couple of months, but somehow I am feeling more at ease. I think trying to hold on and go against the current is a lot more tirering and worse than just going with the flow. So with a dose of faith, a pinch of patience, we are moving foward. Whatever comes we know we will be okay in the end. We had lost sight of that and things got dark. But thank God we found it again. Even if nothing improves, our outlook have, and that is a blessing.

Thank you so much all my friends who have stood by us and helped us with advice, prayer, and sometimes just a listening ear when we whined.
You guys have saved 2 lives and dont even know it.



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