Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to school.............

OMG I cant believe I havent talked about school yet. Well I am back in school going for a Paralegal. It was last minute choice, but definetetly one I couldnt be happier with. I feel like this is my calling. I have always enjoyed going to school, but this time I am so excited and eager to learn. This stuff is so interesting. I am taking Intro to Paralegal, Civil Litigation, Real Property, Intro to Logic and a necessary stupid College for Success one. I love my Paralegal classes and I love this program. On wed we have to dress professional. They want to teach us and mold us to be the best of the best. This program is accredited and that means I can get a job anywhere in the US. Its the first accredited program in NC. Also there is an intership at the end wich usually ends up in them hiring you. I am so excited. If everything goes okay I should finish May of 2011. I want to try to finish before but dont know if that is possible.
So life is awesome. The babysitter is doing great with the kids. They love her and Tyler gets sad on Saturday when he doesnt go. I couldnt ask for anything better. They go to her 7-11am mond-thursd. The only bad thing is Juliet is in a constant state of tiredness. She only gets up at 8 or so, so me having to wake her up at 6 am makes her very upset and she is still not adjusted to it. It breaks my heart when I wake her up and she cries :( But hopefully soon she will adjust to it.

So that is my life now. I pray and hope we stay here just so I can get to finish this program and graduate with my friends. I have already made a bunch of friends at school and since we will be in the same classes for the next yr or so, we have already became close. Anyways just wanted to share my little ray of sunshine in the midst of all this darkness.



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