Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food Food and more food...

The more stressed I get, the more I cook and bake. I barerlly have enough time as it is to make dinner, but latetly I been procrastinating homework in purpose of baking. I cant help myself. There is so many new yummy recipes I want to try everyday and also the fact that baking/cooking relaxes me.
Also I have been making some new recipes for baby Ju to pump her up with so many vitamins and minerals hopefully she and Tyler will miss this flu season. So far so good knock on wood no colds at all and no ear infections.
So tonight the temps have dropped quite a bit I decided to celebrate and make pumpkin bread. It came out so delicious this will definetetly be a staple in this house. Also this recipe is big it makes for 3 loafs. I froze 2 for this weekend when the parents will be over. Nothing like a yummy pumpkin bread with some honey butter or whip cream for breakfast :)

Also tonight hubby made spinach cheese omelettes. So freaking good. Tyler ate all of it. He loves spinach. Thank God!
Hubby cant cook much but when it comes to grill cheeses, omelletes, and chicken and dumplings, he rocks.

For Ju she had some spinach mixed with whole grain rice and tomorrow she will have pumpkin mixed with something else.

So delicious and full of good stuff for you, it will help keep the bugs away!!!!!!!

Here are the pictures..(I dont know how to take such pretty pictures of food to make them look apetizing but you get the point ;) )


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natesgirl said...

I want some of that bread and an omelet... send it on over ok?