Friday, September 18, 2009

I suck in time management...

For a person that is not a morning person and who sucks with time management, getting up early to get myself ready and presentable, 2 kids ready, stop by hubby's work (because God forbid he could remember to take it all with him), drop them off at the babysitters and then race off to school (without being late or getting a ticket is a task ;)
I get up at 6am and dont have to be at school until 8am. It takes me 15 minutes to drive to the babysitters and another 10 to drive to school. Why am I having issues??

Well it starts with an adorable toddler who enjoys jumping on mommys bed sometimes before 6 and playing peakaboo. Gosh how much changes when you have kids. Before I would have slapped him like I did his father on our honeymoon for waking me up too early. But slapping is not allowed. Not even from a I-would-sell-my-soul-or-maybe-just-a-toe-for-ten-more-minutes-of-sleep. So after him playing peakaboo and riding the horsey (yep he turns off my alarm clock. Sometimes I notice it sometimes I dont. I am weak we all know. I have too many addictions. If he turns off my alarm clock and my bed is comfy, I will sleep an extra 10 minutes (or longer) no matter what. So of course common sense washes over me, I push the toddler away and to the bathroom I run. I get ready, get him ready, pop a waffle in the toaster, get the diaper bag ready, get the baby ready, give him his breakfast, get all my books ready, start the car, load everything in the car and then realize I forgot to put a bra on, or brush my teeth, or pee, or anything else, run back inside (horrible mother of the year leaves in the kids in the car) meanwhile my cellphone is ringing and is no one else other than my 3rd kid who fakes responsibility and maturity 99% of the time. He informs me he forgot a important paperwork/his boots/hiscap/his brain and if I could drop it off. Back up here for a minute..
he gets up at 5:30 and only has to roll out of bed (since he sleeps in pts), grab his back that he put together the night before, and leave. Why does me who has so much more to do in the morning and who hasnt had to be anywhere before 9am in 5 yrs, have to be responsible for his stuff??
My mothers words come into mind.."Do things right. Finish school before having kids. Life will be easier". My young-know-it-all-pothead self decided to ignore her, because I know it all. Moms are corny and just want to give out advice to sound cool. Gosh how I want to bitch slap her sometimes. Where the hell is mrs-know-it-all when I need a hand in the morning?? Going to school after you have kids is so much harder. If I was doing this before kids, I could roll out of bed at 7:30 slap on something cute to accentuate my cute pre kids body, stob by starbucks to get some coffee, and drive to school in my cute adorable car. But nope, know it all decided to do it all backwards so therefore if I drop the kids off on time, get to school on time with shoes that match, pants that dont have anything spilled on them, a bra, shirt that looks presentable, brushed teeth and hair that doesnt look like bedroom hair, with all my assigments and my books, it will have been a wonderful day. When that day happens I will update okay ;)
Until then my mornings are chaotic. Moms say that one day I will laugh about this. I hope she is right. That is what keeps me going. One day this will be hillarious, because if not I am one breakdown away from an and to think I only have 20 something months left of this...!


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