Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sibling love :)

You know having 2 kids is rough. The pregnancy for the second is harder than the first since you cant just lay down and sleep anytime you please, financially is of course more tighter than before, and its just a bit more stressfull in general. You have less time than you did before, bouts of guilt about sharing your time wiselly between both, trying to make sure both have the same experiences and neither feels left out and so forth. But on days like today, I wouldnt trade for anything. I dont know what is like to have a sibling. I am an absolutly only child. No halfs, steps nothing. Friends of mine are envy and say I had it easy and I was spoiled..HaHaHa. You cant be spoiled when your parents are But I am the one that has always been envy of them. During long car trips they had someone to talk to, they have a built in friends and someone that understands completetly 100% how crazy your parents rules are.
So I think having a sibling is a blessing. No matter how many people says their are disfunctional. I love my crazy sister in law more than hubby. I couldnt have one myself but wanted to make sure my kids had one. I am so glad God saw me fit to raise another one of his little angels and granted me a second blessing. Days like today when they play along together so nicelly and kiss and love on each other, I think maybe I can do this. Maybe I can raise two tiny little people into good amazing people. Me believing in my mothering skills comes from their love of each other. What else could be more powerful??

Love A

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Chelsie said...

Her eyes are looking so good these days! I am so proud of you.