Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 3rd birthday little man :)

As you can see from the nostalgic posting of pictures of him younger, little man just turned 3 on sept 29th. I cant believe I have a 3 year old. I am sure that is so classic of every mom to say but its so true. Time has flew! I have crappy memory but I can tell you exactly what I was thinking when that stick popped up positive, or when that first heartbeat filled the room and my heart with joy and so much love, I can tell you all the emotions that ran through my body when the u/s tech told me it was a boy. I can describe in great detail the fear and pain I went through when I thought I was going to loose him, and the joy I felt when he was first born, took his first breath and cried. My life would never be the same anymore and I sure as hell wasnt going to be the same person I was, ever again. And that was fine by me. I loved the new person I became, more patient, less selfish, and with absolutetly so much love to give. Having a child is monumental. So as he is growing into an amazing little boy with so much kindness, and a ton of attitude to back it up, I can only hug him and thank him. For the wonderful amazing gift he has given me in choosing me as his mom.

Happy birthday Tyler. We love you so much :)

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