Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not your TacoBells quesadilla =)

The hubby is still out with the kids getting breakfast, so indulge me.

Two days ago I made quesadillas. Its called pico de gallo quesadillas and I must say I am one kick ass We love quesadillas but these were off the chain. Soo freaking good if I ever open a restaurant one day, they will be in the menu.

TacoBell is awesome. We love their food and when you got a budget, its a great treat. Their quesadillas are good, but now we are spoiled. I have been trying to make quesadillas for a while and I can make the regular chicken/beef cheese on a tortilla. Doesnt take much, but it never seemed enough, always felt like something was missing. Well I found it. Where is the violins and angels singing I ordered??

Moving on... here is the recipe :

I tweaked it a bit because I was in the mood for steak and also because I dont carry every spice necessary. I dont know how to buy cuts of meat or spices. SO therefore we improvise.

BUt it was delicious and if you want your child and husband to love your forever definetetly make this one. Easy to make. Nothing too complicated. Just a couple steps, but a great final product.

Enjoy it
While its cooking. Can you smell those onions, green peppers and ton of garlic working their magic??

Voila :)

Love A

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