Tuesday, January 17, 2012

*Moves the huge piles of papers to the side*

Hello world!!!

I am still alive. I don't feel very much alive but I still got a pulse, my heart is beating and my brain is mush. All is well.

I have been neglecting this blog and I am sorry. You see last year I turned 30 and decided I was going to pick a major and stick to it I don't care what it is, I need to finish. I graduated high school 11 years ago, have attended community college for who knows how long, collected a huge amount of credits, jumped from major to major with no end in sight.

Every time I mention I am going back to school someone has to hold their laughter. If I could be a student forever I would. I hated high school but love love college.

So I did some soul searching, researched some more and picked a path. I was going to give up on community college because moving every couple months is not feasible anymore and considering I have attended 3 community colleges in 3 different states, this path wasn't working for me.

I found a great university that is based out of Cali but has a satellite campus completely online. That means I can move 15 times in the next year and as long as I have internet, I can continue school. Considering moving 15 times in the next year seems feasible at this point in our lives, I signed up.

Then became the hard process of requesting all my transcripts. Then became the even harder part of actually picking a major.

Why oh why can't I major in paperwork or get a phd in typing or maybe a master's in eternal student?? Unfortunately none of those were offered, so I went with the next best thing BBA: Bachelor's in Business Administration.

I have no concentration because none of them interest me and they don't offer one in Health Administration. Graduating with a Bachelors without a concentration doesn't seem very smart. I am not sure if it is or if it isn't. I am just running with it at this point.

I applied for financial aid, and figured out I am 20 classes away from my degree. OMG!! That made this journey seem more doable. 20 classes might seem like a lot, but to me is just right there. If I kick it until high gear when dh deploys, I can possibly get my degree by the end of this year, beginning of next.

I took the leisure route, without wanting to, but somehow I will arrive at my destination. Way later than my peers, but at this point, I am just concentrating on the fact is I will have that dang degree. The rest the therapist will deal at another time ;)

The good thing about this school is they are very involved, they want you to succeed and offer every kind of help necessary. The bad thing is they are 8 week classes and extremely expensive.

You see when I started community college my dad paid for it providing I brought home good grades. After 2 years he had enough. I had jumped around from major to major and he wasn't going to pay for it anymore unless I picked something and stuck to it.

Enter my knight in shinning armor aka dh. School is not for him but he thinks its amazing I love it so much he has no problem paying for it. So for the next year on and off I worked and we both paid for it. After I left the work force, he started to pay for it. Granted we could only afford one or two classes per semester but I did.

A couple years later I took out my first pell grant. I got all my classes paid for my first semester of paralegal school. I was going to become a paralegal and that was it in my heart. I finished the semester with high grades and a realization that I never could become a paralegal. Too some time off and that brought us to the present day and time.

I got the pell grant but also had to take my first student loan because University is way more expensive that community college. (obvious fact here that the whole world knows except myself ;))

Well the pressure is on, my first class is : Statistics. holy fuck!!! I love Algebra and did extremely well in it. It was fun for me, I was thinking this was going to be the same. Yeah okay. I am drowning. Completely drowning. I spend hours and hours reading the text, watching the videos, and presentations, searching youtube, and I am still drowning.

Its making absolutely no sense to me. None!! but I am determined. I survive this I have 19 classes to go. I need this, so I am going to stuck to it. But OMG I doubt I will have any brain cells left by the end of the semester.

Thank God after this it seems smooth sailing with classes like Acct 2, Macro and mostly business related classes. None that will give me any major headaches. So survive this and you will be back on path is my new mantra.

That is the explanation for my absence. I promise once I get this or can fake it better, I will be back.

Have you ever had a class that made you feel like an idiot?? Share with me please. I need to know I am not alone ;)

PS: If you know anyone that rocks in Stats and want to make some extra money, send them my way ;)

Love A

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