Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

This year has been full of so much, I don't even know how to describe it.

The year started with me living in Fl with the kids while the hubby was in Afghanistan.

Feb he came home for leave and we took a week long trip to PA to see his family and made a stop in Virginia to visit the bestie. The kids got hugged by great aunts, we saw family that we haven't seen in a long time, had a family reunion, ate too much, drank even more and froze a little. We dodged a nasty snowstorm in W VA, and got to hug the bestie and the god children.

Little one turned 2 and we had a wonderful little party. Then hubby went back to Afghan.

March, April and May was busy with school, play dates, lazy days at the grandparents, just passing the time.

June brought me old age and the new decade. OMG I am 30!!!

July and August was about the same as March and April.

Sept the mess started. Hubby came home, and we went on a luxurious trip of a lifetime to Atlantis Bahamas. 4 days of delicious pina coladas, wonderful rides, sun, fun, and each other.

Then little man turned 5 and we started liking him so much more. He started listening better, helping out and it was finally our gift for not strangling him when he was going through his terrible 2's, horrible 3's and who the heck are you 4'?

Also mil and fil came into town and with my parents we headed over to Sea World. We stayed at this kick ass hotel, and everyone had too much fun.

Oct brought the news we were moving to end of the world El Paso, Texas.

In one week we packed and moved across country. How I survived I have no idea, but I do know it caused 3 strands of white hair :O

Oct and Nov was spent adjusting to the hubby home, both kids in school, living in dry land and trying to get used to the climate and all.

End of Nov was classified of life change decisions. I hoped on a plane, crossed a border and had vertical sleeve in Mexico.

Dec started with recuperation, falling in love with the hubby even more for all the ways he took care of me and decorating for Christmas.

Christmas was amazing with the children and my parents and some awesome friends.

This year has been a mix of calmness and out of this world life changes. 2012 won't be any different and I can't wait.

Love A

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