Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I am back.....

I haven't posted in forever, well since last year. I honestly don't know why. No excuses. I had enough to say but no desire to sit down and type it all up. Hopefully I will find some desire soon and post normally. So lets catch up shall we.

December was R&R, a 15hr drive to S Fl to spend Christmas with my parents then back home only to turn around a couple of days later and drive 8 hrs up to PA to spend New Years with the inlaws. I went from mild 30-40 degrees in VA to a sunny 70-80 in S Florida to about 20 degrees and a good 4 feet of snow in PA. How we didn't all get sick is still beyond me.

January brought the ending of R&R and a cloudy rain over my head. I was like one of those cartoons in which the cloudy rain just follows it around. My kickers were all in a twist and I just could not pull them up once again. I had a really rough time getting into the swing of things. My mommy came and spent a month with me and that helped a lot. I untwisted my panties, pulled them up once again and got into a routine and back to my donut of misery again.

Anyways, enough of rambling here are some pictures because honestly pictures can tell a story much better than I can :)

Love A

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