Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time to eat...

Lately I been cooking/baking up a storm, what's new?? I know I know. Anyways, most of the stuff has come from Pinterest and I been on a lucky streak because everything has been delicious.

So here is the rundown:


These came out amazing. They are made with oatmeal and very healthy. I subbed the oil for applesauce and followed the recipe. Kids approved.


Cookies for breakfast?? Oh yeah I am the best mom in the world. They also freeze well so super easy to throw it into a lunchbox to make a special kinder happy.


These are the bomb. I eat them for breakfast everyday and can almost believe I am eating a peanut butter fudge. It makes me feel kind of naughty until I remember how healthy and yummy they are. I did half the recipe just to make it for the first time and even then I thought it was too sweet. A bit less honey next time and they will be perfect.


These were also a hit. I needed to make a dinner in which would be healthy and I could make it before hand for the nights my son has Karate and we don't get home until 6pm starving. These fit the bill. It took me longer to convert the recipe than making them and they came out very very tasty. Kids couldn't even tell they were eating something healthier for them. Also super easy to freeze. I popped them into the microwave on monday morning and my son had them for lunch at school per his request. Another keeper.

That is it for now. I have a bunch more but I don't want to overload you with yumminess.

Love A

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